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September 2021 Car of the Month: moatilliatta

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  • Albie325
    Congrats brother! Love the retro style pics as well, look forward to seeing you at the Vintage!

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  • Northern
    Surprised this wasn't already CotM! As someone else said, well deserved.
    I've taken some inspiration from more than a few posts of this build...

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  • moatilliatta
    Thanks R3V gang! Being here for years its still exciting to log in, takes a bit longer, and a bit less people... But my im not going away, Neither is my E30.

    Ill post the runner up pics in my build thread.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	13320010(1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.5 KB ID:	10030142
    Buffalo, NY

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  • E30auddie
    For sure agreed on being well deserved. I guess I haven't read through the build thread enough to have seen that interior, but it does look damn good! Can't wait to see it in a few weeks in person!

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    Congrats! I hope I'll be seeing this at the Vintage in a couple of weeks!

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  • Il Duce
    Well deserved!!! Love this thing. That interior is fkn sexy!!

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  • amcp
    Big fan.
    Crazy it weighs 2666 with a half tank. Guess the 5 lug stuff/audio/rear subframe work add up.

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  • Reichart12
    Cool car with some cool photos. Worthy pick for car of the month. Going to be waiting for some track videos as an update...

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  • 2mAn
    started a topic September 2021 Car of the Month: moatilliatta

    September 2021 Car of the Month: moatilliatta

    • ***Editors Note: I feel like this car came out of nowhere, but thats what happens when you never provide updates!!! However, once I saw what was cooking up, I knew this car had a home here. Just when you think "its all been done, just another 24v swap, bla bla bla" you get a lovely twist on the formula. Powerful, purposeful, sexy without being delicate looking... this car ticks all my boxes. Oh, and its an early model so you know Im all about it! Congrats moatilliatta you're the September 2021 Car of the Month***
    • 05.1987 325e

      "Factory options":
      209 Limited Slip Differential (25%) - Sperrdifferential 25%
      210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) - Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc)
      286 Lt/aly Wheels - Leichtmetallraeder
      300 Emergency Wheel - Notrad
      410 Window Lifts, Electric At Front - Fensterheber, Elektrisch Vorn
      530 Air Conditioning - Klimaanlage
      556 Exterior Temperature Display

      Lachs-silber - 203

      Interior color:
      Burgundy & Houndstooth

      Engine modifications:
      S50 swap 100K motor - Stock bottom end
      WPC rod bearings
      Re sealed
      Rebuild cylinder head W Mild port work - Achilles motorsports
      Supertech - Valves, Springs, Keepers
      Cat Cams Solid Lifters Conversion 282 in / 274 ex- 11.50mm / 11mm (Option 1)
      ARP Head Studs
      S54 Oil pan / Pump - Arc Asylum
      Active Autowerks Original style headers with V bands
      Reconditioning Engine harness, Thinned, X20 converted for E30 chassis, Finished in Tesa 51036 / Dr-25, Fitted in M3 /318 Harness cover
      Vac Ported throttle body
      BW silicone intake boot
      803 Maf, 3.5
      3.5 Inch intake into Castro Airbox W/ duct from fog LT
      MS41 Epic Dyno Tune - 260 WHP STD Dynojet
      AKG 70A Twin cam swap mounts
      Red Line 15w50 High performance oil
      C&R Radiator W/ Late style end tank mounts
      80C thermostat
      S54 OFH W/ Tstat
      Setrab 9 series, 15 row Oil cooler
      Spal fan 1,959 cfm Pusher , Chassis mounted
      2 stage switch, 80/88 deg W, 2 OHM resistor

      BimmerWorld Race Exhaust E36, modified for E30 - With center resonator
      Cust Rolled edge Exhaust tip

      Zf320 - D4 ATF (100k Donor)
      New stock clutch with dual mass
      Rouge trans Mounts
      AKG DTM shifter with DSSR
      Red Line D4 ATF

      3:25 4 clutch 30/65 Rem Polish Diffs online LSD
      E36 Diff cover
      Rouge diff bushings
      Red Line 75W110

