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Introducing Myself and my Project E30 m50 Swap

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    Introducing Myself and my Project E30 m50 Swap

    Hi everybody, I'm Mateo, from Argentina. I bought my e30 318i 1989 Sedan in may, first "project". My idea was to prep the care so it can be a Daily, so ive started with basic maintenance and using the car to see what i needed to fix and repair. Last week ive found a great opportunity to buy a 1994 e36 325, Since parts aren't very easy to find here in Argentina, im not able to buy very specific parts, im even having a rough time trying to find an e34 m50 oil pan. So I think im going to buy it in the USA and ship to Miami and bring it from there. Where could i buy it for the best price?

    Where i need the most help, is knowing which parts could i use from the e36 to put in the e30? I tried to search how can I use de e36 brakes, specially in the back and can't find any info.
    So what other parts can i use from the e36 besides Engine, Tranny, Dif, Steering Rack.

    Any other tips or where can i look the find a similar thread would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

    As a start, you will need the engine harness and the engine computer. Start reading the M50/52 swap section of R3V. Lots of info there


      Welcome OP. eBay is a good starting point as long as you know exactly what the part looks like, a WTB on r3v could also work, or sometimes works as it's supposed to interface with junkyards/auto recyclers. Cheapest would probably be a WTB here, but state it clearly if you want international shipping directly.

      I'm sure someone makes a bracket to mate E36 rear calipers to an E30, and there's probably a rotor that will work, but as long as you have rear discs like you should, anything beyond a caliper rebuild/aggressive brake pad is probably unnecessary for an M50.

      As to other parts, the front seats can be adapted in to an E30, and that's about it beyond the drivetrain parts that I can think of.