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My 1988 325i Convertable (RIP)

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    My 1988 325i Convertable (RIP)


    Car is r3vd. :( That being said... part out thread soon.

    As most of you know I have a bronzit 325iC. I got the car from my cousin and I have had to do some maintenance on the car over the years. One of the major maintenance projects last year was a new driveline and some transmission work. I should have gotten a manual transmission at that point, but I didn't think of it at the time. Fast forward to 2012, a month ago (in May), my torque converter decides to go out on the freeway causing my car to over r3v and blow a headgasket, causing damage to pistons and all sorts of fun stuff in the lower end of the longblock. So as of June 6th, the swap has been successful. I have a new motor and 5-speed transmission.

    Here are a list of mods I have so far:
    • e36 center console
    • Custom fitted es front lip.
    • HID's
    • Dinan Chip
    • KA Motors Cold Air Intake
    • m50 Injectors
    • 5-speed swap
    • Engine Swap (replaced my broken m20 with a working one)
    • Touch up paint job until I can respray the car
    • LED Conversion for exterior lights
    • e36 Window Switches
    • Rear Headrests added (verts usually didn't come stock with rear headrests)

    Mods In Progress (being installed / worked on):
    • Style 5's (Getting repainted. Debating whether to fill n drill or buy adapters)
    • Magnaflow Exhaust being installed with custom flanges (bolt-on) for easy removal of exhaust. Not for test pipes. ;)

    Future Mods / Upgrades / Repairs:
    1. Fixing / Upgrading Engine Related Stuff or anything else that is broken.
    2. New Exhaust and Headers (keeping current CAT)
    3. New Suspension (Possibly Coilovers and 5-Lug Swap)
      Note: If I am doing the 5-lug swap, I am just going to save up and update / fix every thing under the car.
    4. New Wheels (Style 5's Preferred)
    5. Fixing / Cleaning Interior (Includes Refurbished Seats, etc...)
    6. IS Body Kit or other cool looking BMW kit.
      Note: Basically just need cool sideskirts and a rear valence / lip. In the meantime, I'm probably going to keep my ES Valence on the front for now with my divingboards.
      But I might just get euro bumpers later and use a valence that works well with that setup.
    7. Paint (Keeping it Bronzit :D)



    Random Photos:


    YouTube Madness (Videos):

    +1, subscribe, do all that stuff. 8)

    New Videos:

    New Magnaflow Exhaust Installed:

    LED Mod:

    Old Videos:

    Performance Chip w/ stock engine (12-5-11):

    Just posted a video of my engine removal timelapse:

    The car lives again!


    Future Vehicles


    Only if those were street legal, lol.

    But in all seriousness, probably going to get a shark / 6-series / M6 / 635CSI after my convertible build is finished. After that I would like to save up for an E30 M3.
    Last edited by turge; 05-18-2013, 02:28 AM. Reason: r3v'd :(

    nice!!she looks tidy
    1986 325e ( baur project)
    1986 535i e28

    1990 325i touring (sold)
    1990 mk2 golf (sold)
    1983 e28 525 (sold)

    love my old girls


      looks just like the 88 vert I just picked up except my is lip is bronzit.
      1988 325ic Bronzit Metallic.
      1987 325issold
      1987 325es Lemons
      1984 533i 135k R.I.P
      1998 subaru legacy GTsold


        Welcome aboard! Pix of the zx when you get it. :up:



          Looks just like my friends, minus his gold basketweaves.

          1991 BMW 318i (Old Shell RIP, Now Being Re-shelled & Reborn)
          1983 Peugeot 505 STI
          1992 Volvo 240 Wagon
          2009 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport 4WD


            Looks like mine when I first got it minus the lights and lower valance
            I need your obd1 parts! Harness intake ecu etc.

            E30 Your Daily Money Pit


              I know where you got the lower valance from, Chula Vista Ecology off of Energy Way. Delphin ETA. That was mine =\

              88' BMW 325i
              Bavauto springs
              Billy HD front/KYB rears
              Varrstoen V3 15x9 et25 10mm up front and 8mm rears.


                damn another bronzit cabrio... right on.


                  Thanks all!

                  Originally posted by dirk619 View Post
                  I know where you got the lower valance from, Chula Vista Ecology off of Energy Way. Delphin ETA. That was mine =\
                  Was it the one with the two cracks on the side of the lip? I got it from the end of the BMW section next to the ramp that goes down to the van section.


                    Clean, excellent starting point...
                    Winner - Best Engine, Bimmercruise 2010
                    Runner Up - e30 Wild Category, Bimmercruise 2010
                    Winner - Best Cabrio, Trillium @ Tedfest 2011
                    Winner - e30 Wild Category, Bimmercruise 2011
                    My car in Berlin Klassic promo video


                      Congrats! Welcome to bmw's


                        I thought I'd bump this thread from the dead. Just got a Bosch 173 ECU with a Dinan Performance Chip. I'll be getting the KA-Motors intake this week, just waiting on it to ship.

                        Performance Chip in action:


                          Welcome to e30s:) looks clean

                          Originally posted by turge View Post
                          This is my daily driver until I can afford a hardtop manual e30
                          same here. That or swap my tranny to manual. cause it is nice rollin with the top down in the summer:)


                            bump. Got a new intake.


                              bump for updates:

                              resprayed the damaged area of my car and got new 17.5# injectors.