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'91 m30 swapped 318i- Ownership Log

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    '91 m30 swapped 318i- Ownership Log

    It's been a couple years in the making, but I think I've finally found my "keeper" e30. Since selling my long-term owned, full-caged e30 track car in 2019 I've been bouncing around the idea of "building" another e30. To be truthful, I've already bought and sold (3) separate e30's in various states of disrepair or "build" with the idea that I could dedicate the time/money/attention to another project e30 like I used to and that's just not the case (for now :)). High pressure job, KIDS, time consuming hobbies, lack of garage, etc etc... Nonetheless, I've still been keeping an eye on marketplace and the classifieds here and about a month ago I saw this necro-bump from wildstoats on a for sale thread that was started in 2017:

    Coincidently, the first swap I ever performed on my aforementioned long-term owned 325is was an m30 swap back in 2008-2009 and I had really fond memories of the road manners on that car- I reached out immediately. Brian gave me the run down, super honest assessment and I could tell from the build thread, for sale ad and talking to him that the car was well put together for the price. I'd never been to Pittsburgh before and it was actually on my list of places I wanted to check out so I convinced my girlfriend it was a sound plan, borrowed a super nice Featherlite trailer from my buddy, loaded up the dog and headed north.

    When in Pittsburgh- the incline rail first thing in the AM is a must

    Met bright and early, agreed to buy and loaded up the car

    Rolled back to the hotel and realized that Uber/Lyft was not a great option in Pittsburgh, so I unloaded the car and drove it around town for the rest of the day. Had a pretty awesome time hooning my newly purchased e30 around a new city, and had perfect weather for NO A/C- girlfriend didn't even complain

    Long road trip home - Trailer was awesome, GX460 was struggling with the weight + hills. I had to manual shift it to keep it in the powerband and plan ahead for the uphills... Ended up averaging about 9.5mpg on the 7hr drive back to Charlotte.

    Once I got the car home, I started sorting through the massive spares package that came with it. First order of business was swapping out the beat up/bent valance for the spare valance, and installing some fog light blanks and ebay iS lip. Big improvement to the overall look.

    Next, installed my bike rack and dropped the car off at my preferred exhaust shop locally to re-do the rear section of the exhaust. The car currently has single 2.5" from the downpipe back, with a 2.5" bullet style resonator and Vibrant 1047 rear muffler

    Favorite thing so far about the car is the wheels. The e38 style 5 re-drills have never really been on my radar before but the Spinfab re-drill with the modified RS style hex/waffle is such a nice setup.

    That really gets us up to current day. I've been daily-ing the car for the last week, giving my W212 E63 a much needed rest. Don't really have any big plans for this car in the short term aside from cleaning up the interior by installing parts that were included, and maybe swapping seats around a bit. Just trying to enjoy day-to-day e30 life once again and see what I feel like doing with this thing. Planning to use this thread to log progress as we go.
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    Yes!!! This car was a killer deal. I sent it to so many buddies, glad it ended up in good hands.

    Feel good to be back in an M30 car?

    I still need to send you photos of these brake ducts.
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      Coming full circle and back in a M30 car... poetry
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        Seems like if you're still around you never left, or went full circle. Excited to see whats next!

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          Yeah I don't think I ever really was "gone", but I definitely went to far down the rabbit hole with the track car to the point that I couldn't enjoy it on a daily basis and didn't have the time to get to the track as much as I wanted to... A common occurrence when people build track only cars, I'm sure. Kinda needed to just get into another car that I could drive whenever, wherever and really enjoy true e30 ownership again without the slog of a massive project on the front end. Really decided it was time to pull the trigger on something when a good friend came up to visit for a MTB weekend and brought his 318is- I drove that thing around a bit and it reminded me how fun a "basic" e30 can be, then the m30 car popped back up on here around the same time.

          The m30 is great. Fast enough to be fun, and slow enough where you can really hammer on it around town without being dangerous. As I mentioned above, my other car is a W212 E63 and it's just too fast and loud to really enjoy around town. I could see myself getting away from the m30b34 sometime in the future, but for now I'm just going to enjoy it.
          - '88 m54 coupe



            Snapped another e30-with-bike pic last night when I was waiting for my friend to arrive @ trailhead.

            Lighting was perfect to capture the paint condition, the car definitely has original paint all around with typical BMW micro-cracking/clearcoat failure. Not going to do anything with this in the short term, it actually looks pretty good when not in direct sunlight

            Decided to dig into the front section of the exhaust this afternoon. I've got a bit of a leak that I can hear/smell and also some contact towards to front section. All of this was easy to identify once I got the car up in the air, and I'll have to go back to the exhaust shop next week to get this sorted. Good news is, the exhaust overall looks pretty good- never know what to expect on swap cars

            B35 manifolds and downpipes, ceramic coated

            Blowout at the top section of the 2 to 1 collector from the B35 downpipes to rear section. I think I'm gonna have this re-made

            Also found out a little more detail on the GC setup. Looks like an older full Ground Control setup, shortened housings with race plates, 450/650... But before they were powdercoating housings. Also has GC spherical RSM's. Interesting to see helper springs in the rear as well- I've never seen that before.

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            - '88 m54 coupe