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Request: E30 on Rota MSR

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    I do not see any news here...any rim can break.


      Originally posted by asuj158 View Post
      I searched and cant find anything.
      I have 3 of those 15in, They were on my brothers integra when we got it, No tires,
      I can ship them if your interested... Rare to find rims by now, i cant find a 4th, i did find a few sets locally.


        also all of you shut up about rotas breaking, Daily driving like a normal person isnt going to break anything. But if you are so cool and can afford a whole track car, why would you then put rotas on it and expect same performance as $2k rims. If all those pictures of the rotas broken told a story, then ppl wouldn't be bashing on anything. Its funny how some retard starts to bash on something online then everyone that comes through thinks its true.


          Oh wow a cast wheel that costs 1/4 of the price of the forged original isn't as strong, what a surprise. I guess you guys live where the roads are paved with gold, because here they're paved with asphalt....and it's full of holes and cracks and all kinds of awesome shit. If i daily drove a motherfucking bentley here and just had to have aftermarket wheels, they would be rotas/varrstoens/other knock-offs. It's one thing to buy lightweight forged wheels for a car that actually benefits from the performance gain of losing unsprung weight, but for the average person to daily drive on them is gambling with $500-900/per corner...just to look cool.

          I respect the people who do pony up that kind of cash, for whatever reason they choose...but to give someone shit who doesn't want to waste the additional thousands of dollars to have cool stickers (that's pretty much the only benefit of a volk/work/etc wheel vs a knock-off for daily street use) is just stupid.

          I work at a performance/wheel shop and we mount and balance at least 3 sets of "baller" wheels a week and 5x as many sets of knock offs, and i can tell you from first hand experience the knock offs hold up every bit as well in daily use. Unless you're planning on ramping curbs or hitting boxes of bricks in the road, you're wasting money on expensive wheels.
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