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Brilliant Red 1991 325i coupe

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  • freeride53
    Oh dear. This is getting very sexy very quickly.

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  • connorb850
    Thanks for the comments! I've updated the original post with current mods, maintenance items done & pending.

    Unboxed the wheels today...

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  • TAC
    Awesome car! Brilliantrot late model coupes are beautiful when clean.

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  • TFJR
    That is a gorgeous car! Best of luck with it, Connor. She is stunning. I love a brilliant red late model.

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  • Codym42
    Wow, what a beautiful car! It's nice to see another local on here.

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  • DatUtahGuy
    That is pretty, brilliantrot is my fav color

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  • Staszek
    Cant wait to see where this goes.

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  • connorb850
    Originally posted by 2mAn View Post
    Car looks wonderful!

    Whats coming up?
    The major stuff on this car is pretty solid, but it needs a ton of small fixes. I've got a list going and will update the post with specifics when I have more time.

    My goal is to take things to the next level cosmetically and mechanically, and keep an OEM+ theme for some additional upgrades.

    ...speaking of, some boxes arrived from the U.K this morning :D

    Originally posted by ATL_E30 View Post
    Very nice! I'm currently stashing most of my E30 parts up at my parents in Gainesville and spend a good bit of time up there!
    Cool...I'll probably see you around at some point then. I saw your build thread, and may get in touch for some feedback on the local shop you used for rust repair. I have a feeling most places are going to turn me away because I only need very minor repairs.

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  • ATL_E30
    Very nice! I'm currently stashing most of my E30 parts up at my parents in Gainesville and spend a good bit of time up there!

    Ditto what 2mAn said, whats next?

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  • 2mAn
    Car looks wonderful!

    Whats coming up?

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  • connorb850
    started a topic Brilliant Red 1991 325i coupe

    Brilliant Red 1991 325i coupe

    I’ve been a forum member for awhile, and have casually considered purchasing an E30 for years. About four months ago, I finally had the opportunity to drive one for the first time. It wasn’t the greatest example, but I knew within a few minutes behind the wheel that it was time to get serious about this. So I sought out to find a nice late model six cylinder coupe. I had a good budget and was willing to travel, but I’m very picky about condition and color preferences, so this wasn’t an easy task. I got pretty serious about purchasing two different cars, but they both sold quickly before I could close the deal.

    During a nationwide Craigslist search last month, I came across a promising 91 325i just after it was listed. The ad was well written, the color combo was right, and the car featured some nice upgrades and recent maintenance. It was located in Massachusetts, but had spent most its life in the south. I really wanted an E30 with good original paint, but this car reportedly had a glass out/trim off respray several years back. It appeared to be a quality job based on the many photos I was sent, and body panels were all original. The asking price seemed almost too low (and WAY under budget!) but I had good vibes from the seller, so I took some risk and pulled the trigger.

    Production Info:
    Date: 1991-02-14
    Type - 325I (USA)
    Series - E30
    Body Type - LIM
    Steering - LHD
    Engine - M20
    Displacement - 2.50
    Power - 125kw / 170hp
    Drive - HECK
    Transmission - Automatic (swapped to manual mid-2018)
    Colour - Brilliantrot (308)
    Upholstery - Black Leather (0203)

    S240A Leather Steering Wheel
    S286A BMW LA Wheel BMW Styling
    S401A Sunroof Electric
    S410A Window Lifts Electric Front
    S530A Air Conditioning
    S540A Cruise Control
    S556A Outdoor Temperature Indicator
    S675A Rear Audio System
    S925A DummySALAPA

    I was originally going to have the car shipped, but decided it would be cheaper and more fun to fly in and drive home. While eagerly awaiting pickup date, I was able to track down the original forum build thread, which detailed some of the restoration work from three owners prior to me: (

    The seller met me at the airport, and first impressions of the car were good. The paint was presentable, the drivetrain was strong, and even the A/C worked. Heading south, I decided to stop and see the Connecticut coastline.

    Stopped at a friend’s place in NJ for a closer look under the car. Some minor issues noted, but nothing significant.

    Headed south again, I spent a couple days in Virginia at my parent’s place. Dad and I completed the timing belt service, valve adjustment, and some other miscellaneous work.

    During further inspection, I noticed these plugs on both front foot wells were loose, basically exposing the inside of the car to the elements. I pulled the seats to take a peek under the carpets, and fortunately found no hidden rust.

    The plugs were reinstalled with seam seller, then undercoated.

    On my way to Georgia, I stopped to take a couple photos at the BMW Zentrum facility in Greer, SC.

    Finally home, about 1200 miles from where the journey started. Temporary housing squeezed in the garage until I have the driveway to my basement shop redone…

    During the initial cleanup, I decided to do something about the trim around all the glass, which was caked with dried polishing compound and wax residue. During the process..

    The only rust I have encountered (so far) is limited to an area under the trunk seal, and the common spot under the battery.

    A couple photos after quick clean up

    Changes from Stock:

    Transmission swap to 5-speed Getrag 260
    Z3 1.9 shifter, Garagistic DSSR, Delrin shifter & rear carrier bushings
    4.10 limited slip differential
    SSSquid Stage 1 chip
    MagnaFlow 16535 stainless steel cat-back exhaust system
    Red46 front skid plate
    E36 steering rack
    Ground Control complete coilover suspension
    OE M3 offset front control arm bushings
    Suspension Techniques 22 mm front sway bar (stock rear bar)
    Garagistic front strut bar
    "iS" front lip
    Shadowline trim
    Autobahn Black Ceramic 40% window tint
    15x7.5" Ronal LS wheels
    Kenwood head unit with aftermarket speakers
    Radio antenna delete
    Atiwe leather steering wheel
    Aluminum gauge cluster rings
    E36 illuminated window switches
    E36 leather e-brake handle
    M-Tech leather shift knob
    StitchedWheels leather shift & e-brake boot
    German Engineering keyless entry
    4300K HID low beams with U.S. Ellipsoid/projector headlights and Euro grilles
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