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Richie's 88' alpine 325is restore/mod build

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    Richie's 88' alpine 325is restore/mod build

    Decided to create a thread for my 1988 325is that i bought from a friend in May 2015.
    This 'build' will not be very original imo. I'm not trying to replicate anyone's car on purpose,
    this is what i like. Yea I might be ruining the car but I feel like its the right candidate with its
    high mileage. Not a stranger to the e30s but a bit more foreign on the enthusiast&culture side
    of the community. I more into building clean integra DA's and EF honda civics and crx's.
    Recently sold all my honda parts to set myself up in a different market of car parts. I will
    always be stuck in this era of cars. So anyways on to the real reason why you are here.. My
    idea for this car is to clean it up in every way which includes doing a 5 lug conversion &
    suspension overhaul, engine/trans/drivetrain & other components fresh up (this is my daily
    driver) and possibly a full on paint job(last), but we will see where the road goes.

    My cars specs as of now its a 5 spd lsd, full California ownership as of my knowledge(w/ no
    rust), 226k miles as of now, original black leather interior, premium sound and mtech I
    steering wheel. My friend bought the car from a local bay area repair shop that had it stored
    for over 5 years non op'd. A cylinder head job was done by the shop, but was sold not running
    or smogged incomplete only missing a few components to get it running. With that said the
    car has had many problems after getting it driving. First week of owning it the fuel pump went
    out, replaced. A few weeks later the brake master gave out, replaced. A week after that the
    clutch master goes out, again replaced. There are still occurring issues that need to be addressed.
    But I'm more of a wants first vs needs first guy, i get a lot of my wants parts first lol. Looking to
    sink a lot of money in my nameless e30 in 2016.

    When I first sealed the deal. The paint was in way worse visual condition(wish i had pics),
    i fixed that after a little detail

    Fuel pump

    Big Lady

    Clean customer vert

    My friend gave me a is lip that I had painted, also installed new running light bulbs all around

    no cracks on the dash btw, also installed a pioneer head unit and a 500w sub

    purchased some Ireland springs

    before and after.

    Anyone into jdm wheels? Sold sadly

    Picked these up yesterday from a e28 owner. Im going to start picking up the conversion parts. Pics will be up soon

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    bigger pics pls

    having issues viewing from space
    If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


      Originally posted by Stanley Rockafella View Post
      bigger pics pls

      having issues viewing from space
      fixed just for you
      sorry my new phone is setup to take large pictures, haven't posted on a forum in years


        Nice following this, love Alpine white builds.
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