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    Originally posted by DEV0 E30 View Post

    It is pretty full. I had forgotten about the pump o-ring. I think tourings still have the access panel like most, but I've not checked since owning this. Another area to check and probably just replace to for sure. Thank you.
    I'm sure there is an access panel. I just don't know how to pull up the carpet to get to it.


      Beautiful touring, the colour really makes it! Following for updates.

      How is the rust situation under the car? Reason I ask is that my EVAP line to the charcoal canister was rusted through. This was my main source of fuel smell when parked inside. It was still available new and pre-bent from BMW in 2018.

      FWIW I changed all the hardlines and soft lines, and haven't smelt fuel since. Still using the original EVAP canister and purge valve with my M52 swap and standalone ECU.


        Thanks for the idea Panici, the car is rust free and very clean underneath.
        I've searched high and low but still haven't found the source - going to hopefully get the carpet up and check the top of the fuel tank this weekend.


        Maintenance parts have been slowly arriving for fuel lines, fuel filter, etc.
        I don't want to put to much money towards the M40b18 since I'd love it gone sooner rather than later...
        ... but figured I should erase the possibility that any of the rubber fuel injector o-rings or lines are the cause in the engine bay or elsewhere.

        I should be receiving more replacement parts by Friday, so I'm hoping I can find some time this weekend to search more for the leak and replace anything it could be.


        But what's this? Extra struts?


        And other stuff has arrived. Full Airlift 3P setup for E30s. Spare struts above are already being cut and airlift struts welded on.

        Tank and compressors arrive tomorrow. Hoping to fit it all in the spare tire well to not lose the practicality of this being a touring and all.

        Would love to get all of the suspension parts powder-coated and freshened up before they go on the car.

        Still need to get new hubs/bearings and trying to decide what else will happen at the same time... buggbrakes? no buggbrakes?

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          Ooo excited to see the airlift stuff go on!
          Always thought air suspension would be a good match to a touring.


            Sub'd love the Touring!
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