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Pics of my M Tech II M50 Sedan

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    Thanks Guys!

    Originally posted by will61 View Post
    i lika very much my friend. She is beautiful, but why m5x vs s5x? tbh I was a little disappointed when I saw the motor
    To be honest, economics. I got a great deal on the M50 combo. The car was never planned to be a fast car, so an M50 suited its DD needs. Plus I dont think much of the US S5x.
    Originally posted by FrankM E30 View Post
    I always was a fan of the Jlines - Great Job, man!!

    Lol it's M-tech II, idiot.
    Thanks dude. Weren't they your wheels at one point?

    Originally posted by jamiholzbach View Post
    Is that the car the getrag 260 came from? Nice job!
    Yes sir, thanks man!!
    Originally posted by hendrixvodu View Post
    wow looks awesome with the mtech 1 wing! if you did some tan door pulls and map pockets it would make your interior look really good !!!!!
    That was my plan, I was never able to find them in good condition while looking for them. I also changed the shift boot and ebrake boot to Sand as well.
    Originally posted by Polaris15 View Post
    This car is my inspiration. And my background!
    Thanks, that means a lot
    Originally posted by cbouchez View Post
    She is a beauty! Well done Sir. The wheels look very good with the rest of the car.

    What kind of breaks are you running??
    Thank you. It is the RX-7 Caliper and Corrado rotor system.
    Originally posted by CrusherCurtis View Post
    Hasn't this car been sold?
    Yes it has, and this just makes it harder, lol :(
    Originally posted by GaryE30 View Post
    Lol guess you've never seen M-tech II with black trimming. You think the sole purpose of going M-Tech II is to go mono-chomatic?

    I thought the purpose was to put an OEM kit on the car...
    Lol, I dont think I have ever seen a factory M tech car with black trimming. I know some black cars came with gunmetal M tech kits, and I have seen people do the black trim thing, but it wasnt my style.
    Originally posted by MR.LUGO View Post
    Nicely done, i think some euroweaves would make this look epic though.
    I had always wanted to go 5 lug and run so many sets of factory wheels, lol.


      This is one of those cars/members that should have been COTM imo. This have been my favorite 4dr for years. Again, bravo!



        my new inspiration
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          Great Car. BTW what splitter is that?
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