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'86 2.7i - Euro Hartge Mtech Content

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    '86 2.7i - Euro Hartge Mtech Content

    Been in and out of various e30s for years and figured it was time for a thread.

    1986 325es, bought from a member here on r3v. Going 2.7i with Myster E performance cylinder head. Building for future boost.

    Original for sale thread -

    I was super psyched that it came with the euro bumpers and rare Hartge front apron. It also came with its fair share of issues. Before I even started taking build pictures I put some work.

    Immediate issues were as follows, sorry guys no pics of this stuff:

    -Horrible noise form front suspension due to incorrectly installed coil overs.
    -Replaced binding drive shaft with a rebuilt from Portland Drivelines
    -Replace whining rear diff with a 3:23 LSD from an MZ3
    -Replaced screaming blower motor with a used unit from Bavarian Auto Recycling
    -Replaced worn swaybar links
    -Replaced all adjusters in mangled euro ellipsoids smiles ($ from the dealer!)

    All that got her driving and livable as a daily, which I fully intend this to be until I go boost.

    First thing was first, tore out the interior for a good carpet cleaning, it was quite nasty but turned out great. Tuff Stuff and Resolve carpet cleaner FTW.

    Next on the list was fixing the crapped out odometer with some fresh gears. Complete with ballin' ass red needles of course.

    The old gears were literally mush, like soft to the touch.

    Then I decided to attack they terrible stereo install job. Car didn't come with any trunk carpeting or panels.......but did come with these super rare Nakamichi PA 300 amps!! Sold one but still have one if anyone is interested shoot me a PM.


    After: (scored some trunk panels from a fellow r3v memeber!) I also installed a Planet Audio 5 channel for future LukeBox install (not pictured)

    Next up was sorting the front suspension. One of the previous owners installed a ground control conversion kit and had the top hats on upside down!! Cause the whole assembly to bind while turning an mad awful noises. I also had my buddy help cut and grind the spring perches to get more lows:


    After modifying housing perches: (I like the way it sits. It doesn't look that low but I scrape sometimes as is so I don't want to go any lower)

    Then had the nasty ass rusty battery tray repaired. Glad I have some friends in the industry...


    After: (yes I know the tow hook is still bent)
    I have a brandy new OEM Mtech 1 rear apron ready to go on as well. Thinking about filling in the ridges at the bottom to better match the Hartge Front

    So now that its bearable to drive and sitting at a respectable ride height, I decided the next logical thing to do would be start gathering some parts for a full 2.7i motronic 1.3 conversion.......with Mister E performance cylinder head of course!

    I won't be seeing the Myster E head for at least another I decided to make use of the down time

    Whats a r3v build without a painted valve cover and intake?

    I'm using some m50 injectors that I scored off of F34r (great seller), gave them a quick rebuild too while waiting.....

    Well thats it for now, I'll post some more pics when I get the chance. Cant wait to get my cylinder head and start the build!!

    Next update should be the install of the Mtech 1 rear apron, then hopefully the engine build.


    -Side skirts......still undecided on what kind but open to all
    -Mtech 1 rear spoiler
    -Leather shift boot
    -Houndstooth Interior
    -3 spoke Alpina Steering wheel
    -BBS RS in need of repair or refinish
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    Oh and here is a current interior pic after getting rid of the tacky shift knob and ebrake handle, as well as dying the passenger front seat (haven't gotten around the drivers yet). Looking for a houndstooth interior to put in.

    Threw in a M shift knob and leather ebrake boot. Still need a matching shift boot.


      Love the Zender apron!


        Originally posted by JCarp90 View Post
        Love the Zender apron!
        Thanks! Its actually a Hargte


          Haven't had a chance to do much lately as I've been waiting for parts to come in, finally have most of the stuff I need. I'm always forgetting one or two small things that I have to order. I really want to have 100% of what I need when I start the swap, but we all know it never works out that way.

          No real action here, just a parts hoarding post.

          My latest aquisitions:

          -Ebay headers. These came as recommended to me from a few r3v members. Price was good and the flanges are true and mocked up with a nice tight fit against the cylinder head. Look nice too! For now I will connect these with single 2.5" piping all the way back to a 1 in 2 out magnaflow. Other suggestions on exhaust setup are welcome. I've decided that turbo is at least a year off.

