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Need help - 1988 320

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    Need help - 1988 320

    Hi All,

    I am looking to purchase this 1988 bmw 320 from a guy overseas and I asked him to send me a video of a cold start (link below)

    I’ve had many BMW’s but this is my first venture with an E30. Something seems off with the engine or is it my inexperience? The engine only has 90K miles so not a beater by any metric. Note that it does have a custom exhaust manifold and high Flow air filter.

    Am I just paranoid or does something feel off with the engine sound?

    Appreciate your assistance and experience here.


    You'll never really know until you hear it in person but to me it sounds ok but perhaps whatever he is recording it with is making it sound a little "tinny".

    Not much of a "cold start video" as it was already running when he started recording....


      Opening up the intake and exhaust sides is going to promote horsepower to the detriment of useful low end torque. I would not expect the car to idle smoothly or be spot on on start up due to the modifications. Most people tune to the way they drive, but not to idle and start-up. Take a chance: I think the 2.0 M20 would be a blast to try out in a lightweight E30 - thanks this might be my new dream car.


        sounds fine to me but yeah, get a real cold start video.

        Touch the manifold then turn it on. That's standard protocol when making a video in my opinion.
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          Sounds normal to me - M20s always have that mechanical top end sound to them due to the manually adjusted lifters and fuel injectors that are really noisy vs modern equivalents.
          My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


            Thank you fellas. Much appreciated.


              sounds normal to me... you can adjust the valves or change the "valve adjusters" (forgot the name) to make it more quiet