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325e vs 325i driveability

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    Originally posted by varg View Post
    Yeah drag increases with the square of velocity and E30s are not exactly slippery.
    0.39 Cd for big-bumper cars, 0.35 Cd for plastic-bumper cars.

    The MG ZR 160 did 131mph with 159hp and a Cd of 0.40. The Clio Renault Sport 172 did 137mph and had 170 hp. Assuming a minimum loss of 10%, you'd be looking at 143whp and 153whp, respectively.

    I'm saying "within the realm of possibility."

    I'm also thinking '88 325 with plastic bumper conversion for combination Super eta and better aerodynamics.
    1990 325i/4/5, 1992 240SX, 1995 RRC, 1998 M3/4/5


      Originally posted by roguetoaster View Post
      It bugs the heck out of me that people say a manual isn't an option because of traffic. It's normally only not an option for medical reasons or laziness, and with the right gearing it can be even better than an auto for creeping in traffic.

      That said, auto plus eta will work just fine, even if it won't be too exciting or terribly efficient.
      Yeah, me too. The manual is actually better in my experience. In heavy stop and go I hardly ever use my brake pedal, just idle along. People with autos have to work just as hard using their brake pedal, its the same thing really.
      My son has the 1987 325e, 2 door, 5speed
      I daily the 1989 325i, 4 door, 5speed


        Originally posted by SOneThreeCoupe View Post
        0.39 Cd for big-bumper cars, 0.35 Cd for plastic-bumper cars.
        '91 318is, M20B25, T3/T04E 60 trim (15psi), megasquirt, coilovers, Z3 rack, cold AC
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          Nothing official, but it's also not hugely consequential. I was merely coming up with comps because I think the claim is possible.

          Edit: Plus if you enter in the numbers (2900lbs, 0.015Crr, 0.39Cd, 20.9A, default fuel density, 0.20 efficiency, 0.83 drivetrain efficiency, 0 parasitic, default density) at this website: it comes up with 204.94hp at 150mph. 17% driveline loss puts us at 170.10whp.
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          1990 325i/4/5, 1992 240SX, 1995 RRC, 1998 M3/4/5