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I Can haz $300.00 e30 M3....

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    I Can haz $300.00 e30 M3....

    Some of you have probably heard of this car/seen it if your on bimmerforums. But I figured I would post it over here finally. This will be a monster post compiled of all my updates since ive had the car.

    The first day I saw the car....My friends buddy had it sitting in his driveway for 4 or so years...I asked for a price, he replied with "uuhhh ill give it to you for 300 dollars" was mine in less than a half hour hahaha

    So I finally got the chance to clean her up today heres how it started...


    Drivers side clean, rear still dirty....Drivers door is black primer with some surface rust :( (Note: thing on rear quarter is a falling leaf)

    Back Clean

    Front clean

    Passenger Side Front clean

    Rear Quarter before!

    Rear quarter after

    Interior is banging cracks in the dash...seats are pretty damn good

    Rear seats nicer than my e36
    The guy wants his recaro and bike rack back...still gotta say for three hundred bucks... DDDDAAAMMMMNNNN

    So nothing really as been going on with car due to my schedule, weather and money flow...seeing as my barn doesnt have heat....I was shopping around with what money I had on for things I needed. When I came across something I didnt really need but wanted and was way too good of a deal to pass up....they arent in the best of shape but have potential and for $50 dollars more than what i payed for the car c'mon who wouldnt have. Time to do some work....Wouldnt really call this a full update but whatever

    ahh memorial i spent most my day at the beach with some friends but i got home at five and decided to do the unthinkable!

    I uncovered the car!! OMGz. seeing as i only had about three hours before the sun went down i decided to tackle some minor stuff that needed taking care of. The bill of sale states that i must give the previous owner his recaro seat and bike rack back. The rack is off so i decided id finally take his seat out.

    The seat i wish i could keep it.

    Pain in the ass bracket..random ass crap i found under the seat...No i was not using the adjustable pliers on the bolts/nuts :rolleyes
    Next I decided to tackle all the surface rust on the drivers side door and take care of it before it grew into a major problem.

    Large amount of surface rust....only bad part of the body besides the fender infront of it which is also seen in the picture...bondo'd up and such

    partially through the sanding process

    Beginning to tape everything off....i couldnt find any paper around my garage so i had to go a little crazy with the painters tape...whatever it seems to be the bimmerforum way

    Painters tape crazyness.....cant really talk crap on it...worked extremely well. After this was done I finished sanding and cleaned the door off to insure the paint would stick

    After spraying the door with about two coats...i ran out of light after i pulled the tape but it looks alot better than it did and im pretty darn sure i stopped that nasty rust.
    I know this may seem like some ghetto work but I was trying to do anything crazy just stop the rust process...My dad owns a sandblasting cabinet so i plan on breaking down my BBS RSs and working on them a little until something comes through with the blown S52 and 79 trans ams im trying to sell. Next weekend I plan on scrubbing down the engine bay with degreaser and removing components I will no longer need and whatever other little crap i can find to do.

    Finally drug my ass outside and did some stuff to the car to prepare it for the s50. I dont plan on running AC so i took all that out along with the s14 oil cooler. If anyone needs any of the stuff i pulled off let me know

    Took the bumper off which was a joke it was two nuts

    The bumper is absolutely ravaged and has bondo slapped onto it all over the place...replacement one is definitely going on my list...I plan on getring the M stripes painte on the new one though I really like that...

    got everything out of the way...grills etc

    Gotta love people who rig cars...thats how the oil cooler was partially held on

    e30 m3 nom om nom nom.....Condensor and everything removed

    Box of crap I took out of the engine bay so far...

    Did some more work today cause the weather was alright...about 45 degrees..
    Worked on taking the engine harness and ECU out and also powerwashed the engine bay

    What I started with engine harness in car...dirty engine bay

    Another dirty engine shot

    Garage shot while I was working on the car....yeah theres a fleet at my house

    Bill of sale proving the 300.00 sale of the car :D

    Working on getting the glovebox out

    Glovebox out

    ECU in car

    ECU out of car

    Where wires go through the firewall for the engine harness

    Dirty engine bay without the engine harness

    Harness with ECU out of car

    Bout to do some work to the engine bay

    Passenger side clean

    Drivers side clean

    Whole engine bay alot cleaner
    woke up and had about an hour and a half to work on the car so I decided to take the power steering crap out and work on some of the rust.

    All the power steering junk

    All removed

    pretty sure this is the fuel filter...whatever it is, is keeping it thought incase i need it

    The rack and everything was extremely caked with you can see

    so i pulled the pressure washer out again and got as much off as I could

    Some of the rust im dealing with in the engine bay

    What I used to removee the surface rust. I forgot to take a picture of everything stripped :rolleyes

    Quick coat of primer just to make sure it doesnt do it again. Was'nt really worried about overspray in that area...plan on repaint the whole engin bay and I just wiped the paint off the subframe while it was wet

    Another shot of the rust repair

    Took a trip out to visit my buddy at PSU Harrisburg and his buddy powdercoated the centers for my BBS RS's.....they came out looking really good

    what they will look like...kind of im going to use gold bolts and of course polish the lip
    The pictures dont give them much can actually see reflections on the wheels
    Walked into my room from work to this

    Opened it up and then remembered I ordered this

    Brand new 325ix brake that the S50 will fit nicely...pretty cheap to I believe I payed 115 shipped.

    Its too cold for me to even touch the damn thing...Its heart breaking for sure.
    But I have been spending some money on things I dont necessarily need for the car but were too good of deals to pass up. I will probably send the car to paint first so I picked up an EVO style wing.

