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    After 5 years of wanting a classic 80's car, I've finally lucked into a 1987 325.
    After "finishing" my last project, a semi-slammed aircooled bug, and by finishing I mean not wanting to spend anymore money on it, I put it up for sale.

    About the BMW. I had been checking craigslist just about every 5 hours for E/21/28/30's for the last three months. I was definitely on the hunt after deciding to sell the bug. I found a couple decent candidates but they quickly fell through. On a Friday, around 2PM, I caught sight of an ad with one photo, of what looked to be a solid undamaged and rustless E30. For super cheap I might add because of an alleged busted transmission. Wouldn't move, wouldn't do anything. By 4PM I had showed up at the sellers house to look at the car. 15 minutes later, I shook his hand and said I'd take it.

    My dad owns a towing service. The following Monday, he shows up to pick up the car. Starts it up, puts it in reverse, and it goes in gear. Backs it up onto his truck and hauls it to our shop. Pulls it off the truck and drives it around, going through all the gears. I give you the "busted" transmission.

    Earlier that month, my workplace had setup an NCAA bracket contest. 84 people submitted a bracket, including myself. The final four teams come about and at this point I have completely forgot about basketball because I couldn't care less. I don't even watch basketball. The guy running the thing comes up to me and says, "Man, your in 1st place dude." I say, "Say wha?"

    Apparently, It pays to pick the teams with the lowest seed winning every matchup. The final game happens and the combined score is 131. If it would have been 132, I would not have won due to a tiebreaker deal. So long story short, I had just payed for my BMW through a workplace bracket contest.

    I wont reveal many details yet, Its not exactly ready. Ill keep you posted. You might even catch some things on my instagram: @oprahhwinfreyy

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    Looks great in the pictures... One hell of a deal on how you paid for it too!
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      You tease.
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        Here are some before photos of the interior. Tomorrow, I plan on stripping it all out and cleaning the carpets, seats, panels, trim. Everything.


          Welcome, looks like a nice start.
          I can't wait to see what you do with it.


            Wow looks great great photos going to follow you on instagram, cant wait to see what comes of this E30 love Royalblau!
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            DSC_1725 by Matthew Johnson, on Flickr


              Yesterday and today were dedicated to interior cleaning. Pulled out the seats and center console as well as the carpet and side panels.

              Scrubbed all the plastic trim with soapy water and a magic eraser.

              On the carpet I used a carpet cleaner called Resolve which comes in an aerosol can. Then they were pressure washed and hung to dry over night. They were absolutely disgusting to begin with.

              Then onto the interior panels which were had to clean. Still actually have some stain/discoloring on them.



              Ended Up Looking Pretty Good.

              Tomorrow Will be dedicated to a full exterior detail.
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                awesome transformation so far on the interior, but pics dont need to be so big dude ...

                royalblau e30s are hard to come by


                  Originally posted by 5Toes View Post
                  awesome transformation so far on the interior, but pics dont need to be so big dude ...

                  royalblau e30s are hard to come by
                  i know. usually forums auto resize but it didn't for some reason. my first pics were full size like 4000x2000 something.. idk.


                    Backed the car out today. Washed with Meguiars Gold Class. Claybarred with Meguairs quick detailer.

                    Used a $20 walmart buffer with Meguairs Compound.

                    Girlfriend Snapped a couple pics.

                    Finished up with some Meguiars Ultimate Wax

                    Cleaned up pretty well. Still a bunch of little nicks but it at least feels clean.

                    Next weekend is for cleaning door jams, and refinishing some black trim pieces, Along with installing some new stuff.


                      Fantastic color. :up:

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                        Wow, looks really good. My first car was a 1987 Royalblau also, but I managed to wrap mine around a tree. Hope you won't do the same.


                          What did you use to clean the door cards and seats? They look amazing!
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                            Nice work!


                              Originally posted by sk_latigre View Post
                              What did you use to clean the door cards and seats? They look amazing!
                              I used a mixture of Windex, a new magic eraser, soapy water, and a damp rag.
                              I would spray with windex and let it soak for a couple seconds, then took the magic eraser and scrub. Then the rag and soapy water to wipe clean. It took a while to get even one of them done. Im still not completely finished. Im going to clean them about once every car wash. More of that black stuff comes out each time.

                              Originally posted by CorvallisBMW View Post
                              Nice work!
                              thanks homie