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yahh's 1986 325e S50+Recaro+BBS RS

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    progress. good.
    E30 buildy things


      Thanks man!

      Tore the M3 down completely the past two days. The temps went over 60 so we did work.

      Started Last night by removing the dash and all heating/cooling bits.

      Then we stripped out the ENTIRE interior.

      The windshield had a crack in it so we had some fun and took out some stress :)

      With EVERYTHING stripped down to the frame we had to dispose of the shell. So we got out the sawzall and a few metal blades and went to town.

      Front Clip Removed

      Half of the roof removed

      Rest of the roof cut off

      Roof + Strut Towers

      Firewall removed

      Almost done

      All Loaded up and off to the Steel Recycling place. Last time anyone will own this car! Sad to see her go but hopefully the german gods will watch over her :P

      s50 86 325e Project

      S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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        How much do you think you're gonna get for the scrap steel?
        E30 buildy things


          I thought it was going to be around $150 but it was only $72.50. Better than nothing and now its not taking up space.

          s50 86 325e Project

          S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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            How the fuck did you cut a microwave out of an E36?


              Originally posted by JCarp90 View Post
              How the fuck did you cut a microwave out of an E36?

              E36s had microwaves as an optional extra.
              You're telling me you've never done the e36 to e30 microwave swap??
              E30 buildy things


                ^ haha. Anyway Centric Rotors and Hawk HPS Pads came in. Also sent out the retrofit parts to a buddy which should be done in about 3 weeks or so.

                Focus is way off but oh well.

                s50 86 325e Project

                S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                  24V skid plate came in yesterday.

                  Also picked up this Early Hartge Strut bar for $30.

                  s50 86 325e Project

                  S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                    Vibrant catch can came in today. Got it for $35 brand new from a guy that didn't use it on his track car. :)


                    This is how I hope the bay will look like minus the two things I have crossed off in red.

                    Here is a picture of the RS' :)

                    Planning on going with flat dark gray centers + polished lips.


                    Finally the driveshaft is here .

                    Looks straight and true, no dents/bends

                    Guibo is here too.


                    Gauge pod came in. Laser cut from cold steel and covered in vinyl to match the interior. Will be running AFR, Oil Pressure, and not sure what the 3rd will be unless I go turbo :).


                    Today was a BIG day :)

                    Lights came in from Mr. Stewart, thank you sir ;). They will be my favorite part of the car alongside the BBS Rs'.

                    Quick shots before it got dark.

                    Something else also came in. 10k fronts and 14k rears with 5" springs.

                    Getting excited. Almost have all the parts. Still need some small things like:
                    -Caliper rebuild kits and brass bushings for them
                    -Fog Light Lenses
                    -Lips for the RS + Tires
                    -Camber and Toe kits for the rear
                    -Reinforce the subframe + strut area + control arms


                    Felt motivated and got some work done today, motor is going in tomorrow.

                    Just put the wheels on to see how they look and I can't wait to refinish these ;)

                    Jacked up, wheels removed, and tie rods seperated.

                    Steering Rack Removed

                    Steering Knuckle removed to be modified
                    Original :


                    Brake Booster getting modified-
                    First I took a grinder to the metal passed the threads to reduce its diameter so it could be threaded to 10x1.5.

                    Threaded - not 100% perfect, but it will do.

                    Motor setup so I can remove the oil pan without putting it on a stand.

                    Oil Drained

                    I'm so relieved now that I removed the oil pan. Everything is CLEAN and tight.

                    Old Rear sump on the bottom and new front sump from a 5 series up top.

                    That's where I stopped for the night. Need to tack weld the oil pump nut tomorrow so it doesn't back off, then put the oil pan on. Power wash the bay one more time to wash the rack and drop the motor in as well as the brake booster.


                    Here's the custom bracket we made for the oil dipstick tube, looks oem :)

                    Tranny mounts installed and guibo replaced

                    Stainless Steel Clutch line installed.

                    Delrin shifter carrier bushing installed.

