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E34 Touring Auto to Manual

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    E34 Touring Auto to Manual

    So i’ve recently picked up an automatic 1992 525i touring with the M50B25. the automatic transmission is on its way out and i have a donor manual 90’ 525i that’s been sitting for a while. what would be my best path of action taking this challenge on.

    The donor has a M20B25 in it i’ll have to go check the trans # as i’m not too sure which one it has, from what i’ve researched the tranny paired with the m20 will bolt up with an m50 with a little adjusting and tweaks.

    What parts would need to be taken from the donor for the swap? Would there be anything i’d need a shops help for? i’m fairly new to the car scene with little experience but enjoy the process of building cars would love to learn on this car and eventually have a manual wagon. would appreciate any advice or pointers for the newbie.

    Thanks ahead of time, have a great one.

    All parts from the 90 chassis will work. Remember g260 trans has a different twist than g250 or zf trans so youll need a way to get a trans mount set up. I actually have an extra for this exact swap as I had a g260 in my e34 for a time. Pm if you are interested in the trans mount.

    Also, dont forget about final drive. The G260 trans has a .86 to 1 5th so itll be a little taller than your used to. Most Auto e34's will have a 3.73 or 4.10 rear end ( unless you have something rarer) Just something to think on if you wanted to make changes here. Most dont have problems with going a little taller (espeically for a daily driven car)

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