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    Project Second chances (new member)

    I hang out on the infamous VWVortex, been lurking here for a while and finally signed up. Cool board, lots of great info. I've had a few BMW's, E92 328, 335D, a host of other cars. I'm currently also in a C250 and a Jeep Wrangler.

    I picked up this little guy about 6 months ago. Kid at my shop had it, couldn't fix it, I bought and saved it from the black widows and the scraper. Needed a bunch of stuff, but the main issue was the blue coolant temp sensor was completely failed and broken. Car had been sitting for a year. I think he purchased it from the original owner. Its an '89 325i 5spd car. All the panels are original and straight, Dash is cracked and the driers seat is done but everything else inside is nice and well kept. Its been progressing slower then I would like, life gets busy but its come a long way. Runs like a top and I have a lot of things planned for it. Its called the black widow since that's what was living all over it. Check out the build thread link in my sig. Its days of hard work and neglect are over and it can enjoy its golden years tucked away in my garage getting attention.


    2012 Jeep Wrangler 2dr trail rig
    2014 GLI Edition 30
    Various German company cars.

    another e30 saved from being neglected! very nice, I can't wait to see the progress...


    Early 323i
    320i V8 Swap


      Looks clean great job!!


        Welcome..smooth looking car


          So jealous. I want to find an unmolested sedan to daily so bad.