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January 2022 Car of the Month: mjweimer

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    January 2022 Car of the Month: mjweimer

    ***Editors Note: Let’s start the new year strong! This car somehow was missed in my constant perusing of the forums, but luckily we were able to not only kick start fixing a great thread, but also get to feature it here because it’s absolutely well deserved. Congrats and let’s get another solid year of E30s to feature! ***

    1990 325iS


    Alpine white

    Interior color:

    Crimson Red leather



    Aluminum block Z3 engine - refreshed at 114k

    Head machining by Kevin at Head Solutions

    S52 intake/exhaust cams

    AKG engine mounts

    E34 oil pan/pick-up with VAC baffle

    M50 Intake manifold and throttle body

    Turner Motorsport manifold conversion

    Early E39 fuel rail

    Dbilas airbox

    OBD2 tune and wiring harness mods by Markert Motorwerks

    E30 325td mechanical fan/clutch


    ZF 320 transmission

    Valeo single mass flywheel conversion

    3.15 Torsen limited slip differential

    325e big guibo driveshaft

    Rogue transmission mounts


    Stock OBD2 stainless manifolds

    Syncro Designwerks downpipe

    Custom 2.5” exhaust including a Flowmaster 2220125 catalytic converter

    Stromung muffler custom made by Scott with a single 2.5” inlet


    Stock strut housings modified with M3 swaybar tabs

    H&R sport springs

    Bilstein B8 dampers front and rear

    E46 M3 upper rear mounts with MZ3 reinforcement plates

    E30 M3 front and rear swaybars

    NOS BMW solid rubber rear diff mount bushing

    Lemforder Front control arms with E30 M3 offset bushings

    Lemforder subframe and trailing arm bushings, Sachs strut bearings

    Z3 steering rack, custom lines

    Strut housings, subframes, backing plates, swaybars and spring tops powdercoated gloss black


    E83 brake booster and master cylinder

    2002 brake fluid reservoir

    Ate re-man front calipers with Zimmermann rotors

    NOS BMW rear calipers with Zimmermann rotors

    Re-built e-brake assemblies with Ate hardware and shoes

    Techna-fit stainless steel brake lines

    Hawk Ceramic compound brake pads F+R


    15” Nogaro Euroweaves (including spare)

    Yokohama Advan V701 - 205/55/15

    Exterior modifications:

    Full glass-out respray with 2-stage PPG paint

    Smooth front valence with fog-lamp blanks and 318i center vent blank

    Genuine Reiger lower lip

    Euro bumper trim front and rear

    Dapper lighting LED low beams and NOS Cibie H1 high beams

    Smoked front indicator lenses

    LED license plate lamps

    E30 M3 sport evolution outer and inner grilles

    E30 M3/E30 touring roof mount antenna

    Fiamm air horns

    Ultra Racing strut brace

    Red46 skid plate

    Interior modifications:

    M-tech 1 380mm steering wheel with E26 center emblem

    Early under-dash panel and trim

    E30 M3 clone cluster with digital voltmeter by E30 Clusters

    BMW illuminated one-piece shift boot/knob

    Euro non-OBC center panel

    Clarion FZ-102E head unit

    Alpine SPR-50C separates front with tweeters mounted in factory housings, stock rear premium, new wiring to head unit.

    Re-covered rear speaker deck

    E82 front rubber floor mats

    Story behind the car:

    This car was delivered in the State of New York to its first owner in November of 1990. It was eventually traded in with 56k miles and sold at auction, landing in Indiana with a new owner in May of 1996. Less than two months and two-thousand miles later the new owner stuffed it into a ditch. The car was declared a total loss by insurance and ended up at Zionsville Autosport. Dwight and his crew fixed the damage and then sold the car in September of 1996 to an enthusiast in the area. About 1999 or so I eventually met this new enthusiast owner through the BMWCCA and we became friends.

    Fast forward to October of 2015 and my friend is looking to downsize his collection of cars and move to Florida. He can’t find a buyer and wants me to end up with the car. At first I hesitated…but eventually caved when I went to look at the car and realized it was really solid. At this point the car had 140kmiles and was still in great shape though suffering from several years of inactivity. My initial plan was to clean it up, do the usual maintenance; timing belt, filter, fluids, etc. and then drive it to see what else needed work. At this point things went a bit sideways.

    About a month after getting the E30 in the garage, another friend ended up with a wrecked 1997 Z3 2.8 he was hoping to use as a parts car for his ’01 Z3 project. This wrecked Z3 had nothing he needed so he offered it up to me. Again at first I hesitated…and then started getting some bad ideas. I bought the Z3 and proceeded to part it out with an idea to do an engine swap.

    Thanks to the R3v community, I was able to learn all about the bits and pieces needed to start a 24v swap and it began...I called it the Rolling Wreck simply because this car should never have survived and was now getting the heart of a mangled Z3. The late Pete McHenry was my inspiration for all of this….years ago at Gateway Tech (an annual BMW CCA event in St. Louis) he showed up with an E30 M3 into which he had swapped a 2.9 liter aluminum block stroker engine build from a mish-mash of M5x/S5x parts. He and I talked a lot about his build and after a short drive I wanted to build a copy…but I was a new homeowner and had zero funds. I never forgot that experience and when all these parts fell into place years later I was finally able to build something similar.

    I’ve been around this car in one way or another for 22 years and plan to hold on to it for many more.

    Current Car:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    Beautiful car and so clean! Congratulations!
    sigpic84 325e


      Well deserved COTM! Matt’s contributions to R3V through his car and knowledge are something I greatly appreciate. Great build.


        woohooo!! So glad to see this thing featured. Seeing mj's work in person is just next level. Such a deserving feature!
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          AWESOME! Congrats!


            Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words. This project would have been much easier and would likely been much different had I stayed M20 powered but no regrets. I am loving the M52 swap, reminds me a lot of my old E36 M3 with all the goodness of the E30 chassis.


              Clean and mean, that's just beautiful. Perfect colour combo

              (clicky on piccy to get to thread)


                Well done! The car looks great, and love the subtlety of it.
                My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                  This thing is legit beautiful!

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                    nice car the swap looks great


                      such a clean car
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                      Originally posted by shameson
                      Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


                        Very nice!
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                          Thanks for all the positive comments. I am patiently waiting for all of the ice/snow/salt to go away so I can get this back out for a drive....