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    Cleaned up my brakes

    Before and After



    4 New 205/45s are on the way


      Looking good, good call on caliper refresh and 5 lug at the same time.
      You'll love the diamond spokes, I know I did.
      '85 Alpine WeiŖ 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


        great job as always, keep it up


          The car is now 100% rolling on 5 studs all around, and the brakes clear.

          I'll soon be on my 3rd front driver's side caliper, as the bleeder screw snapped within my replacement one. I'll need to buy ANOTHER this weekend.

          I also did a truly silly thing and ordered a new (genuine) Alpina front valance from the fasherland this weekend.

          It probably won't work too well with how low the car will be, but it'll be nice to have.


            Typ 162 cowcatcher
            Best e30 look bar none
            Great taste you have


              Picked up a Tech 1 spoiler to compliment the Alpina 162

              I'm also now sitting pretty on nice new 195/45s

              I've also begun cutting out a nasty rust spot on the scuttle panel that stemmed from the front fender rubbing through the paint. Amazing how problem spots grow.

              I'll remove the windshield and sort it out once I get a test drive under my belt.

              As my garage is small, I don't have the space to warrant having an engine hoist sitting around. This is how one ends up installing a CD009 solo without a lift.

              With the gearbox now in, and the shifter nicely situated within the e30's interior trim, I'm begun buttoning up the engine "permanently".

              I should have it all wired/plumbed this weekend.


                We are definitely twinning! What mounts did you go with, Freed?


                  Originally posted by formyhealth View Post
                  We are definitely twinning! What mounts did you go with, Freed?


                    Originally posted by e30mclow View Post


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                      that picture of the rust under the driver fender is giving me anxiety. I know I have rust there (that I can see) and I'm unsure just how bad it is. I don't want to take off my fender and have it collapse on itself like that...


                        That is a common rust spot on e30s... the early ones are particularly prone to it. e21s also rust in that spot by the windscreen.
                        My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                          Noises! Sounds just like a Toyota should.

                          I jammed an intercooler elbow into the open downpipe, then stuck every exhaust box I have in line behind it.
                          This way it is quieter than the S4 and nobody will complain while I tinker

                          That is idle with no adjustment for the larger injectors, as it is all wired straight into the ECU without the Apexi AFC.

                          In the interest of maintaining pointless expenditure into the latter part of the fiscal year, I've bought a very rare heckblende (new in the box).

                          Dropping off some driveshaft parts today to get the thing mobile. After measuring dozens of times and looking at options, I don't think that a single piece driveshaft will clear, so I'm going with a modified front half. We'll see how it works out.


                            your post inspired me to remove my fender and check out rust spots. I didn't have rust before, but now I have the rusts because I looked. The spot you had to repair, mine cleaned up really well, but the bottom of the fender where the jack stand positions was completely rusted through... so that's fun. I'm grateful mine isn't as bad as yours though. Great work! thanks for the inspirations!


                              Made some progress this weekend, but Iím light on photographic evidence.

                              I removed the Nissan external slave cylinder from the gearbox and re-tapped it to suit the BMW e30 braided clutch line. I didnít have a suitable tap, so I made one from a stainless steel bolt. I think it was M10 1.25. With that done, I now have a clutch thatís ready to be bled.

                              Continuing the theme of bleeding systems, I made yet another run to the scrap yard and finally found an e46 325i front LHS caliper. Having repainted it and rebuilt it with new pistons + seals, it is now on the car with a pair of new Stoptech e46 braided lines. I used my Garagistic braided e30 front hoses on the back.

                              The final piece of the brake puzzle is finding a reservoir that fits the VW 17mm master cylinder. Coincidentally, the spigots on the e30 reservoir line up perfectly, albeit the incorrect diameter. I had an early model reservoir that is at an angle as opposed to straight, so it gives me a little more room between it and the intake manifold. I'll reshape the spigots and it should all work nicely.

                              Another task as finding a suitable throttle cable. Some rummaging around proved that a Toyota Camry cruise control cable was the perfect length. While under the dash installing it, I also installed Garagistic solid throttle pedal bushings, which gets rid of all of the slop that so many e30s suffer from.
                              With that done, and the power steering reservoir all connected and filled, I filled up the coolant system for the first time. I made a rudimentary pressure tested using an old cap and a valve which highlighted 2 small leaks at the heater matrix connections. Those fixed, I was able to run the car for 10-15 mins and watch the temp gauge + thermostat working. Knowing that those 2 components were good, I then began wiring up the electric fan to work off a thermostatic switch. I quickly got bored of that, and began tightening up all of the nuts and bolts that Iíve touched, working from back to front on the car.

                              I also made some adjustable stoppers to position the intercooler appropriately away from the radiator. I'll change the bolts as I need more adjustment.


                                great work!