                    Punched 4 dimples to make sure it doesn't back out the rear at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock.

                    Almost in!

                    Tightening the motor mounts down! (Friend decided to take a picture of me because he said it looks like i'm never doing anything :P )


                    Also, I placed an order with ECS Tuning for a few parts.

                    Also, ordered a 90* 3" coupler and 3" straight coupler as well as 4 T-Bolt clamps and a 3" filter.


                    Exhaust parts ordered.

                    2 1/2" Stainless tubing will come from a local company here in Richmond.

                    Getting closer!

                    s50 86 325e Project

                    S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                      Need help,

                      Originally posted by yahh View Post
                      Here's my pinout from the adapter i'm using compared to a chart I have that is supposed to work for a 86 325e/s

                      1 - 25 Good Alternator
                      4 - 12 Good Coolant Temp
                      5 - 23 Good Oil Pressure
                      6 - 22 Not Connected Diag Power?
                      7 - 21 Good Ignition Switch
                      8 - 24 Not Connected Fuel Rate 8 Missing on e30 side, 24 on e36 side goes to A plug w/ 20
                      9 - 20 Not Connected Engine Speed 9 Missing on e30 side, 20 goes w/ 24 to A plug
                      10?? ???? 10 goes to a plug with 2 - Both e30 side
                      11 - 19 Good Diag Connector
                      12 - 8 Good Check Engine Light
                      13 - 13 Good Fuel Pump Relay
                      14 - 14 Not Connected Oil Level Fault Set 14 Missing on e30 side, unused e36 side
                      15 - 15 Not Connected Starter Motor 15 Missing on e30 side, unused e36 side
                      16 - 17 Not Connected Diag Connector Available on both sides, both unused
                      18 - 18 Good Starter


                      Originally posted by yahh View Post
                      Can't hear the fuel pump prime or the relay click, but im used to my walboro 255 which is LOUD. I have 3 grounds, i belive. Alternator, one on the engine mount, and 1 at the battery tray (ecu I believe). Car cranks every time without a problem but there is now fuel. I've tried taking the line off to see if it will shoot out fuel without success. Does it have to have vacuum ( connected to the rail ) to pressurize and prime?

                      s50 86 325e Project

                      S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                        Intake parts that came in yesterday:

                        Vibrant Muffler

                        Spal Fan came in today.

                        Spal Gasket and Attachment Brackets.

                        Parts pile is getting huge. You can see the Mishimoto box in the back, the core is HUGE. Need to put some more work in, but can't really do anything until my ECS Tuning shipment get here because of the waterpump pulley.

                        Shipment from ECS Tuning came in today. Only waiting on a few more things now :)

                        2.5 " Stainless Steel V-Bands

                        Diff/Axle Seals

                        Shifter Bushing

                        OEM E- Brake Springs + Fermi Shoes

                        ECS Aluminum water pump pulley

                        Rotor Screws

                        ATE Super Blue

                        Rear Diff cover gasket - Didn't know it was paper, might just create a gasket instead.

                        Its so damn cold outside fuuuuuuuuuu-. Tomorrow its supposed to snow, fml. Anyway got a few small things done.

                        Water pump pulley installed with blue locktite.

                        Removed the old intake box bracket, still need to grind it smoother(had a cutting blade on the grinder, too lazy to change it .)

                        Put the "custom" intake together.

                        I also,

                        -made a bracket for the throttle cable because I didn't like how the one they use bends the cable. I'll take a picture of that tomorrow when the paint dries.

                        -connected all the coolant lines together under the intake manifold

                        Exhaust parts came in today. Mmmmm stainless :)

                        Borla XS - Will be used as a center muffler

                        Innovate Water Temp Gauge

                        Spent about 2 hours outside tonight and got a little done.

                        Here's the bracket that we made for the throttle cable.

                        A Gromet sits inside the washer nice and tight, but most importantly there is no strain on the cable as it's at the same height as the throttle body.

