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MF42 Turbo. FS :/

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    ahh, gotcha ^^

    Not much of an update but I pulled the turbo old turbo off. Never again will I buy a turbo with a 5 bolt dp flange.. Called AGP turbo and they said the oil feed on my turbo is a 1/4" npt. So I bought one and it isn't a 1/4"npt... problem #1. I read somewhere that BW uses bpt for their turbos. Anyone know?

    Bimmerworld sent me the wrong control arm bushings and sway bar links for the e46.. again. problem #2.

    And I made a big order from pelican for everything to service the e39. New vanos seals, vc gasket, chain tensioner, TCC solenoid, trans filter aaaaaaand i forgot the pan gasket for the trans...

    And every package ive received recently has been beat to shit.




        Dat torque!

        M42 turbo build.


          Oh shit.


            thats actually on the e39. sorry, shoulve said that. the m42 is wayyyyyy cleaner than that!

            Im glad I got it on the lift because I was about to take the car on a 300 mile trip this weekend. It idled and drove smooth though. lol


              Kool... I love torque, and my m42 sure doesn't do that. :(

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              Originally posted by roguetoaster
              Be sure to remind them that the M42 is one of the best engines ever made, but be sure to not mention where it actually falls on that list.


                Neither does mine :p The old guy I bought the e39 from said he put it in a ditch once so im guessing that had something to do with it.

                Still need to switch the downpipe to v band. Something like four weeks left in the semester. This thing will drive again by January. or at least before the tags expire..


                  Excited to hear how this turbo works out for you :)

                  M42 on VEMS


                    Cool build. In for this.
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                    24V swap thread


                      updates? I like that Borg

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                        No updates.. Finals are next week so i'll have more free time soon. Expect everything to be ready for tuning somewhere around mid January.


                          Pretty busy weekend. Went to put the front end parts on the e46 and bimmerworld sent me two passenger control arms. This is the THIRD time they have fucked up on this ONE order. Not pleased. But one corner of the car has new stuff.


                          New shocks and struts for the e39. All four were completely dead. Didnt bother making it look pretty because I live in the sand dunes and it wouldnt be clean for more than a few days.

                          Buffed headlights. Need to pick up some 2000 grit and do it again

                          on teh 30. Ran the line for meth. Need to connect the line from pump to the check valve and find a bung for the injector.

                          Downpipe cut and ready to be welded. Uncle said he'd tig it so thats good.

                          The weather has gotten shitty and I cant get a ticket until June or I could loose my CDL so ive decided to change a few more things while the cars torn apart.

                          Oh, one more project. What can you buy for $215? This.

                          A 94 318is with 236k miles. One fender is already pulled and the drivers door handle is shaved lol. The plan:
                          - drive it till the m42 shits out
                          - toss a small block in it
                          - pull the other fenders and maybe some corvette wheels
                          - never replace the missing kidney

                          more pics later.


                            Your work intrigues me.

                            I lime everything.

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                              Ready to start. I have three wires to connect. Two for the EBC and one for the meth. Plus the two bolts you see missing from my coils


                                + the oil feed

                                '73 2002 m20 turbo [sold] '87 rat rod 325is [couch modded] '91 vert [daily] '88 325is [spec build v1] '84 325 [spec build v2] '99 323i vert [sold]