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Scum class 318 + Mtech + vortech v2 + unicorns - vortech + Turrrrbo

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    Scum class 318 + Mtech + vortech v2 + unicorns - vortech + Turrrrbo

    Hi, just wanted to post up my work in progress, been working on this car for a while, I work slow and pay great attention to the little stuff, the pictures aren't necessarily in order

    I'm not very good at taking pictures while I work, so this is a bit of a jumble
    hopefully future posts won't be so lame

    the car that inspired the build, hope you don't mind

    The car when I first got it chrome rimz yo!

    car didn't have a HVAC unit, DD needs A/C in california summer so the dash and everything had to come out!

    Reconditioned unit from the junkyard is in

    a cool picture

    ST 22/19mm sway bars, Aluminum m3 control arms, THR eyeball arms

    AKG Shifter installed, reaaaaaally nice piece of metal

    s52 prepped for the car, I don't have any pics but I replaced nearly
    every rubber o-ring and gasket on the engine. Did a full OBD1 conversion for California legality.
    I'm ditching the OBD1 headers though

    Swapped out the 4.10 LSD for a 2.79 LSD, don't plan on keeping the s52 N/A for long

    The old diff

    New clutch, went with ebay flywheel and OEM e36 m3 clutch

    Swap day.. with the help of my Brother and Pop we got the engine in, vivek also showed up for a bit to watch
    don't worry, there won't be any M badges on this 318

    Hooray instagay filters!

    Bought a full mtech1 kit with euro bumpers for 400 bucks

    It was like christmas when they arrived :D

    Bought some wheels too

    Wheels mounted with adapters in front, the rear will be converted to true 5-lug
    using e36 hubs, e36 328 convertible rear vented rotors, e32 750iL brakes
    The front will be converted to 5-lug in the future, but that's not in the budget for now

    I had to set the camber plates to the max setting, mad tyte stance yo

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    moving on..

    I knew they wouldn't fit, but I mounted the rears with adapters just for fun.
    About 3 degrees of camber
    This is why the rear will be true 5 lug, no adapters.

    A nice shot of the cramped workspace, which has already resulted in a nice dent from shit falling off the walls

    Another shot

    The engine bay.. a work in progress

    Shot of the interior in its current state

    The above NRG steering wheel came with a hub, but didn't have the contact ring for the horn to function, so i MacGyver'd it like so

    I also managed to break the sprung contact that rides on the contact ring, so I macgyver'd that too,
    imagine if macgyver had access to JB weld

    I want functioning A/C so I modified an aftermarket A/C condenser to fit the massive 16" SPAL pusher fan, macgyverin' and swangin'

    A little mock-up of the condenser, fan and oil cooler, It'll all just about squeeze behind the kidneys

    Since the car is an early 318, it has m10 specific radiator mounts, same as the e30 m3. So I had to make some taller radiator mounts.. Dare I say it?

    This is all for now, the mtech kit and euro bumpers are destined for a respray.
    I'll have brake caliper adapters machined to complete the rear 5-lug

    My goal is to make it to W├╝stefest in vegas this year, in just over 100 days
    more to come
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      Cool! :)


        Wow I wasn't expecting a build this nice! Good work.

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          Cool project.
          Projects Hartge,Alpina & AC Schnitzer Builds.

          DSC04926 by Raul Salinas, on FlickrDSC03413 by Raul Salinas, on Flickr


            400 dollar mtech kit. Why. How. Tell me.

            Also dang nice project.
            cars beep boop


              this build is so awesome, great score on the mtechs
              Delphin '87 325i Vert


                Originally posted by kronus View Post
                400 dollar mtech kit. Why. How. Tell me.

                Also dang nice project.
                yes please tell!


                  little update..

                  I finished mounting the radiator, again the early 318 has an m10 specific radiator support, and I had to cut slots to fit the late model style radiator bracket, should have bought a 325!!

                  I went to fit the lower radiator hose, the e34 hose I had was a couple centimeters too short, so I went to NAPA and bought another longer hose
                  I failed.. and cut it too short also, gotta get another one

                  I moved to the interior and wired up the radio, and the amp in the trunk..

                  for those interested in car audio, this is the radio I'll be using, fits nicely with the surroundings.. oldschool!

                  For speakers I'll run some old 5" Sansui's up front and 6" Pioneer's in the rear deck, I'll also be running a custom lukebox with a 10" sub, but that's last on the list after the car is street ready

                  here's the hose I cut a centimeter too short.. anyone want a free hose?

                  400 dollar mtech kit. Why. How. Tell me.
                  I bought it from a guy in the UK, mtech stuff is dirt cheap since like every 1/3 e30s has it, got it shipped to the states by boat

                  my brother recorded the mandatory "first start" vid

                  hopefully another bigger update tomorrow
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                    Originally posted by pandaboo911 View Post
                    vivek also showed up for a bit to watch
                    I distinctly remember going under the car and at least pretending to do something. But the build's looking great, I didn't quite realize all the cool little parts that you've gotten (m3 CA's and such), or that you plan to go FI soon.
                    The first car I ever rode in was an e30

                    Originally posted by Cabriolet
                    Wish you the best and hope you don't remember anything after 10pm.

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                    2002 540i/6 Black/Black
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                      awesome build! gotta see it in person sometime!

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                        this thread is epic.


                          This... This is purdy...

                          Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
                          Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.


                            Originally posted by Vivek View Post
                            I distinctly remember going under the car and at least pretending to do something.
                            Ok maybe I didn't give you enough credit :D

                            I worked a bit on the car, got side tracked on the weekend.
                            Got my cluster all finished up though, added a small speedo

                            Dropped the euro bumpers off to get sandblasted aswell, I'm going to paint match them
                            I think chrome looks bad on delphin
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                              looks sick so far!!!