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Oz/Euro 323i parts compatibility with 325i or 320i?

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    I just now found the thermostat housing is also not the same, different design and different number of sensors. The 325e from 1985 is correct though.

    Who knows, its possible a previous owner put in a new coolant system from a newer model, and RealOEM is correct but this car is not.

    It just means I have to be careful with what I buy.


      The dealer can be pretty helpful if you take in your VIN and need a part identified. They just plug your VIN into the ETK.

      Of course, your specific car could be like grandpa's axe by now, I know mine is :)
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        I have now ordered bits and pieces from almost every BMW supplier on planet earth.

        As far as shipping to Oz goes, Schmiedmann and FCPEuro are the cheapest, ECS/Turner very good, and Bimmerworld the worst (Often 2x the price of ECS/Turner for the same goods).


          I wouldn't trust ECS to deliver a cheeseburger if I lived next door to them. Shipping take your chances
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            Originally posted by agisthos View Post
            Its disappointing to find out that RealOEM cannot be relied upon if you have a RHD 323i from 1984. I have tried the exact VIN number, as well as manual field entry.

            It keeps throwing up parts and image breakdowns that do not match. I have found the 325e from early 1985 has the accurate commonality with my car, in some cases.

            A perfect example is the radiator. I wonder how much else of this database is inaccurate.
            The database itself is pretty accurate (I have found errors but they are rare). But the diagrams, especially the older ones - are more for reference in many cases.

   is just the BMW ETK with an online interface. It's the same database a BMW dealer would use - pictures and all.
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