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    It was. Craigslist ad that no one would answer and finally expired, because she had moved. We went down on a soccer trip, and stalked the neighborhood from the photos and there it was in the driveway. Bought it from her mother - it was in the way and wouldn't start.

    So much cheaper and easier than driving a mystery car across three states.
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      On even days it starts and runs like a new car...maybe a high idle issue, but nice & smooth.

      On odd days, it won't start and seems to flood and is useless.

      I assume we need to repeat the smoke test for a leak somewhere (although it stays running - badly - with the oil cap off, which is interesting).

      And test the cold start injector for leaking...?


        nice car. Im a huge fan of es cars


          Still here...progress is happening. Fuel pumps going in as soon as they arrive.

          Replaced the big ES / IS spoiler with a euro lip last night (thanks GT BMW E30!). I like it with the tucked bumper.

          As soon as we get it running well, we've got all the suspension, steering, & brake bits to start on. H&R sport.

          Click image for larger version

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          Needs less hai...

          Click image for larger version

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            Arrggh, this car! New fuel pump this weekend, still won't start well. Now it's sputtering black smoke and missing.

            Maybe the main pressure pump - need to put a pressure gauge on there and test.

            Maybe not enough spark? The coil resistance numbers were quite a bit higher than the Bentley chart. Unless I measured wrong....


              This is all waiting ...

              Alternator blades cut our brand new radiator hose. Most sensors and relays have been changed.
              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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              Tie rods and brake lines.
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                School and everything else have slowed our progress, plus now the garage is below zero. Still some idle issues, but we're getting there.

                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  Here he is, just rolled out of the garage with the new suspension. Hasn't even settled yet. It's been nasty cold here, and school has been really busy.

                  This is with H&R sport springs, E90 drop hats, and stock spring pads all around.

                  All new OEM control arms, bushings, sway bar links, tie rods, brake lines, etc. Flushed the brake system.

                  Drove it 20 miles to charge it up and it drove straight down the road, no pulling. Must have lucked out with the steering measurement. Alignment this week. After it settled a bit, it looks good. Not too low for everyday street and real roads. Even makes bottlecaps look decent.

                  Ran perfectly, never missed a beat! Steering tight, brakes solid.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Cars looking better already - and it's great to see it getting some much needed TLC.

                    Wish my dad was a car guy! Scratch that, wish my dad was father material. I'm always jealous to see sons with great fathers - I'll do that for my son one day! :)


                      I'm thinking it's more important than anything else you can do.

                      You can break the pattern and do a better job. It's hard work to raise kids. If nothing else, just spend a lot of time with them, and listen.



                        E30's are where my father and I have spent countless hours tinkering, modifying, etc.

                        The best hours ever spent.

                        Welcome to the forum and to your new addiction
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                          Looks like it's coming along well!

                          I can't wait until the day I can have a project like this with my kids.
                          - Josh
                          1990 325is

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                            Nice project. Suspension did wonders for it! And I can emphasize with the cold temps slowing work down in the garage - not a pleasant place to be in this weather...


                              These cars just keep on giving...great buy.


                                Car is looking a lot better. From the pictures, the zinno paint is looking great!
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