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    Lol your dog matches the colors of your car.
    The M10 is according to Wikipedia designed by Baron Alex von Falkenhausen which sound really cool.

    I like it.
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      The Dog also chewed my laptop power cable, so updates will be made after I buy a new cable, or source an old used one.
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        that dog is gonna be huge


          Bronzit and black does flow, check my build thread below ;)
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            So I got some progress done on my car. Not much, but it's some. I stripped my head down to just casting/valves/springs. Springs/Valves will be coming out most likely Monday, or later this week depending on if I have to buy a different spring compressor or not.

            Some parts came in to get me motivated. Parts are all from Ireland Engineering. Stock sized intake/exhaust valves as I had the head refreshed not too long ago, and didn't want to spend money on machine work again. Some valve springs, retainers, and rocker locks. I didn't want to deal with the rocker springs when reassembly time comes.

            Then Zeus (my dog) and I took a little break, he chose to smell some flowers

            That's when another part showed up. Openned up the box, and found this

            Overall, it's not perfect and I will have to do some work. I was expecting this. Bought the manifold online from eBay, got it for $140 and shipping was $25 so a total of $165 on it, no real complaints so far.
            Collector/flange area looks ok, but I will clean it up a bit better

            The gasket supplied sucks nuts. Look how far off the flange is from matching with the gasket. All the bolt holes didn't line up either.

            I will be using a stock gasket instead. it perfectly matches the head, and as you can see, much closer to matching the manifold. Only 2 ports will need to be opened.
            Port #1

            And Port #2, which is much better

            My turbo should have came in too, but it got shipped to my old address and now the seller and I are working to get it to the correct place with UPS. I have nothing but good things to say about the place I bought my turbo from (Will release Sellers Business Names later as I don't want to look for them right now).
            85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)


              Ahhhh man reminds me of my first car/e30, a busted ass, 86' 325, same color. Miss that thing. Idk, I think the black goes good with it... Maybe the bumpers are a little much tho.


                Originally posted by Hey_You View Post

                Twins sort of haha

                Always wondered about your sig; good progress! Can't wait to see it boosted :p
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                Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
                Maybe 300 CANADIAN HP, thats like 225 US HP.


                  zeus is keeping a close watch over your build

                  looking good


                    I finally got my car towed to my house...let the cleaning begin!

                    This is what I have to start with, not pretty, but I guess it could be worse

                    Then I got some of this to work with. It's not good for the paint,'s the engine bay, and my car will never be a show car. It will work. Probably use some SimpleGreen for the final cleaning. I started with the gel...looks like I sprayed the bay with some good'ole man'juice.

                    I worked on the manifold as well. Got it close to where I want it as far as porting it. Will post pictures once I take my camera to work, or my manifold home. Turbo will be coming up with a friend during his Christmas Break. Then I will rebuild it and see what shit starts looking like all slapped together. I'm gonna spend a bit of time tomorrow cleaning, got too dark too soon to keep going on today. Didn't even get a chance to snap a picture of the after'jizm cleaning.
                    Also, going to be buying another m10 for the time being so I can drive my car. Not having wheels for so long has made me depressed, so I will put a stock m10 in it so I can drive, and keep building my current 2.0 as funds allow. Stupid Christmas is taking away from Bomber money. I won't mind pulling the engine again when it comes time. I think it took me a total of 2 myself, to pull the thing the first time. Should go quicker the second time.
                    85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)


                      This is after the gel cleaner, and one can of the regular stuff

                      Then I brought out the dish scrub brush and continued to tackle the mess with yet ANOTHER can of the gunk cleaner. Looks much better I must say, I'm actually pleased enough with it that I may just be done cleaning it.

                      Will probably get my rocker panels and front lip looking new again tomorrow
                      Note: I would not recommend using this cleaning stuff on an unsealed ASPHALT driveway. Asphalt is a petroleum product that this cleaner targets, and can eat away at your driveway.
                      On another note, I'm trying to figure out what size intercooler I should run. I like the idea of having it behind the kidneys (will be removing all A/C related parts very soon), but am trying to figure out an appropriate dimension. I have been looking on e30tech's post on intercoolers, and only thing I have found is use a 2.5" cooler/piping so it fits under the headlights no problem. Any help would be appreciated. (Maybe I can figure it out if I pull my bumper and take some measurements)
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                      85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)


                        Worked a little on my manifold. Cleaned up some areas a little better, but, I've gotten to the point where I'm not sure how much material I have under where I'm grinding at, and would rather not make it too thin, or worse burn through the damn thing. I more or less rounded the areas so it will flow a little better, but I know it won't flow as well as a quality manifold. It will do, but I would still like to clean up the turbo flange area a bit's gonna take a bit of time to do, and I don't have decent compressor at home so gotta do it on my spare time at work. On to a couple more pictures.
                        Here you can see where I went to town with the die grinder

                        You can compare to the images at the beginning of this page and see how much better the gasket matches now.
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                        85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)


                          As a fellow slow car driver myself (m10) i love this thread and i plan on doing the same thing. Keep it up! (btw your dog looks awesome)


                            cars gonna be dope. also on the plus side in the future, if your car ever breaks down your dog can just pull you home :D


                              there is win going on here.

                              Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
                              I like the tuna here.
                              Originally posted by lambo
                              Buttchug. The official poster child of r3v.


                                Not much done lately. Took my head up to the machine shop to have the new valves and springs installed (Would have done myself but I didn't want to buy a valve spring compressor as I would probably never use it agian). Also, the repair I had done on my water jackets had started to come undone, so he is going to re-fix that. If anyone is ever up in Bum-Fuck where I live (Sonora, CA) and needs machine work done, John @ Bettannini Machine does great work, and on top of that he is an awesome guy. I finally got around to pulling my A/C stuff. I won't be needing that anymore, and the compressor won't fit with the manifold (or atleast I don't think it will). Compressor, drier, lines, and condenser weigh about 20-30 pounds I would say. Should offset some weight I will be adding.

                                I finally found a picture of the turbo I purchased. It's a Holset H1C that I will be rebuilding. I'll post more pictures of it once it's in my possession and during the rebuild. I found this good website for instruction (on a second note, that is not the turbo I got, I originally thought I was getting a h1c, not a wh1c. The one I got has a smaller exhaust housing that is internally gated, and was not nearly as clean as the one pictured)H1C Rebuild

                                That's it for now. Hopefully after Christmas I will have a better update as I will have some money to spend on myself, buying presents saps the wallet. Maybe I will have my manifold modified for an external wastegate by the next time I start pounding on the keyboard for this build.
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                                85' 318i ~The Bronze Bomber (FrankenM10 with a Forced Future :wgaf:)