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Just bought a 318is E30!

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    Still new to these forums. Is this the appropriate way of posting? Thanks in advance.

    Update on project. Fixed the stripped valve cover thread by using a timesert kit. Very nerve racking not being on a flat surface but made sure to go very SLOW.

    Found out I already had an E36 steering rack. Decided to purchase a Z3 rack. Will have two E36 Racks up for sale. The one I removed was shot. Leaks in a multiple spots.

    Deleted heating plates on throttle body. It’s so much cleaner to see the routing now. Very pleased.

    Found that I could have a timing cover leak too. Will try to leak down once I bolt everything back together. (Oh the agony of waiting on parts haha)

    At first I didn’t want to invest too much into the M42 but I want to enjoy this motor for a year still.

    While I wait I decided start cleaning the entire front. Degreasing and giving her some tlc. Love how simple these cars are.


      Been close to two months since I got her and it’s been in the garage! Really want to start driving it again but needed to take care of all the maintenance! Vacuum smoke test went successful and now I have no rough idle! Yay.
      - Bled the coolant, got rid of that green 🤢, now original BMW blue.
      - Installed Z3 steering rack with E36 Outer Tie Rods.
      - Cleaned up all the power steering fluid leaks under the engine bay

      Just when I was ready start driving I wanted to really raise the car a few inches, living in San Francisco it was to damaging to my soul scraping and riding the entire body. I’m not that crazy young lad. 3 out 4 coilover dampers threaded off fine for adjustment but then my passenger side one was seized so bad! Heat, hammer, putting it on various vises, all types of fluids, nothing worked. Ended up cutting it to see the damage and it was very corroded. Luckily was able to find a nice set at the junk yard! So just gotta weld a lower mount and got my replacement pieces from BC Racing.

      Since I already got the front suspension apart, also tackling the control arm bushings/joints and sway bar bushing/links.

      Mid-June looks like my best date to start being back on the road!


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        Back on the road! Big refresh on the front suspension. Will be riding a bit to get the fuel system cleaned out. Then take her for a smog test. Does anyone have any tips to help? I just did a stomp test and got back only 1444 code. Which is no faults. Car still smells like it is rich on fuel. Exhaust had white smoke the first 10 minutes. After driving it had gone away.


          Still spraying the front bumper trims pieces. So will get better pictures once those are done.

          Ride height is so much better for my neighborhood. Can actually get off my driveway without ruining the front!