          Refurbished AFM from Greg at Bavarian restoration. Greg is a great guy to do business with. Each unit he ships comes with printed tests of each unit and they look great too. I really wanted to go Miller MAF but my budget is getting a little out of hand so this will do for now. This combined with my freshly rebuilt m50 injectors and 93 Octane matching MarkD chip that I picked up should really have me running good.

          And without further ado, the Myster-E performance head finally came. What you get for the price here cant be beat. Valves adjusted and ready to go. There's a reason why he's booked out till next month folks. Can't comment on the performance until I install, but initial inspection looks good and it was packaged very well.

          And of course 7k rpm tach. Just need to paint the needle red. I'll certainly be needing this!

          In other news, my driver side front fender suffered a casualty of the lows. My own fault for not rolling the fenders. I even have a fender roller sitting on my bench. Lesson learned. I had this fender recently redone too. Oh well.

          Thats all for now fellas. I should have some time to throw this together in the next week or two, hopefully followed by some dyno numbers. I'm not expecting much but I will be admittedly disappointed with anything below 150whp. I'm also thinking I may need to swap out my 3.23lsd for a 3.73lsd. If anyone has one thats not haggard, please hit me up.


            nice build! ive got an Mtech 1 kit as well as a 2.7i waiting to get built/go into my Eta, so this is motivational!

            Out of intrest would you mind me asking how much the refurbed AFM was? sounds like a great option instead of dicking around with an old unknown one.
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              Originally posted by XW70 View Post
              nice build! ive got an Mtech 1 kit as well as a 2.7i waiting to get built/go into my Eta, so this is motivational!

              Out of intrest would you mind me asking how much the refurbed AFM was? sounds like a great option instead of dicking around with an old unknown one.

              I actually made a trade for the refurb AFM, I forget how much he sells them for. There is a thread around here somewhere though.


                Very nice build so far! Cant wait to see more! I think i have those same ebay headers, if they are 2 piece and are 3 to 1 on each piece... i had to mangle the shit out fo mine with a hammer to fit lol
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                  I cannot wait till have have MT1 of my own.
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                    Originally posted by red325ix View Post
                    Thanks! Its actually a Hargte

                    Love it regardless. Keep up the good work!


                      Been a while but I finally got around to the 2.7i swap this weekend with the help of a few friends. Here is a few pics from the afternoon. Got it done in about five hours. It went well with zero road blocks along the way. Thats a first for me haha.

                      The fuel rail that I aquired (thought is was off a late model??) did not fit with the later style fuel injector harness. I had to modify the harness by cutting away some plastic then resealing it. The nipple for the fuel line was hitting the solid harness. Does the later model rail not have the nipple here??

                      Modified a bit to fit, and yes I resealed it to keep moisture/fuel out -

                      Started to disassemble old ETA head and remove harness -

                      Head ready to go on -

                      Boom! Love how you can preassemble everything on an e30 and slam it right in.

                      Headers on.....Ebay long fitment issues at all.

                      Just about all sealed up....

                      and done.

                      Technically it didn't fire up on the first start because my dumb ass forgot to take the cap fittings off the new plugs. As soon as I got that sorted it fired right up and starting idling mint. I haven't really gotten a chance to drive it other than around the block because its open header right now and insanely loud - although it did seem to be a little sluggish on aggressive throttle so I'm sure I've got some sorting to do.

                      Next up is fitting my Mtech 1 rear apron! That update coming soon.


                        Car looks great man. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to ditch my diving boards for euros.


                          car looks fantastic!
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                            Very nice build. Looks just like mine did till I scrapped the Spectre.

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                              Originally posted by Gary Horneck View Post
                              Very nice build. Looks just like mine did till I scrapped the Spectre.
                              Yeah the cone filter is a temporary solution until I figure out what I want to do. I plan on running an MAF maybe with KAmotors intake or make my own set up but this will have to do for now.

                              Are you running stock air box?

                              TIP: I ended up using the discarded support bracket from my old ETA intake manifold to support the AFM. Bolted right into the side of it then to the chassis.