      MCS 2 Way Remote Reservoir
      Spring: F:#650 R:#400
      30MM E46 M3 Hotchkis - Front
      16MM E30 Ireland Engineering - Rear
      GC race Camber plates
      5 LUG Conversion:
      E36 M3 96+ Knuckles, E30 M3 Doorman control arms, E36 M3 96+ Knuckle, SLR 5 lug CABS
      Z3 M coupe Rear, Messaged into "SPEC" 1/8 Toe in, -2.25* Camber at factory pick up points - Bent Into "Spec" NW Frame and Alignment
      Zakspeed Reinforced Rear Z3M Trailing arms / SubFrame
      AKG 75D Subframe Raised 12MM bushings
      Stim Tech Spherical RTABS
      95 M3 steering Rack
      Custom steering linkage with woodward steering linkage
      2666 LBS 1/2 Tank of fuel

      E36M3/ Z3M Calipers & Rotors, Euro Fronts
      MK60 ABS, (4 channel) with Motorsports mapping
      Stainless brake lines
      BW Front SS Brake hoses / Custom Rear
      PFC 08 / 332
      Red Line RBF

      Apex Arc8 17x9 Et30, 245/40R17 Dunlop Z2

      Exterior modifications:
      DEPO Smoked headlights, Converted in house to "Smoked French"
      HIDS 3K low 4K High's
      LED Taillight bulbs
      325es Valance
      Sunroof delete - Aluminum Panel
      Euro Grills
      Late belt line trim - Black
      M Rain Style fabric Print BMW CCA badge

      Interior modifications:
      Recaro pole position seats
      Re upholster Seats, door cards - Burgundy with houndstooth inserts - Nine Stitch
      Heated and Cooled seat retrofit
      Rear Seat Delete Panel, In House with sound deadening
      Carpet delete
      Personal wood wheel with collapsible Personal adapter
      2002 Era Wood shift knob
      E36 Mirror
      Aim MX2 - Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Wideband
      Honda Clarion Head unit
      Alpine MRF-V300 AMP
      AudioControl LCQ-1
      Alpine PWE-S8
      Focal font speakers
      NEW Premium sound Rear speakers
      New radio speaker wiring
      13 Button OBC with new screen
      E36 B+ Junction under hood
      E46 Fusebox Retrofit into passenger dash
      Updated all factory splice points with crimp connections and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing
      Removed and or upgraded wiring for high AMP circuits
      Twin Trunk lighting
      V1 Radar detector
    • Story behind the car:
    • A good friend took a wild ride in my 325ix at the time sliding some corners, lifting some wheels off the ground and before you knew it he had an E36?... Only to find out it was rotted, so an E30 was sourced and the S50 heart transplant happened minus the turbo idea. We stayed in touch while he needed pointers to make the car happen, He had a hairball of an idea to build a 200 MPH E30... Years later I was ready to dream up where I left off with my first E30, A bronzit car left to defend for itself after I got too deep in other projects. Now realizing that the best driver experience was RWD, I began my search. I found out my good friend was willing to sell his E30, sight unseen, and rest assured it was bronzit... I was like well.. "OK"... With cold feet I took the greyhound hundreds of miles away to find out that it was not bronzit... But the terrible photos were not terrible, they were real. Not a total basket case, after torquing all the loose nuts and bolts I did make it home with only a moderate gas leak and an amazing amount of water in the floorboards. Slowly working out all the riddled turbulence since then.
    • Continuing on I find myself sneaking in as much borrowed time as I can to bring this car to an image that's a bit tough to reach. And now it's almost ready for track journeys. Originally built to drive to track to track without swapping wheels, pads, ect and be as comfortable as something could be for the journey. This last iteration has covered 5,500 miles since May 2021 to The Vintage Sans The Vintage, Jumping from city to city, and a recent trip to New England. Oddly changing oil due to mileage and not time.. But eventually more carbon fiber will find its way in and hopefully form into its final Image.

      All shots done on Nikon Nikomat FTN 35mm With 15mm or 55mm Lens. Ektar 100 or CineStill 50D

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