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What insurance do you use?

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    Your e46 wagon should fetch around 3-5k all day since it's a 5spd(Depending on miles and care). I know the 5spd AWD wagons go for a bit more. I paid 2500 for my auto AWD wagon with bad suspension and alternator.
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      Originally posted by flyboyx View Post
      I may do that. I guess my concern is that if I pull the trailer and have an accident they will hang me out to dry.
      They are picky, but thats why the rates are lower.

      Our old dog? (RIP) he wasnt half german shephard, he was half border collie because they wouldn't insure our house otherwise (he really had a border collie brain anyway). We even removed the fireplace when we moved in, because they wouldn't insure it otherwise - but we were going to do that anyway.

      On the other hand, its still relatively cheap - between the payouts on the E30, 330i, and 325xi - I doubt I will ever pay them back, and the claims process has been relatively painless every time (it still no fun, but you wont get screwed). I've never had a claim on the house, and hopefully I never will..
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