                        Mishimoto Boot came in. I had to get it as opposed to my regular 90* because it has the bung's for the ICV and valve cover breather.

                        Test Fitted the overkill radiator

                        Clearance :/ (there's about an inch or more, looks a lot worse in the picures :ninja2:)

                        Intake assembled and installed

                        Also, test fit the spal fan and figured out how to mount it as well as where I'm going to mount the overflow for the radiator.

                        Also ordered a water temp hose adapter from Joey @ JMAuto for the coolant temp gauge.


                        Can't get enough of this :)

                        Front of radiator + Fan

                        New tires came in General AS-03


                        Morimoto Coolant Temp Housing for the sensor. Thanks again Joey!

                        s50 86 325e Project

                        S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                          Spent the majority of today wiring the front end.

                          -Removed all A/C wires
                          -Updated turn signals and running lights to late model
                          -Wired up smileys
                          -Installed entire front end
                          -Installed radiator + Hoses
                          -Wired + Installed fog lights

                          Radiator on + Lights installed

                          Entire front end pretty much done

                          Ordered Coolant, new center support bearing, and shift carrier from ECS.

                          Low Temperature/Fan Switch from Pelican.

                          Nokya Yellow H3 Bulbs from Amazon for the Fogs.

                          Still need to:

                          -Tail Lights
                          -Rear Windows

                          *Mod rear bumper to fit

                          *Install Driveshaft

                          *Make exhaust


                          Cleaned up some more wires and ended up with this:

                          Then I realized the grills were dirty so I cleaned them up nicely.

                          Then I realized how out of place the chrome grills look, so I painted them SEM Trim Black.

                          Lights :) Thanks again Jon!

                          Sorry for the low quality pictures, Didn't realize photoshop was saving them as "4" quality :(


                          Got a few parts in on friday and installed a few this morning.

                          80* Fan Switch

                          Adapter for oil pressure gauge

                          Nokya 2500 fog light bulbs

                          Finally got the foglights working after a bit of trouble.

                          Heading to a wedding today so I won't be able to get much else done :/

                          s50 86 325e Project

                          S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                            Spent about 2 hours today swapping back to the stock brakes/wheels on the 3G then dug a little into the E30.

                            Got another shipment from my friends over at ECS today.

                            Meyle HD Driveshaft Center Bushing

                            OEM Coolant

                            New OEM shifter carrier - I broke the old one :) oops

                            Lemforder OE LCA's

                            Started by pulling the passenger side front suspension.

                            Old struts + springs

                            BC Coils :)

                            Getting the new bushing started then used the vice to get it all the way in.

                            Lollipop back in and installed along with the new LCA.

                            UUC SS Brake Line installed

                            Then called it a night for now. Front coils should be going on tomorrow :)


                            Teaser ;)

                            4-18-13 Doing the passenger side brakes.

                            All done :) Just need to adjust the coil-over height once I get the wheels ready.

                            This looks much better.


                            Driver side done.

                            Windows back in.

                            Waiting on a few parts tomorrow to tie up some loose ends.

                            Does anyone have any 0 gauge wire laying around?


                            Exhaust Manifolds are here.

                            Deka 20xl Battery is also here. Starts the car fine :yesway:


                            Pretty productive morning.

                            Brass SAE Posts Came in.

                            Mounted them on the battery and used some of my girlfriends red fingernail polish to mark the + Red.

                            Got the Tires removed form the BBS RS (except one, bead wouldn't budge, so I will cut it off.

                            Wheel lips for the rear also finally made it from germany.

                            As well as some 1/4 Height center caps

                            1/4 Height

                            VS Full Height

                            Then I took off the old exhaust manifolds.

                            Thats it for now. Tomorrow I'm heading to NJ to pick up an engine for a buddy.

                            s50 86 325e Project

                            S50 - BBS - Recaro - BC Coilovers - Morimoto H1 Retrofit

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                              Sweet progress!


                                Thats a crazy amount of stuff all at once! Nice project