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    Originally posted by Echo30V View Post
    Great job. Keep on keepin on. That Touring was certainly ridden hard and put away wet, glad to see you breathing life back into it.
    yes, hardest "66,588km" I've ever seen!
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      Wow you are not kidding 36K miles and it's that bad? What city of urea did that live in? That seems to be the demise of cool cars in Germany now is the liquid road treatment they have been using over the last 15 years or so.

      So where you at now Wright Patterson vicinity? How are you liking it?


        Im purchasing a mosconi dsp pretty soon... its a little pricey but out of all the dsps on the market its likey going to work the best on my system. Im going back to the stock infared head unit which is why Im using a dsp in the first place! Hope that helps a little!
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          Originally posted by wworm View Post
          Im always pretty impressed with what a little wipe down detail can do. Hope the fam gets back in good health along with that touring!

          Hm. That’s not a “little wipe down”. Taking care of old red paint is hard work, and bringing old red paint back to life is even harder.