    Also just picked this up yesterday was local and cheap so I HAD to pick it up...Needs to be stripped and resprayed but its so worth it.

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      Quite a deal. Mechanical condition?

      [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


        Got a little bored this weekend and figured I start getting the interior to where I want it. The rear pop out window seals are leaking so the carpet has to come out anyway and I have to take the rear seats out and such for the cage. Pretty boring stuff but about all I can do for now.

        Rear seats pretty mint...but they gotta really going for a sick street car that looks like it was born at the track

        Both front seats out... the passenger seat had so much crap under it. I need to source myself some race seats now and a nicer/smaller momo wheel.

        Rear seat removed, with some underlayment still on the metal

        Bare metal with side panels pulled off...I found some rust in the passenger fender well which doesnt make me too happy..but it could be worse
        I was really close to getting rid of my other project car, which would yield the money for the S50 swap, but the guy got cold feet....Wasnt to happy bout that

        Alright so the car finally found its way into my garage and into the hands of someone that can make patch panels. I suck with metal work and welding so I had to call in some help from my buddy Josh, who works for a place that restores Maseratis. He has most of the pictures of the original rust hole and such, that im going to try and get from him asap. Luckily this is behind the side skirt so it doesnt have to be that good looking on the eyes. The biggest concern is the rust on the cowl, I have a feeling the more we uncover on it the worse its going to get :(. I still dont have an engine and its pissing me off. My e36 m3 is going up for sale soon to fund the project seeing as I picked up an 89 325is. Heres some stupid pictures:

        Sorry for the lack of progress, but unlike some people on this board...I dont have a money tree in my backyard

        I finally got some pictures from Josh of the original rust hole in the quarter panel.

        More to come whenever Josh makes his way back over here...We're both swamped between work/school plus after im done work I do side work on cars at my house also

        Josh can over today with some roughly made panels and better cardboard for templates to patch up this hole. Hard to take pictures of what hes doing cause hes all up in the wheel well. Hopefully tomorrow we will be tac'in some panels into place.

        Finally some progress...this feels great...

        Diff out of a 528e....LSD to replace the open 4:10...i have to make a franken diff out of it...but it was free!

        Rear bumper got pulled...and revealed alot more work that needs to be done :rolleyes

        All just rotting under the rear bumper...

        Inside the drivers side rear wheel well..more custom fab work weee!

        Josh cleaned up the area to start welding the panels he fabed up in...they line up perfect and are awesome (he has pics of the fitment that ill get him to send me... He started to weld and couldnt draw enough power due to my moms ceramic kiln which was drawing all the power in my barn so the welding will have to wait for another day

        Well we got some free time today and the kiln was off so we had the power needed to weld the new panels in.

        The inner wheel well part getting tac'ed in

        Josh Grinding down his welds

        Finished product

        More fun

        Josh came over and started on the really bad stuff under the rear bumper.

        Its all cut out...hes been back a couple of times to make the panel perfect...welding should begin sometime this week
        I also picked up a new toy to aid in the restoration

        Its a mobile media blaster...That can use baking soda. Its going to be awesome for just stripping the trailing arms and any other things I want to clean up on the car.
        My first victim for the blaster was the cage I picked up

        This is approx. 2 minutes into blasting...this thing honestly works wonders hah
        After stripping it, I threw a coat of primer onto the cage...It is painted black now but I havent taken a picture yet.

        Got bored one night and decided to started to attack the sound deadening..lucky the car is so old I could barely hit it with a torch and it would scrape right up

        I plan on finishing up getting the sound deadening out and then figuring out what im going to do with the interior (paint wise)...then the cage should go in along with some corbeaus that ive been eyeing up

        GOT SOME WORK DONE TODAY ALSO (The gut monster attacked me)

        Stripped the trunk out...this is how it should stay

        SHITLOAD of wiring that im taking out from this stupid sub,10 disc cd player, and amp. This is just from the drivers side...

        all this bullshit wiring on the passenger side for handsfree cell phone and a speaker for it and such...the guy who owned this before me was such a goon :shifty

        Back completely gutted...Im not going to have rear speakers but its whatever....any suggestions on how to clean the whole back and what kind of paint to use to redo it?

        All the crap from the trunk.....You can see the cage in its newly painted state

        Most Recent patch panel (This week 8/8/09)

        Next up in my plan is to rebuild the WHOLE rear if someone could point me in the direction of a thread showing how it comes out that would be amazing


          Originally posted by parkerbink View Post
          Quite a deal. Mechanical condition?
          No driveline except the diff


            Damn you lucky son of a bitch! I have been searching for so long now. Great find!

            One stop shopping for NEW, USED and EURO PARTS!


              I am 100% subscribing to this thread. lots and lots of photos please!!!


                Great that you are rescuing her. Keep up the good work.

                [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                  Originally posted by parkerbink View Post
                  Great that you are rescuing her. Keep up the good work.
                  +1 and keep it S14 powered


                    Originally posted by parkerbink View Post
                    Great that you are rescuing her. Keep up the good work.
                    Its already been too years...progress was no existent the first year...the past couple months have been the start of work. My new job has provided me with new funds and motivation haha....I just got a lift and home so the car will get pushed over to that and all the suspension and subframes will be removed so the undercoating can be removed and redone with a por-15 product


                      Originally posted by YAN-3 View Post
                      +1 and keep it S14 powered
                      I have no idea were the original motor is but im sorry to let you down but the plan is a boosted s50


                        Badass! Keep up the work!


                          - Chris
                          Project M42 - 255 @ 19 psi


                            awesome work

                            [B]ORDER PARTS-


                              nice! good work!

                              89 Alpine White e30 325i