Hello everyone. I'm in process of swapping L-jetronic M20B20 engine in my E28 to L-jetronic M30B28. The engine is in, along with engine wiring, however I left the fuse box from M20B20 along with it's wiring. I have the original fuse box from M30B28, however someone cut the wires that go inside the cabin, so I left the old one in. I tried connecting C101 connector from M30 to M20 fuse box, but the engine doesn't start, starter works but there is no spark and the fuel pump doesn't work (it works just fine when I power it directly). There are some differences between those wirings, so I made a few tables that hopefully show what it looks like here. I guess I need to swap some cables and maybe bridge some of them? Also it looks like M30 used both main relay and fuel pump relay, while M20 used only fuel pump relay. I would be really grateful for any advice.