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    Been a long time since I've updated. I finally got some progress done on the e30. The cosmos e36 m3 is out of my hands and with a family member now. It's been hard being able to work on the cars with it this summer being 100 degrees during the evening and lately in the 30's at night. I'll catch you guys' up on the cosmos real quick.

    Iggee seat covers came in. made a huge difference. I found a comfort seat fs locally in not much better condition, but at least no tears. what a nightmare that was. also changed out the recline gear on the passenger side.

    never again.

    looks way better now despite my normal distaste for covers.
    OEM hood/L fender and nose panel were all prepped and painted like this

    new rear rotors/parking brake hardware to fix the lack of hand-brake

    swapped the bumper trim from my daily e36 m3 and resprayed all trim with SEM bumper trim paint

    I had to burn those ricer headlights, I couldn't find a late model nose panel so went with a 95 panel/hood from a friend who was parting one out. I picked up a square set of oem bmw polished ltw's with tires cheap-locally.

    missing LF wheel well plastics and brake ducts were replaced.

    samco hoses before the plastic duct was put back on - engine bay looks so clean

    Unfortunately weather was super fucked and unpredictable during painting process. the hood ended up getting rained on, so will be needed to be redone sometime. fitment was bang on with the oem stuff which was nice. Cracked windshield was replaced and then I had to drive the car approx 100 miles to pass the damn drive cycle since the battery had died during repair process. In hindsight, smog first people!

    Got an old school alignment from a friends' dad, then delivered it to said family member to drive.

    Meanwhile my daily has had quite some bad luck. Clutch master went out, ended up replacing clutch pedal bushings for akg brass units, and changing out the uuc ss line with a newer (older had a tear).

    then I hit a pothole and cracked one of my fiske fm5's. The rim had some curb damage, so I've been waiting on dropping it off for repair when I have time.

    Now back to what this damn threads about!!

    I had the engine bay all prepped and primed since early June. (right before I acquired the cosmos)

    I ended up buying the steering wheel I wanted initially for the car. 350mm wood/polished nardi deep corn.

    also acquired an afe intake tube locally. mocked up the mishimoto intake boot, 540i maf and got all couplers and a new filter for it.

    fast forward to black friday...let's not bring up the number of nights I stayed up thinking of what engine paint color to go with...(ended up going alipne white II which was a solid choice). I ordered a mishimoto radiator from catuned and decided it was time to paint the engine bay since I had a week off. I was very fortunate to have help from a buddy to mask everything off, as I would have not done as good of a job.

    It actually took most of the day to prep the surface and mask everything. We shot a base coat down, and pushed it in since we lost day light.

    base coat drying overnight.

    That night I purchased some heat-barrier gold tape for the fire wall and some other dei products for the trans tunnel.
    and here's the before & after photo of the engine bay.

    anyways, just excited to get moving on the many things are undecided....such as e46 lca's and e36 tie rods, (the lca's on the car are 2 years old, and it's been sitting for a year, and I replaced the tie rods when i did the m3 rack upgrade) and I'm not 100% sure I want to do the dual caliper conversion/hydraulic hand brake setup, as I'm thinking I should make this more of a track-ready street car vs a dedicated hpde/drift car. My main goal is to get the motor in and running asap. I'm about to do all the detent pins on the zf trans this week, and hopefully start with the heat shielding. The rear subframe drop is bothering me too, since I'd have to reinforce the subframe and diff mounts, weld in the camber adjustment, replace all the bushings with poly...and possibly plumb the hydraulic hand brake at the same steps though
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      A+ work mate.


        You work hard and it shows, great work. Bringing the e36 m3 back instead of parting it out was awesome.
        AWD > RWD


          Loving this thread! keep it up, its very motovating.


            Originally posted by jeenyus View Post
            A+ work mate.
            Originally posted by Kershaw View Post
            You work hard and it shows, great work. Bringing the e36 m3 back instead of parting it out was awesome.
            Originally posted by Frank88ix View Post
            Loving this thread! keep it up, its very motovating.
            Thanks guys'!! I'm trying to do the most I can with what little time I have to work on these cars without it affecting the quality and effort. I can hopefully put all my focus on the e30 now that the other cars are road-worthy! I'm still wondering if I need a working handbrake vs hydraulic, I can always keep the car in gear and keep a wheel chock in the trunk LOL
            89 325i 4dr s52
            02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
            15' Honda Grom


              Nice work on everything! I can tell you take pride in your cars and the work you do on them, that was nice of you to get the Cosmos m3 all tidied up before you let a family member use it. Subscribed!

