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Lagunen grün E30. SSR Formula Mesh

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    Originally posted by airkhin View Post
    the rs just absolutely completed the car.... f'in classy indeed.
    The RS just absolutely turned it into yet another slammed E30 on RS's... f'in boring indeed.

    It looked a million times better on the Alphards.


      I digg :) But like he said ^ theres an almost identical car to yours but hey I'm building RS' too haha


        WOW...Dig both wheels. RS's would win in a combat battle.


          Daang, lots of activity here throughout the night!
          Thanks for the comments :)

          Originally posted by be34st View Post
          Those Merc wheels are one of my favorites wheels ever. And to see them on a E30 just made my effin day!. Well played sir, well played indeed.
          Haha, glad I could help!

          Originally posted by sweet6e30 View Post
          very nice, bbs wheels look SEX on the car, they really compleated the car, love the cage too

          What suspension do you have?
          Thank you! Now it sits on FK 75/50 lowering springs. Will invest in some proper coils (KW) when I can afford it!

          Originally posted by sandlock View Post
          What engine mods did it have when you bought it?
          It came like you see barely on the pics, Wiecher strut bar, painted "engine top" and some other details, I have just removed the painted fusebox cover with an original see-through, thaught the old one looked kinda tacky.. Will try to clean up some things and snap some bay pictures during the summer.

          Originally posted by pwagon717 View Post
          So you just acquired the car, that is what it sounded like when you were talking about the RSs. This was Stales brother car right?
          Yes, that is correct! Bought it last November actually.. Nah almost right, the former owner is a friend of Ståle.

          Originally posted by Janderson View Post
          The RS just absolutely turned it into yet another slammed E30 on RS's... f'in boring indeed.

          It looked a million times better on the Alphards.
          Hehe, yeah I see your point!

          But like I mentioned before, got five other sets just waiting to get refinished or mounted on the car, so be patient my friend, be patient 8)

          A little teaser of what to come soon, just need to mount tires on them:

          My 1991 Lagunen grün 325i, Last Edition


            ive posted a pic or two of this car before ;) very clean. "simply clean" haha


              elegant, and beautiful my friend
              -FREEDOM- is cruisin at 80, windows down and listening to the perfect song-thinking "this is it"
              -The Beauty in the Tragedy-
              MECHANIC SMASH!!- (you all know you do it)
              Got Drop?? ;-)
              Originally posted by JinormusJ
              But of course
              E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


                dude! really like the Mercedes wheels they look different but sick! but the bbs's look good too! Good job


                  Winner winner chicken dinner?

                  My Seller Feedback Thread


                    You stay classy Norway. I'm Ron Burgandy?


                      oh wow, super nice

                      Please leave feedback below, thanks



                        Sickkkkkk, love the color! Were those CL wheels? +1 on the interior pics!


                          Thanks again guys! :)

                          The wheels are original for the SL500, so not too many sets around I guess.

                          Will also try to take some interior shots for you guys, just waiting on my handbrake-thing to arrive..!
                          My 1991 Lagunen grün 325i, Last Edition


                            Awesome color!


                              Fucking classy indeed. Your doing it right. Keep the merc wheels, they are fucking sick.
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                                Im doing it wrong. Perfect imo.