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1993 325i e30 Vert inside

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    1993 325i e30 Vert inside

    I’ve had her for about 2 years now but never shared her. Been busy cleaner her up and modding her to my liking.

    Started as:
    1993 325i Convertible (built October 1992) with original Calypsorot. Manual trans and working Automatic top. Came with Tan leather interior and was completely stock sitting on 110k Miles. Prior two owners were a 40-50 year old woman and a 60-70 old women.


    Since owning :

    -Basic maintenance timing belt head-gasket etc.
    -Walbro fuel pump
    -Turner Chip
    -Stromung catback section

    -Full interior reupholster and color swap tan to black leather, added OEM heated seat elements and Husco armrest/cupholder, Mtech 1 steering wheel, Leather M3 Knob and leather boots.
    -Euro rear headrest kit
    -Full audio swap (headunit, Speaks and new trunk mounted amp)
    -e36 convertible radio antenna
    -replaced rear zipper window, top gaskets and seals
    -Euro headlight and euro front grills
    -Have a full set of used original M-Tech 2 vert Body kit waiting to go on, once i have the time and spare cash for paint.

    -e36 Steering rack
    -e36 M3 front end 5 lug conversion
    -E36 Z3 rear end 5 lug conversion
    -H&R E30 cabrio lowering springs
    -New bushing some Poly, some rubber cause its a convertible not a racecar
    -Bmw DS1 wheels with 215-40-17 i believe some rubbing at full lock.

    Final Plans are to Install the M-tech kit and get fresh paint. Might add a few hartge parts if i find some. Once that is done maybe ill go for a S50/S52 swap who knows.

    New (Paint is the same as in the first photo just to much sun):

    Interior prior to M-tech wheel and husco armrest:
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    Looks great, I'd love to find a late model vert!
    1987 325i-M60b44 swap