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                Originally posted by CubbyChowder View Post
                Nice work on everything! I can tell you take pride in your cars and the work you do on them, that was nice of you to get the Cosmos m3 all tidied up before you let a family member use it. Subscribed!
                thanks! I just checked out your roundie! That's actually what I've been looking for - for a while now. Also......wish you still made those roof racks! But I probably couldn't afford it right now with christmas gifts for the fam.

                Here's a few images of the engine bay update.

                took all the masking off here:

                and started applying this dei heat reflective gold tape.

                will take more pics when firewall is completed. I'm super excited with progress but time is limited!
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                89 325i 4dr s52
                02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
                15' Honda Grom


                  went a bit overboard on the gold foil

                  I have a friend who's doing an obd1 m52 into his early e36. I ordered a set of detent pins and we had a "tranny gangbang" lol

                  replaced the throw out bearing, added an e39 steel pivot pin and changed out the cracked guibo

                  started to prep the hood hinge assembly, but turns out I'll need a new rod assembly because the bushings are cracked on both ends =\

                  Sent my 24lb tms injectors to MEPEH to be tested/cleaned. I also got a a new FPR for the fuel rail. (before pic)

                  then I got busy with work; NYE then CES back to back, and then I got distracted at refurbishing a blast box. Got it delivered, previous owner had replaced the window with glass, and welded all the seams of the box. (they were left exposed and needed to be wire wheeled, threw some self etching primer and some paint i had laying around to prevent future rust issues. took out the rubber hose/air attachments (worm clamped) and replaced it with all threaded brass fittings. Added a psi gauge and a ball valve later so i could close it off without blow back.

                  After initial use, I decided to take apart the gun and step up the bore for a bit better flow. My shop vac didn't like being hooked directly up to the box, so I added a diy water trap so I won't kill the vac's motor collecting all that abrasive material. I have been wanting to do this for such a long time. Now prepping parts for paint or powdercoat will be much easier, and it still cost me less than a brand new harbor frieght unit altogether since I had most of the parts/shop vac at home.

                  [nla photobucket]

                  Next I have to do a trans tunnel card board trace before i lay some actual heat shielding material to be layed down.. pretty excited, next step I guess is mating the engine/trans and doing all the things between the two (pilot bearing, rear main seal, clutch/flywheel, etc.

                  I might be able to put the motor in the engine bay soon which is beyond exciting since it's taken this long to get here. more updates soon!!
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                  89 325i 4dr s52
                  02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
                  15' Honda Grom


                    is it worth getting your injectors tested or would it be easier to just get different injectors? I'm curious cause i've never done it and I have no idea of any of the advantages.


                      Originally posted by jeenyus View Post
                      is it worth getting your injectors tested or would it be easier to just get different injectors? I'm curious cause i've never done it and I have no idea of any of the advantages.
                      I have no idea what your end goal is. can you afford the downtime? I purchased these 24lb injectors but wanted to make sure they were working and I needed new seals anyways.

                      look up MEPEH here on r3v and let him know what you need. He offers a discount for members here for servicing your injectors. If not you can just buy a full set of replacements from him I'm sure.

                      edit* just click the link below

                      89 325i 4dr s52
                      02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
                      15' Honda Grom


                        Awesome. Thanks for the information. I think I'll need to do this for peace of mind.


                          I picked up an adequate tool box last month and finally got working on the car this past week!

                          Did some scrubbing of the trans tunnel...real nasty stuff

                          looks much better. the m20's leaky rear main seal sure made a mess down there!

                          QUESTION: I acquired a 750il brake master cylinder (25mm). I've been reading so many mixed reviews. I'll be running a FC brake upgrade.....would this be beneficial to me in addition? I'd have to bend my manual brake lines and make a "T" for an extra outlet.

                          Ended up flushing the trans fluid as best as I could before replacing the front input shaft seal. Replaced fluid with Redline d4 atf - same stuff I use in my e36 m3.

                          I finally started to piece together my r134a stuff. It's already in the mid 80's in Vegas, I don't know how I'll last without a/c here. I had to source a new ac compressor bracket, turns out a bolt was snapped off inside the one that came with this motor.

                          Rewind to Monday, I finally got the engine out of the corner of the garage and off the engine stand!

                          Ended up replacing the seal for the housing that holds the rear main seal previous gasket was paper, new one was metal. resealed the back part of the oil pan, used toyota fipg to seal it up! Also replaced rear main seak and pilot bearing with OEM. 23mm socket fits the pilot OD perfect for installation. I should have cleaned up the area a bit more before taking this.

                          I ordered a f1 (ebay) stage 3 sprung clutch and chromoly flywheel almost a year ago. Felt nice to finally get it out of its box, but 2 of the 8 flywheel bolts came with damaged threads. I cleaned it up with a m12x1.25 die and a drop of loctite upon installation.

