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Gnarly accident - M5 wrapped around poll

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    talked to a kid at bimmerfest who knew 1 of the dudes and he was known to go 130 to show off

    Please leave feedback below, thanks


      130? That is literally the top of 3rd gear in this car. Still have four to go.

      Hers 13 X3 375hp/450tq - His 14 M5 780hp/730tq


        True, but hitting the pole at 130 would explain the carnage & it's a bit crazy on public roads.
        My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


          'tis but a scratch


            Originally posted by lukeADE335i View Post
            True, but hitting the pole at 130 would explain the carnage & it's a bit crazy on public roads.
            Yeah. I made my son read this thread, he is building a 2.7i for his car, and I lean on him constantly. Do not race on public roads.

            We all did it when we were young. I damn near blew up my dads e28, I topped out my e30 back in the late ‘90’s. Going 130 isn’t that big a deal on the right roads if you understand physics. If you sneeze at any faster than that then you’re dead. A twitch and a counter action, game over.

            I love seeing people posting on social media “no racing on public roads”. There are some good kids out there. I hate seeing people die on the roads but I hate even more thinking about what could happen to innocent others. If they didn’t hit that pole and plowed into a family of parent and children I would really have a tougher time with it. Hell, I watch big trucks driving like hell on 2 lane roads around here and think “damn, I’m glad my wife is at work right now”.
            My son has the 1987 325e, 2 door, 5speed
            I daily the 1989 325i, 4 door, 5speed