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My last e30 project #13

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    My last e30 project #13

    This is my last e30 project,i had 12 e30s and this is Nr13.I was searching for clean e30 for long time,bcs i was tired from rusty e30s...and finally i find one.
    Its 87 316 two door coupe,zinnoberrot,58k milos on clock,mint condition,rustfree,full dealer service history,full is some pics how it looks when i got it and after.Hope you like.

    Change sprngs to 60/40 and wheels to OZ racing 7j15 and 185.55R15 tyres,but i dont like how car was sitting....

    Than i replace my standart comfort seats to sportsitze and rear bench with armrest and headrests.

    Than i decide to get some better engine than my m10b18 carburator,i was thinking to swap some m62b44 or m54b30,but first i found nice 2002 330ci M-sport with 90k miles on clock,so i bought it,sell all the parts i dont need and keep the engine,gearbox and steering rack.

    Engine is still not in my e30,bcs not that easy and im wery busy at work,but will swap engine at March,so after week;D
    Than i got some fogs and fit them on car

    Than i buy one more donor car-318is bcs i need some bits.
    So i got rear axel with disc brakes,front 51mm struts,IS front lip,M-tech I steering wheel,power windovs,some bbs style r15 wheels and a lot of parts which i can sell.

    Than i get some front and rear strunt bars from 933 motorsport

    fit them on car:)

    not perfect fit for car with carburator lol

    here M-tech I steering wheel fited and car after weekly carwash

    All time i want some 9j16 wheels.....borbet a,azev a,brock b1, or some other nice looking on e30,decide to buy DARE RS 8&9j16 but they didnt have them in stock,need to wait 6 weeks,but i cant wait,so i buy 8,5&10j17 dare rs(bbs rs replicas) and 205.40r17 and 215.40r17 Nankank ns2 tyres,also fit some aftermarket twin rear muffler,change front shocks to new shorter ones,springs to other 60mm,cut one coil of and fit e90 spring hats,but car is still not low enought...

    Also roll rear arches bcs was rubbing,replace front controlarm bushes to m3 excentric,replace front speakers and do some other bits.

    Next on my list is coilovers,hella dark headlights,swap in my m54b30 engine,e46 steering rack with power steering and a lot of other things need to be done,hope you like.
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    Good looking car. I love the red with black bumpers.
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      Thanks,but i was thinking to paint bumpers and mirrors in the same color as car...
      But today i got some good stuff-GAZ rear coilovers,was wery happy,fit them on car.

      roll the rear arches a bit

      Car was sitting good,can go even more lower,but when i try to move car,i cant,bcs wheel was rubbing springwheels are 10j17 et20.
      when i fit my spare wheel 5,5j14 et35 all was fine..

      Now im thinking to use 10mm spacers and take some part of wheel of,some 3-4mm,what u think guys?
      there is planty of wheel what im not using.


        Wow, nice score! But, the steering wheel is on the wrong side! :p


          im in UK now,so RHD is ok for here,but when i will move back to east europe,will swap to LHD.Its easy on e30.


            I think 15mm spacers will help,buy them,just waiting when they will arrive,now driving like


              DUDE, this is going to be awesome. Subscribed.
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