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Lagunen grün E30. SSR Formula Mesh

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    Lagunen grün E30. SSR Formula Mesh

    Hello guys!

    My name is Anders, I'm soon to be 24 years old and live in Norway (so pardon my French!). Quite fresh on this forum, but thought I could share my E30 with you.

    First thread on here (except my sale thread on the Borbets) and my first E30 at last!

    Was searching for a long time, waiting for the right car to appear on But couldnt find one worth importing (or we had some complications between eachother with me being norwegian and them german :p )

    Anyways, found one for sale in my country, and I guess some of you have seen it on here before.

    A 1991 325i Last Edition, with some good parts attached to it 8)

    I bought it without the RS, since I allready had a set of 17s RS in my collection, will get back to them later on..

    My first purchase on the car, was the M3 Evo3 suede steering wheel, and some small bits and parts. Have also bought the Evo3 suede parkbrake thing (dont know the word :p ) and org. electric mirrors and new glasses that I will switch with E36 M3 mirrors as soon as I've got them sanded down and painted. Also removed the eyelids of the car.

    For wheels, I wanted to do something different. And a thing I havent seen on an E30 at least in my country. But I'm sure someone has done this before me. So got a hold on some 8,5" and 9,5" 18s MB Alphards and got myself some adapters with width calculated after how I wanted them to sit on the car. Got pleased with the outcome of that.
    I know 18s are 1" too much on E30s, but didnt think it looked too shabby.

    But enough chitchat from me, on to some pictures!

    But I needed the wheels on my daily drive, a Passat 3BG 4Motion, so dragged out some wheels sitting in my room freshly polished after last year mounting on a Vento VR6 i had. Will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

    ... and voila!

    Fully polished 8,5x17" BBS RS198s with gold spikes, 24k gold halfheight centercaps with black and gold BBS logo, refurbished by Rotiform.

    Thanks for watching,
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    My 1991 Lagunen grün 325i, Last Edition

    rs' def completed this car like damn


      Amazing car! Well done with the wheels I think they look different and that is good but the BSS's are just sick! More interior pics man!

      You guys have sick cars, keep it up man and thanks for sharing!
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        very nice.


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            the rs just absolutely completed the car.... f'in classy indeed.


              really nice ride
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                Once i saw your location, I knew it was gonna be good.


                  dang thats hot
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                    Thanks for compliments guys, much appreciated! :)

                    Yeah it got a whole another look with the RS on it. I have some other wheels also that i will use in the future, get easily bored with the same thing over a period of time. And since wheels have become a passion of mine, it's a way to change the look of a car drastic.
                    My 1991 Lagunen grün 325i, Last Edition


                      Looks way better with the RS.




                          very nice, bbs wheels look SEX on the car, they really compleated the car, love the cage too

                          What suspension do you have?
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                            Those Merc wheels are one of my favorites wheels ever. And to see them on a E30 just made my effin day!. Well played sir, well played indeed.
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                              What engine mods did it have when you bought it?