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    Been a little slow, had a wheel bearing and alternator job on my E91, that and the snowboarding has been too good...

    S52 progress:
    SAP Delete, drilled rivets and removed the E34 baffle, safety wired oil pump nut, put a new crankshaft seal in, and replaced valve cover gasket.

    Anybody know if there should be any play on the crankshaft hub? When i put on the hub/dampener it came with, it has a little play. I have one from an S50, that looks like it would need to be coerced on, but likely tighter. Not sure if I am overthinking it or not
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      while acquiring the remaining parts, i came across an R marked 3.15 LSD from a 1999 2.8L Z3 on Ebay down in Florida. The photos had a label i could barely make out "1428258/E3204J;3.15" and the only reference to that I could find was an anecdote with someone mentioning their diff with that label was a 4 clutch motorsport, so for $300 shipped and no rust I took a gamble.

      and it arrived only a few days later! Label in worse condition, but otherwise looked good:

      to my surprise, the fluid had not been drained, but it looked nice and clear

      It's definitely not Torsen, am i correct in thinking this could be a 4 clutch motorsport diff?
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        Great price for the LSD and 4 clutch would make it perfect.


          and my friend in Germany just picked up these wheels for me ;D

          HOPING they will work with RX7 BBK....


            well, i found rust...

            Peaked under the battery tray, found about 1/4" of water in there. I will be checking the sunroof drain.

            Just sprayed it with WD-40 as I am not going to be able to get to it for a few days. But looks like i have some cleaning up to do.


              well, I figured I would throw some stuff together to help collect my thoughts on this whole thing.

              For starters, a few months ago I saw an E30 on the market from a member that was pretty much the direction I wanted to go in, and landed a second black sedan with peeling clear coat from CA :drink:

              And got straight to work, starting with suspension:
              • Installed new Bilstein sport front and rear shocks
              • H&R sport (already questioning these over race, but they were so cheap)
              • JT Designs rear shock mount and Garagistic reinforcements
              • Motorsport studs
              • ST front and rear sway bar
              • Garagistic 'Treehouse' control arm mounts for extra 24v exhaust clearance
              • installed the 3.15 diff
              • swapped in a crack free dash

              And then prepped for the whole reason i got into this mess, a 24v E30...

              Moved the S52 to my garage as I was working on it in my father's while I did a roof and slab in my garage all summer

              And said good by to the lil M42

              First thing i got to with the motor out was the brake booster. I decided on the X3 after seeing some with success using the E90 and this having the line direction a little more favorable.

              overall the process went smoothly, kind of wish i had threaded down further as I am bottomed out in current position, but feels spot on with where the original was. I had to get some nicopp lines for the line that goes over the ABS and to the firewall side. It didn't help that i wasted some length with failed bubble flare attempts on the thick factory steel lines. I ended up getting the Eastwood turret flaring unit and it was a game changer, more than i wanted to pay but well worth it.
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                After the booster, i got into reinforcing the subframe, I have never welded, so it was a learning experience for sure (hope to find more to practice with). But i figure ugly is better than nothing..

                wet primed and ready for epoxy paint

                Once i got subframe back in, i swapped the steering rack for a Z3 with E36 tie rods, had to keep working the hole size to make sure the column wasn't under pressure

                Wrapped headers and welded up e34 dip stick

                and exhaust from Syncro Design Works

                Dropped the motor in and had a hell of a hard time lining up the bolts for the transmission bracket.

                Ended up loosening the AKG mounts while one person pried the transmission with a 2x4 to get the bolts to line up. I figured things would settle a bit, but wondering if anyone else had this problem?

                After that, I got the Markert wire harness in place and discovered I forgot the 2nd coolant temp sensor (so good bye throttle heater line) and a 2nd oil sensor for my E30 M3 cluster which is at Bavararian restoration. So I am waiting on those parts before i install intake manifold.
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                  Are you saying that the engine did not seem to be at the correct angle to get the trans mounts on? Are you sure you have the engine mounts on the correct sides? I used revshift mounts and the driver and passenger mounts were unique.


                    Originally posted by R3VM3UP View Post
                    Are you saying that the engine did not seem to be at the correct angle to get the trans mounts on? Are you sure you have the engine mounts on the correct sides? I used revshift mounts and the driver and passenger mounts were unique.

                    Yeah, the angle was not perfect and needed to be manipulated to get the bolts in.

                    The AKG Poly mounts are not side specific and I am 90% sure i had them in correctly, with the high sides facing the block:

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                      Well, I found why the Trans was not wanting to center, I loosened both mount arms and it centered, I did not realize the mounts had slotted holes for the bolts, so once it centered I was able to tighten everything up. You can see the difference on the trans mounts.



                      I also got my Rally Road oil block for my M3 Cluster Oil Temp and Pressure, the unit itself was nicely machined but I am glad i looked inside the banjo bolt as it had a lot of loose shaving from machining, I knocked those out and installed it:

                      Deleted throttle body heater since I stole the port for a temp sensor:

                      Hooked up to my 318i radiator with the E36 tubing (PITA to get on the rad)

                      M50 Manifold adapter install

                      Then after a LOT of filing and swearing, I installed the shifter linkage. 328i carrier off ebay, Delrin bushings, Z3 1.9 shifter, Turner carrier and Garagistic DSSR.

                      It’s off center, but I think it will do…


                      5th Gear:


                      Then I pulled out the heater core, the PO had bypassed it, I was about to hook it up and just send it assuming he did not have it hooked up because it was in CA and no heat needed, but I dropped him a line and was informed it was leaking. Glad I asked, but don’t want to install intake manifold until it’s done.

                      Trying to figure out the leak, hoping it was not the valve…

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                        Anybody used Bosch 4 hole "DRI" (Deposit Resistant Injector) as an upgrade to OEM? Wondering if it's worth it

                        Surprisingly cannot find anything other than Osidetiger's material


                          wow what an update! If you need em, I've got a set of rebuilt s52 injectors and a brand new heater core that I don't have use for anymore.

                          Are those underdrive pulleys or just fancy blue pulleys?
                          1984 Delphin 318i 2 door


                            Originally posted by wworm View Post
                            wow what an update! If you need em, I've got a set of rebuilt s52 injectors and a brand new heater core that I don't have use for anymore.

                            Are those underdrive pulleys or just fancy blue pulleys?

                            Thanks, I found a new Behr from FCP for $50 shipped on sale and I may end up rethinking injectors and go for 24lb and 3.5" MAF, need to see if Markert could send me a tune to upload using Simon3.

                            Pulleys are underdrive pulleys from UUC, came on the motor.


                              Slow progress as I have been gone for a bit.

                              Mounted up the Spahl pusher (30102048) and gasket:

                              Need to track down an 82C fan switch.

                              Although there was no obvious leak, I suspected the heater valve may be close as there was some crud visible between the seam, so I drilled out the rivets and inspected, now i just need to find a good o-ring (the ones i have are thicker, but may work)


                                Taking a break from heater core as reinstalled everything only to find i had the valve installed backwards This put the plug in interference and pressure on another plug under the dash, installed ok, but it's bugging me, so I am going to have to pull it all back out and spin the valve 180 degrees so i don't have brittle plastic pushing against each other long-term.

                                Otherwise, I got to hooking up power steering, just need to figure out the bends on one line or make my own

                                I will say, the Chase Bays high pressure hose length was not as tailored in length as I expected going off the photos and the fact that it's specifically for a 24v E30 with an E36 rack...