                          I went to put on the pressure plate/clutch disc...and found out pressure plate bolts were not included...GREAT. I had to wait til this morning to pick up some m8-16-1.25 socket head cap bolts from a local hardware store. I really love how realoem lists the bolt size/length normally. I should have inspected the clutch/flywheel hardware on arrival. new bolts were under $2 so no big deal.

                          rebuilt starter bolted up – had a helluva time locating all the bolts since it’s been sitting around forever!!

                          All Buttoned up!

                          after a little persuasion....

                          and here's how I left it a few hours ago!!

                          will update soon hopefully. Need sleep and a gameplan for tackling the rest of this swap hopefully soon!!
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                          89 325i 4dr s52
                          02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
                          15' Honda Grom


                            nice! you're gonna love it
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                            Originally posted by IronJoe
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                              mounted up the radiator fan and aux electric fans. decided against using those ziptie-like mounts I was using before hand.

                              pretty simple stuff.

                              made some clearance by the crank pulley - it's mighty tight in that spot

                              the aux fan wasn't as simple. I flipped the brackets on the top and side. I cut/welded the bottom mount and the side bracket - everything fits pretty well with minimal work.

                              I started to mock up the remote mounted oil pressure sending unit - trying to figure out how to fit oil temp sensor...

                              trimmed the ricer red coolant hoses to fit, and added a coolant temp sensor to the lower line

                              more new r134a pieces installed


                              ended up taking some notes from a friend's (doodawesome) build. welded on some tabs for a bolt on support

                              ended up using 2" steel angle iron vs aluminum like he did. notched for extra fan clearance

                              He obviously used his for an intercooler support. but I decided to use it for additional mounting real estate for coolers. powersteering cooler mounted. Wish i got some 1/2" npt to 90 degree bends for it but I really don't want to spend anymore money on this setup. I'd rather save every penny for my oil cooler setup since it will probably run $600+ for the cooler, lines, oil filter cap with an fittings, lines and thermostat.

                              I lucked out and found a local e30 guy who just pulled his 24v ac lines - because.racecar. ended up getting them for free. badass! they bolted up, all lines got new o-rings, and cleaned out with brake cleaner and compressed air.

                              I put in an obd1 vanos solenoid and new o-rings for that and the cam position sensor while I was there. Next I ran the ps cooler and lines with new crush washers. kinda hard to see what's going on, but i had to take a picture as it'd never be this clean again!!

                              with leftover hose I made a replacement lower hose (low pressure) for my e36 m3. Mine blew off at the last parking lot event - the factory crimp fell a part and i fixed it by just adding a worm clamp. I noticed lately the hose must have been seeping, as occasionally I would have a drop of PS under the car. Anyways, I cutit a bit longer in length and included the factory restrictor in both cars - e30 is running an e36 m3 rack if I forgot to mention.

                              That's all for now. I got all the throttle body/intake manifold gaskets. Gotta figure out catch can configuration first.

                              made further modifications to the bracket. Decided last minute to get an oil cooler as well. One of those "while you're there" things I suppose. Found another "tru-cool" cooler that fit in the space available perfectly so I ordered it right away for fitment.
                              I cut some 1" aluminum angle stock, the cooler-mounting side was cut down to 1/2" and bolted to existing angle iron support. While picking up mounting hardware I found some 1/4" rubber washers that I sandwiched between the cooler and bracket.

                              cut some holes in the angle iron to help all cooling components breathe

                              and now i'm staring at a $178 order of -an fittings. I've made a huge mistake. LOL!! I also ordered some 90 degree fittings for the ps cooler.

                              Oh and while I was at the hardware store I grabbed some slightly longer grade 8 bolts for the motor mount arms. Turns out the e36 m3 riceland headers hit the subframe so I got the longtube headers most 24v swap guys run off ebay. It actually looks cheaper than the ricelands but they all is well.

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                              89 325i 4dr s52
                              02 BMW 525iT m54b30/manual swapped (daily)
                              15' Honda Grom


                                Coming along very nicely!

                                I don't know if that brake reservoir is going to work with the intake boot. I ended up using a remote mounted 2002 reservoir on the side of the engine bay. It also has the extra nipple for the clutch line. You'll also need the two 90's, grommets, and brake fluid hoses to the nipples if you go this route. They can be bought fairly cheap:

                                Also any reason you are going with a puller instead of a pusher fan? Are you saving AC? If you are removing AC you can turn the puller into a pusher by switching the leads. This will give you some more room up front for activities. I did this about two and half years ago without any issues.

                                Keep up the solid work!

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