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Attended my first road course event...

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  • BDSax
    where was my ride? shit aint fair yo!

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  • Erick
    started a topic Attended my first road course event...

    Attended my first road course event...

    ....we were drifting it though. :p Craziest event of my life. I was getting all the way to the top of 3rd gear on a 2.93 rear end and at no point at the track was anyone sliding under 40mph (or you simply would not have the speed to carry though with the drifts. Had my first accident, plowing through a tire barrier at 30mph+ and the car somehow came out alive and kept sliding. <3 e30s.

    More pictures to come later!

    - Erick

    PS: I'd also like to thank again everyone who donated some cash for me to be able to slide. To those who wanted stickers, I never sent them out because every time I look at my PM box and e-mail there's easily over 100 messages in both boxes and sorting through who wants the sticker and who doesnt is tough. So if you guys can make it easier and PM me now I'll make sure I send those out. :)
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