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    Originally posted by MattAvino View Post
    OP, The internet rejects you and your filthy practices.

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      Originally posted by RondoAcapriccio View Post
      lol, Sucks for Vdub. Sometimes I don't understand. If someone is willing to drop large amounts of cash on something what makes you think they don't have the means to show up at your house if they don't get their promised product.
      It's that damn new global economy. it's a blessing and a curse, for individual sales transactions.

      I was stupid, don't be like me. if you are buying something, from anywhere, don't send money until it's ready to ship or can be in your hands guaranteed in 45 days (through paypal). If the 45 days comes up, and they say soemthing like, "oh I just have to paint one", or "I shipped them out last week, just wait", DON'T. File a claim, period. If you then do recieve them, you can cancel the claim. past 45 days, you have ZERO recourse.