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My 1987 325e *m50 swap in the works*

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  • dadsbmw
    Man it looked so good with the late model lower valence, style 5s, and being all silver!

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  • mazie30
    1/22/15 update

    i just got some in between work and school so here is the last couple months of my build

    Started on this engine
    trying to learn as much as i can about this engine and engines in general

    Those damn head bolts
    Got the head off

    And the block


    Got one of the pistons out


    Put some zender side skirts on
    i like them a lot more than the ford taurus skirts

    friends e30

    Made a trip to CAtuned in Sacramento and got to see this beast

    Oh and this sexy thang

    went there to pick up this s50 block

    M50 block meet S50 block
    im boring out my m50 block to 3.0L and using s50 pistons rods and crankshaft... some people asked why i dont use s50 block, the cylinders on the s50 block need to be bored up because of some damage to the cylinder. i might keep the block and get some pistons and crankshaft for it later.

    Also picked up some H&R sport with slightly used Bilsteins

    cant work on an engine without beer

    made a cool little display with these m50 pistons in my garage.. ill take a picture of it soon and post it.


    cams are out

    can someone tell me what that steel braided line and purple box is please.. im guessing its some type of oil pressure thing for a turbo.

    difference between kyb and bilstein
    sorry for the shitty iphone pictures dont have a good camera anymore

    all put together

    looks and rides a lot better

    Visited Arizona for a week and got to see my uncles mint 6 series

    dat interior tho
    runs and drives he was daily driving it for a while but wants to keep it garaged for when his son can drive.... his son is 4 years old right now.... i wish i could have it

    the engine he is building on the side

    those oem fog light covers

    couple pictures of my car again

    and this was a photo shoot i did with my film camera
    using a Minolta Maxxum 7000

    and my friend max took these

    these pictures dont have my zender skirts on.
    not sure if i mentioned it but my timing belt snapped so hopefully this weekend i should be able to replace it.
    till next time

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  • mazie30
    Originally posted by pandaboo911 View Post
    Looked better silver imo. But hey it's your car so you can do whatever the fuck you wanna ;)
    Yeah I kinda regret rushing into painting it, I definatly would rather have that silver over the black but I will hopefully be repainting it soon

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  • mazie30
    Originally posted by golde30 View Post
    did u plastidip the car?
    No I painted it, but I have been too busy to finish fully painting it. Once I am finished with the swap I am gunna get it repainted To a very nice black.

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  • pandaboo911
    Lachssilber E30!!

    Looked better silver imo. But hey it's your car so you can do whatever the fuck you wanna ;)

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  • golde30
    did u plastidip the car?

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  • mazie30
    Quick update, started another semester of school so ive been in the craze of that, slowly building my m50 and trying to save for new cams and valves and to bore out the block and get the head resurfaced and the whole shabang. My e30 is not running right now :( i was dicking around one night in the rain, doing donuts and snapped my timing im stuck taking the bus everywhere until i fix it.. . SO havent had time to dig into it yet, but hopefully there isnt too much damage and hopefully it is repairable... more pictures are going to come soon hopefully once i get some more time
    i miss driving but i love building this engine

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  • mazie30
    update 10/12/14

    i havent posted in a long time
    i have been really busy working non stop and going to school non stop but a lot of things have happened since my last post.
    finally fixed a lot of things and looking at and driving my car every day is more enjoyable
    there was certain times with all the problems my car had i loved walking up to it, hearing the purr of the motor when i started it but as soon as i started driving i would hate the damn thing. non stop clanking from the control arms, felt like my car was breaking apart, drive shaft center bearing felt like it was about to break apart and my whole driveshaft would fall off, the amount of times my car would overheat or be really hot all day was so annoying. i slowly focused on these things and making the car better than making it look better. Of course i like to focus on both at the same time if i can. but the past couple months i have been spending my hard earned money (whatever i had left of it) on my car. so no more talking ill let the pictures do the talking.

    went on a cruze with RudeBoiStance and some low and old bimmers

    tried something new out

    put the front euro valance on
    no more late model i like this better. i know i hate the volvo lip on their too.

    got it up to fix the control arms



    went for a wash

    AND i am finally LOWERED!!!!

