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    Good Deal?

    I'm looking at a 2 door '88 325ix, 135k miles, in pretty good shape. Minimal rust, everything works, pretty good interior. Asking price is $6,250. Is this a good price? I'm thinking like 3k. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
    1988 Alpinweiss 325i Convertible

    seriously? y u no pix? how could we possibly know? should i manscape my poop cheeks? what is a quadratic equation x the square root of ten point six?

    all 88 ix's were loaded up 2 door manual cars with diving board bumpers. anything with rust sounds like something that makes me want to run like a scared little girl.

    i am sorry man, but your post is really silly.
    Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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      3k for a good ix, not these days, unless it's an auto.

      I'd expect to pay 5 to 8 for a good driver with decent cosmetics, little rust and only a few mechanical issues. It always comes back to the simple questions, do you like it, can you afford it, and is it the right car for you?


        As someone who has bought/sold several ixes, for a clean '88 that is a very fair price (esp considering manual, couple, little rust). I just sold an '88 last year for over $8K in a week in the exact condition you described above. The $3K iXes now a days are rust buckets and/or total pieces of shit that will cost you $6250 in maintenance in your first year.

        edit: I found that car. It’s a northern Indiana car.... be cautious of rust. His rust description is “some normal e30 rust on fenders and rockers”, which usually translates to “a ton of other rust that you’ll find as soon as you tear into the car.”
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          Around here, 'normal' e30 rust is a bit under the battery and maybe the 'Y' pipe on the fuel vapor system.

          So if it's been driven in the rust belt, it's not a great deal.

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