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Happy belated Independence Day! Red, White, and Blue E30s [FSPEC FEATURE]

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    Happy belated Independence Day! Red, White, and Blue E30s [FSPEC FEATURE]

    Happy belated Independence Day from THEFSPEC and BUR1ON Photo!

    Although these pictures were taken on July 1st we couldn’t deny the red, white, and blue significance so close to July 4th. So to commemorate this 4th of July I’d like to introduce three awesome BMW E30s with equally awesome owners.

    Driving around with these people took me back to the more simple days when I didn’t have nearly as many bills and a huge portion of my income went straight to my E30, just like it should right? These fine folks reminded me of why we drive these cars and that simple bond we share and care about so much. Thank you Amr, Patricia, Luis, and Rares – I’ll definitely take you all up on the sushi offer in the near future.

    To read the full article with more pictures click here:

    Mod lists and more intimate closeups coming of these fine vehicles soon!


    To stay up to date on these E30s, other awesome features, and more E30 goodness soon to come be sure to like FSPEC:

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    Thank you! Hope everyone had a great 4th!
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      What color is that blue?
      I want a nice set of smoked MHW's (I know, get it line)
      Free Stuff!!:


        Originally posted by CrusherCurtis View Post
        What color is that blue?
        Rares is going to have to chime in, he took a Lachsilber car that needed a repaint and painted it himself!!!

        These pictures don't show how incredible his repaint is.


          wheels on blue car??

          Originally posted by blunttech
          Dude this is r3v. 20 bucks gets you a used timing belt or a low mileage head gasket


            Originally posted by mrcheezle19 View Post
            wheels on blue car??
            Looks like the ESM 004


              They are indeed.


                Originally posted by CrusherCurtis View Post
                What color is that blue?
                Found out for ya, again he did the paintjob himself. I wish I could paint 1/8th as well as him. It's Saphire Blue.

                Mod lists and updates to these cars coming. First I'd like to get more individual shots of them before I post the mod lists.

                What good is it saying that the S50 in the white car was completely rebuilt and I rarely see so much effort go into an engine swap without pictures?
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                  Thanks Devon. Yes indeed the car is a Saphire blue, i tried to go as close to a mystic as i could without the bmw price tag... hehe.. Wheels are Esm 004 as someone has already mentioned... thanks guys...


                    Awesome, just stunning cars and amazing shots. Thanks
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                      Thank you.

                      Your avatar freaks me out, looks like that one chick from the South Africa music group?


                        Cuz it is.