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No Fuel @ #1 Cylinder

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    No Fuel @ #1 Cylinder

    Hello Team,

    Hoping somebody may be able to make some suggestions to help here.

    I have an M50B25 (non-vanos) that I’ve swapped into an E30. The conversion has gone successfully but I have an issue with #1 cylinder where the injector is not firing.

    I have replaced all injectors with new ones and then swapped them around to see if the problem moved to another cylinder - it stayed at #1. Next, bought a NOID light kit and confirmed there is no pulse at the plug on #1 injector. Next, I’ve checked to see that I have power at all injectors when key is in run position - I do. Next, I bought another DME, thinking it might be an injector control issue - no change, still no injection from #1 injector.

    Running out of options now, except for checking earth wire from injector plug back to DME connector, but I don’t know which pin to check at the DME connector.

    Any tips for a newbie like me Crew?

    This may be the shortest thread in history…

    After checking all the earths from injector plugs back to the DME (all present and correct), I turned my attention to the cam angle sensor - as the initiator of the sequence.

    Turns out it had a thin film of magnetic schmutz stuck to the surface of the magnet which was upsetting the signal. Cleaned it up, tested, reassembled and we’re away - running smoother than ever.

    I had already ordered a new one as a matter of course in this project, and I’ll swap in the new sensor when it arrives, plus a new crank angle sensor that’s on the way.