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$1500 convertible shell... what do you think?

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    Get the cab! Put a roll bar in it if your worried about rollin' over. Stiffen it up with the right suspension and you'll love it, especially with your powerplant.

    I know there is flex and additional weight in the cab, but the way I see it is with the top down, other than the windshield, everything is below the belt line. My car feels flat & low on freeway ramps to me.


      Frank. I will give my first born for your motor if you ever want to let it go. and my legs, a man can always do good with an extra set of legs. haha


        go cabby man...I support you!

        hellaflush x driftunit


          I really don't know why you want a cab. IMO they are so bleh...and I've owned one. Going from a cab to a coupe was the best thing ever. I guarantee you'll miss the hardtop in no time.


            I'm not doing a cabby, don't worry guys. spur of the moment thread. sorry
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              you guys just don't get how awesome verts are

              refer to sig for exhibit A.

              i got a clean one that runs for $2600. paying $1500 for just a chassis seems kinda steep to me.
              Originally posted by u3b3rg33k
              If you ever sell that car, tell me first. I want to be the first to not be able to afford it.