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E39 and E34 540 Engine Components (M62b44 and M60b40) -- Mid Michigan

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    E39 and E34 540 Engine Components (M62b44 and M60b40) -- Mid Michigan

    BMW 540 Engine Components (M62b44 and M60b40)

    -Very good condition M62b44 cylinder block that has been hot tanked and inspected by a race engine shop that does a lot of alusil cylnder prep for Porsches. There is a shadow on the cylinder wall in cylinder #2, but it cannot be felt, and the race engine shop assured me that it wouldn't be a problem for me to use. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), I have sold the Turbo E39 540i, and gone to the dark side and LS swapped the E36. Block price -- $150 (Image below)

    -(2) good M62b44 crankshafts -- $100 each

    -Good M60b40 crankshaft -- $150

    -Good M62b44 Heads with valves, and some with cams -- $75 each

    -Unknown quality M60b40 heads, with cams that are probably not useable. I do think the heads are useable other than the cams though. The cams have deep surface rust on them that probably renders them garbage other than for regrind cores or something I suppose.. $50 each

    -Cam timing block set, brand new never used -- $50

    -Pistons and rods for M62b44 and M60b40. Let me know what you need.

    Better yet, make me an offer on all of my E39 and 540 stuff and come get it at a VERY cut rate!!