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E30 M42 Touring -92 // bagged + turbo build thread ** #119 Dyno 593hp/611nm @hubs

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    E30 M42 Touring -92 // bagged + turbo build thread ** #119 Dyno 593hp/611nm @hubs

    Hey all,

    I have been lurking here sometime already but now i decided to share my build with you. The car is E30 318i Touring - 92, imported from germany around -00. It has about 200 000 km (125 000 miles) on it currently.

    This was my very first E30 i bought back in 2012 for a winter beater, i rebuilt an m42 engine to it and ditched the m40 it had. After driving it a while in winter i turned regretful because the shell were in too good condition to get winter salt. So i actually fell in love with the little touring and sold my other project cars and decided i'll do something with this one! Before this i had an e36 vert and an coupe.

    For starters i bought bc racing coilovers, and drove it like that an year or two. After some lows i needed to get new rims. Well i bought 16 inch Schmidt th-line 2-pieces front 8,5" et 24 & rear 9,5" et 14.

    Last year after i broke a few oil pans i decided to go bagged. First setup was bag over coils, it worked but i had some clearance issues with the wheels so after that i ordered Airlift front struts. They feel amazing compared to bag over coil setup. And no more clearance issues :up:

    Current bag setup:
    Airlift E30 Front struts
    Airlift Autopilot v2 management
    Airlift Aluminium air tank
    2x Viair 444C Compressors
    BC racing rear coilovers
    Air house 2 rear bags

    Current plans for the car is to turbo the little m42. I like this motor, and in europe we don't have them too much! By the way touring models never came from the factory with the m42.

    Items already bought for the turbo project

    Garrett GT2871R 836026-5021S (TURBINE trim 76 ind 53,9 exd 47 A/R 0,64 COMPRESSOR trim 56 exd 71 ind 53,1 A/R 0,60)
    BMC Twin Air Filter
    Tial Blow Off Valve
    Mishimoto E36 aluminium radiator
    AEM E85 fuelpump
    AEM fuel control regulator
    AEM boost solenoid
    DEI turbo heat shield
    GnT turbo manifold
    3" Vband adapter for the exhaust housing
    Universal 450x300x76 intercooler
    2,5" intercooler piping
    E30 M3 Engine Wiring Cover Kit
    BMW ZF GS6-37DZ 6-speed tranny from e46 320d
    Rear Anti-roll bar 14.5mm from 320is
    m42 motor mounts
    late model m20 coolant reservoir
    Garagistic 6-speed transmission extension brackets
    Garagistic rear subframe camber and toe adjustment kit
    Strongflex bushing kit
    Type 188 lsd diff
    oil/fuel pressure sensors
    Clutch assembly
    Head gasket
    Arp headstuds
    Engine management

    Items i still need for now

    Drive shaft

    At the moment the car is in the garage and i have started the project, more to come ;)

    Last but not least, the very short list of accesories from factory :D

    Original accesory list:

    Modellbezeichnung: 318I
    Ausführung: Europa
    Typschlüssel: AG71
    E-Code: E30 (5)
    Karosserie: touring
    Lenkung: links
    Türen: 5
    Motor: M40 - 1,80l (83kW)
    Antrieb: Heckantrieb
    Getriebe: manuell
    Außenfarbe: Sterlingsilber Metallic (244)
    Innenraum: (0274)
    Produktionsdatum: 05.06.1992
    Werk: Dingolfing

    S209A Code Sonderausstattung Optional Equipment
    S210A Sperrdifferenzial Differential lock 25%
    S219A Dynamische-Stabilitäts-Control Dynamic stability control
    S400A Sport-Lederlenkrad 380 mm Sport leather steering wheel, 380 mm
    S423A Schiebehebedach handbetätigt Slide/tilt sunroof, manual
    S428A Fussmatten Velours Floor mats, velours
    S494A Warndreieck und Verbandstasche Warning triangle and first aid kit
    S510A Sitzheizung Fahrer/Beifahrer Seat heating driver/passenger
    S654A Leuchtweitenregulierung Headlight aim control
    S681A DAB-Tuner Radio Bavaria C III
    L801A Dachantenne Roof antenna

    I apologize for any spelling errors that might have came But thanks guys, any feedback/suggestions is more than welcome!
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    Oh man, turbo m42 touring! definitely sub'd. That gt2871r is the perfect turbo for the m42 as well.
    5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
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      Originally posted by ccsdo5 View Post
      Oh man, turbo m42 touring! definitely sub'd. That gt2871r is the perfect turbo for the m42 as well.
      Thanks man! i've been watching your awesome barn build, every m42 thread has given me more inspiration :D

      So i heard that with gt2871r you can't go south!
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        Originally posted by BMW070916
        Loving the rims and turbo you have on the BMW
        Thanks, still working on it!

        More goodies incoming!

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          Dang sweet looking car


            E30 325i Touring currently under construction.


              Hey all, some updates.

              had to modify the gnt manifold cause it didnt fit right with my gt2871r. It hits the valve cover and passenger fender.

              took the motor out, so my friend could weld the manifold. also goodbye getrag240 :D


              work in progress

              and done

              now it fits like a glove

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                and more.. ZF GS6-37DZ 6-speed from an e46 diesel

                bolted to the engine and going to test fit it into the car

                it fits, i'm gonna remove the sound insulation so more room for the gearbox.

                garagistic transmission mounts for 6-speed welded to the original transmission brace. had to make bracket for the transmission cause the original part didnt fit, it was too big. now the bracket is bolted to the trans brace.
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                  This is awesome, touring looks soo good with the Schmidt wheels!
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                    Love this build. We have the exact same wheels.

                    Mr. Wolfe


                      :up::up: I enjoy this very much


                        thanks guys :up:

                        small update:
                        ecu arrived

                        radiator and intercooler fitted

                        2,5" ic piping and silicone hose test fitting

                        next thing to do is downpipe + stainless exhaust and oil return, after that i can pull the motor out last time.
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                          Love the wheels. Sub'd

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                          Originally posted by wholepailofwater

                          WTB: Dove Grey e36 Front Door Panels (2 door)


                            Very cool, sub'd for more


                              hi, small update!

                              stainless steel exhaust done! 3"downpipe and 2x2" to magnaflow muffler!

                              oil return also done with an fittings.

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