    mine and my friends e30

    AND i painted my car.
    finally have a black euro e30... what i have always wanted
    a little before and after

    uh oh whats going on here
    new seats?

    oh you know its that new seat

    m50 b25 i picked up for $150 with harness and ecu
    ALSO helped my friend with his m20 oilpan, his second one in a month being replaced. two days after we replaced it it cracked...
    also did my driveshaft center bearing that night... no pictures, got to into workin on the damn cars and being dirty as fuck.

    after i took that picture i ran into some pretty bad luck
    it all started when i lost my driver side sideskirt

    someone hit my new tail lights...

    not clean anymore :(


    got rear ended on the freeway in the morning going to work...fuck traffic and dumb ass drivers
    but his car got it way worst than mine..
    and to top it off he hit me then tried to run!!!
    he instantly exited, and after the initial shock and reailzation he was trying a hit and run i went after him and chased his ass down.

    his car

    And to make myself feel better i finally took this shitty radiator out

    and replaced it with a brand new one.

    working on it after work at the shop
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  • mazie30
    so i did a small photo shoot with my car which eventually got shut down by the cops lol

    i took more but these are the only ones worth posting...

    so then i did a transformation tuesday

    when i first got it till now

    so then christmas came a little early :) i wish i took more pictures :(

    rear diving board off!

    modification for the surprise

    you can probably guess what it is now

    the previous owner made a really bad bracket for the rear bumper... it was such a bitch to get off

    finally got lowering springs on, and new rear shocks
    ground control coils, the rear is springs only as you can tell and it kinda sucks cuz after i got them i realized the rear springs were actually front springs, let me know if i am wrong and they are actually rears, they just arent that low...

    euro rear bumper bracket

    front euro is on, and the awaiting coilovers, these are just no names i bought so i can be somewhat low as i build up the ground control, more pics of that will come with the process of building them

    the rear is on, doesnt have any of the trim so if anyone has some for sale let me know!!!

    front on, i like the late model valance, i know there is a gap, which i will be sectioning out.

    what do you guys think?

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  • mazie30
    update 6/21/14

    sup r3v havent updated in a while been dealin with life and tryin to survive lol
    its not really an update about the car as much but my life with the car in the past couple of weeks lol
    i know im not low.... and i need moar low but ive been broke. im getting coilovers with my first couple checks.
    Moved to a new house and Finally got a new job after being unemployed and broke for the past couple months

    finally washed it after a month or so!

    went up to richmond to chill with my friend
    he has a alpine 87 325is

    Ended up moving to a new pace and had to put all me stuff on my e30
    i guessed it would take 4 trips

    out of the old

    And into the new!

    This was probably the best part of the whole month

    traded my 16x8 BBS Reps for some 16x7.5 Borbet type A's
    i am very happy with them, running 20mm spacers all around.
    and the 205/45's federals from my bbs RZ's
    Oh and my new driveway and garage!

    some fisheye action

    A quick trip to 7/11 after i got them on!

    Like i said up there i finally got a job

    officially working at Oil Can Henry's in Soma

    a snap of the car while taking a smoke break.

    i need suggestions on what colors i should paint the borbets
    any ideas?
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  • mazie30
    repainted my valance today and put new bumper trim in
    not the perfect match but close enough.
    and installed the brake ducts

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  • mazie30
    Originally posted by KIRIEIW View Post
    So What wheels are you running on the passenger side?? :giggle:
    ahha i was running these ugly ass borbet type h 15x7 but i just sold em!

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  • mazie30
    More Updates
    so i finally got my BBS style 5 rz's shipped in from Arizona
    unfortunately im fixing my other 2 adapters so like always since ive had the car MISSMATCH RIMSSS!!!!!
    but only for a bit
    im also gunna sand down and repaint the rims oem silver
    I also retrofitted some side skirts on my car!
    i know i cut them a bit too short but i dont care

    a little out of focus :(

    cant wait to refinish and get the other two style 5's on.
    ALSO trying to figure out how to put on my zender rear apron so if anyone has a diy write up on how to put it on please let me know
    sounds stupid but i tried for hours.... and it dont fit right
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  • drulle
    Originally posted by kirieiw View Post
    so what wheels are you running on the passenger side?? :giggle:

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    So What wheels are you running on the passenger side?? :giggle:

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