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1984 323i MT1 Bavarian Money Waster

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    Quick update:

    Wiper motor was not dead, the control module in the fuse box is bad. After cleaning the prongs with sand paper and a few jiggles the wipers are working.

    Thankfully I tested the new motor before removing the old one and it would not turn on and then it turned on but would not turn off at all with the car on. I only had to remove the cover behind the intake manifold to find out so no harm done.

    I realized that I don’t actually have wiper blades so I have to pick up some new ones and then the car is ready for inspection and the road!
    1988 325iX - sold but not forgotten
    1984 MTech1 323i


      So at this point the interior is probably 93.5% done with only the things like coat hooks and dome lights remaining. I was able to fix an issue with the sunroof headliner not sliding all the way forward

      I also went to get the car inspected now that the wipers were fixed. I failed for no reverse lights… There was nothing hooked up to the connector under the shift boot and when I crawled under the car there were no wires at all. I tested the switch itself and it was not functional at all. I ordered a new wire and reverse switch and hooked them up.

      Since my shifter is body mounted I drilled a small hole in the body for the wire. I cut off the connecter and then fed it through and reconnected it to the connector. I put in a small grommet and then heat shrinked the new connectors.

      Removing and installing the reverse switch is a real PITA. There is no room to work in the tunnel and to what I had on hand wouldn’t work. On the left didn’t work, the middle would have worked if it was shorter in overall length - could have cut it in half, and the s wrench ended up being the big winner! $17 at harbor freight

      Connecter location buried deep in the bowels of the tunnel directly above the fill plug

      Old and new

      You can barely see it but the new connecter in and wires hooked up then fed up and pulled through the body.

      Tested the reverse light and success!

      I also installed all the trunk carpeting and the tool kit

      Also decided to pull the trigger on a new muffler, went with the magnaflow 1 in 2 out to fill the mtech valence because it looks a little silly now

      Finally I got the rain gutter trim installed and gave the car a much needed wash. Still needs to be polished but it really looks good in person

      Next up will be the new muffler, an axle boot replacement, valve adjustment, and maybe a trip to the dyno to get some numbers. It’s really running great since I replaced the c101 connecter and it really rips on the road.
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      1988 325iX - sold but not forgotten
      1984 MTech1 323i


        Been a while!

        A few small car updates and a major life update ---

        Got the valve timing adjusted and muffler swapped at Highline Motorsports, guys there are awesome, they do only BMWs (mostly later model stuff). Exhaust looks way better now with the double outlet, its a little quieter but overall has the same sound - which I love.

        I did the brakes and replaced the wheel studs with with OEM wheel lugs so I can put the center caps on, and it looks way better now

        After that I went on a couple of cruises to break in the brakes --

        I knew the passenger side rear outer CV boot was ripped, but it looked like the drivers was wonky as well. I decided to replaced the axles instead of trying to rebuild the outer boots. Not too bad replacing them, and they were pretty rough.

        Then went for a cruise to make sure it was all good

        Since then I got married at the beginning of October and just got back from the honeymoon in Hawaii. Finally able to get in some nice fall driving. Also realized that every picture I take of the car is always from the same angle since I always take them while walking away...

        Excited to get some more driving in and hopefully take some decent pictures. Really need to man up and get the side skirts on!
        1988 325iX - sold but not forgotten
        1984 MTech1 323i


          Hi Patrick,

          Congrats on your marriage! All the best to you and your now better half;-)

          Great job with the car! I am really glad she ended up in your hands. Looking forward to the finale & pictures…

          Best regards,



            More Pics from the car of the month shoot (!

            First time trying to take quality photos, was really pleased with how they came out!

            This is after a full wash, clay and polish, then sealed and waxed. I wish everyone could feel how soft and buttery the paint feels.

            Should be going into storage soon for the winter, maybe some day the side skirts will go on. It just feels so horrible to think about drilling into this car. Definitely should have done that before paint...

            1988 325iX - sold but not forgotten
            1984 MTech1 323i


              Great work! Really like the artistic shots at the end!