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    Charbel got the car done and it’s amazing. I have some work to do with the body kit and getting new hardware/mounting. It’s typical 80s fitment. I’ll get some good photos once everything back together. I’m going to wet sand in a few weeks.

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    84 318i M10 Zender


      Car is mostly put back together. Have to do the trim pieces, mount rear valance better. The Zender plastic tabs aren’t available so I’m looking for different ways to mount. Motor still needs work and there is a table full of parts.

      Does anyone know of a 5 bolt pattern e30 steering wheel hub? Or if there is a universal one that has been successful?

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      OBD1 S52 E36 Compact
      84 318i M10 Zender


        Painted the engine bay at home, as I originally had not planned on doing it, but with the car back from paint it seemed necessary. PS pump is also rebuilt. Finishing cleaning up the hardware and sourcing new. I'm hoping someone in Detroit area can re zinc or I can just try myself. I need also get the front and rear window chrome. As the stock yellow is pretty brittle.

        I know the amp/sub combo are low quality and just carries the name. But 4 5.25" weren't going to cut it and the tiny alternator couldn't push the DB Drive 10" that was in the box. Got some Depos as stock is gross for lighting. Will be using Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0LED bulbs.

        Does any one recommend a good body adhesive? BMW has their own lineup but I think Lord Fusor also has something good. I'm hoping to have the motor in by the holiday time.

        Thanks for the help all. Enjoy the weekend!

        OBD1 S52 E36 Compact
        84 318i M10 Zender


          Engine progress continues, accessories are bolted back on. Next will the be intake bolted on. Ordered most of the lines but some are NLA from BMW so I will have to make those. Morimoto 2 Stroke LEDs for DEPO housing are plug n play. No splicing the factory.

          New fuel tank and hoses/lines arrived. However the Specta fuel pump doesn’t fit into the tank. Is there a trick to getting it in? The c clamps hit the opening. Old pump was original and gross. Does anyone make an aftermarket line that
          Goes in between the 2 tanks or is it easier just to make one?

          Ordered a new coolant flange but only has 2 sensors vs 3. Part #s match per Real OEM. Anyone have any insight?

          While the original plan to make a high HP motor hasn’t come about, this is still a fun motor to mess with. Thank you to the vendors and manufacturers still making parts, makes it so much easier.

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          84 318i M10 Zender


            I love this so much! Good work on that m10, you give me the bug to refresh my own.
            Also, that paint job looks great and the car with the kit on it is definitely something else. Very pleased with what I see, keep doing what you do!
            '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


              Thanks gnmzl. The M10 is nice and simple. Thankfully everything is still easy to find.

              I got a few more things done. Some areas underneath prepped with POR15. Brackets and such cleaned up and ready for paint. New fuel lines and the Chase Bays front to rear brake line kit. No more hard/soft lines. All 1 system and going to be very easy to put together. I also picked up their ground wire kit to eliminate any issues.

              Still many parts to install. The manifold is just on hand tight until I get the correct coolant flange. I was sent one for a carb’d car. There are some coolant lines I am using the silicone hoses for as they are NLA.

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              84 318i M10 Zender


                Got some progress done this weekend. Most of the vacuum lines and all the coolant hoses are hooked up. Some hoses are now NLA so glad eBay still has some. I need to figure out where the vaccum lines all go, but it should be easy enough.

                New alternator to make it visually pleasing. Painting lots of little bits.

                Injectors tested locally and all good! Rebuild kit is cheap and simple.

                Chase Bays front to rear brake like it installed. Make sure to use some washers on the connectors and as I’m on drums there will be some slack.

                The E21 Facebook Forums had the correct coolant flange as the one from ECS was for an E21/E30 Carb'd/

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                84 318i M10 Zender


                  Got some more progress done and the engine in. I believe the harness is wired correctly to the starter and alternator but if anyone can double check please do.

                  I also thought the radio would be easy but the harness was also cut already.

                  Got some fog light covers from Euroclassicparts.

                  Cluster went out to BavRest to be fully overhauled and simple black rings installed. Coming together well and I hope to be driving by end of May.

                  I am still searching for a local company to create the fuel tank connector. Hope to have a few made for the community.

                  Thank you all for the support.

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                  84 318i M10 Zender


                    Looks amazing, great work! All those fresh and shiny bits make me smile!

                    On a side note: I notice your alternator is the type with a rubber bushing instead of a solid one. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe on the type with the rubber bushing, you need to have a ground wire between the alternator and the engine block. On the type with the solid one, it is not needed as the ground is taken from the alternator's cover.

                    Number 6 on the diagram.

                    '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


                      Thanks, I hope to have ready for road trips soon. There is a ground cable on the back that is hard to see.

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                      84 318i M10 Zender


                        Hard to see for sure.
                        Can't wait for seeing this car on the road and in action (road trippin)
                        '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


                          Well with the help of my friend BlueBimma (BFC) the car is running and about 95 percent completed. Thank you R3V community for all the help, suggestions and tutorials to help an amatuer rebuild. There are small things that need addressed still but I took it on an 11 road issue free road trip to Manhattan where it currently resides. So if you see it putzing around say Hi. I still don’t have temp or a correct tach even after the cluster rebuild so I am assuming somewhere between the 2 is an issue. I couldn’t get the temp gauge to have any reading even grounding it out. The nest of new hoses,pump and connectors.

                          Replacing the CSB, dust caps, and centering bushing

                          I prefer the aftermarket radio to any older period correct or that Continental thing.

                          First drive home, nothing like headlights at the ground. Nice 1.5 hour break in.

                          Week of NYC trip reman steering rack pisses everywhere. Unknown mileage one later all is well. Thanks fellow e30 friend.

                          Couldn’t have driven smoother. I prefer my 318Ti chassis but on a smooth road the Bilstein cup kit is fantastic.

                          Driving into Manhattan

                          It's so tiny. (center caps removed since I didn't want them falling off.
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                          84 318i M10 Zender


                            Evening All - Slight update. All is going well with the car. Has a slight issue where the fuel pump is staying on sometimes even after key out. There is either a shot in the fuel relay box or a bad relay itself. Other than that no major issues. The car is I'd say roughly 90 percent complete. There are some interior pieces I'd like to update and replace. The front window trim still needs replaced and possible retrofit the AC. Hopefully when it's back over the winter in storage I'll be able to complete the few misc things. I'll post a rebuild list to recap the build thread. Appreciate all the help this forums gives. Can't wait for more projects

                            1984 318i
                            Repainted Delphin Grau in 2018
                            Full Zender Body kit (no rear spoiler flap)
                            14" BBS RZ in 195/60/14 Falken Azenis RT615
                            Depo Ellipsoids w/ Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 LED
                            BMW Chrome Window trim

                            M10B18 - Resealed/Gasket'd painted in Ford Gray
                            Rebuilt Head w/ valve stem seals, few new rockers and adjustment
                            Supersprint Headers and Bosch universal 02 sensor to Bosal catback
                            Bremi cap/rotor
                            Bosch WR9DC+
                            Ireland Engineering spark plug wires
                            Bosch 80AMP Reman Alternator
                            Bosch Reman Starter
                            Meyle engine mounts
                            Rebuilt OE PS pump with new lines/reservoir
                            All vacuum/intake lines replaced
                            Castrol GTX 10W40/20W50

                            Behr/Hella radiator
                            Meyle water pump
                            All hoses replaced OE/CRP/Uro
                            Coolant flange and few new temp sensors
                            Meistersatz fan clutch
                            Uro fan

                            Resealed Stock Getrag 240
                            Redline MTF
                            Sachs Clutch Kit
                            New pivot pin
                            Meyle Guibo
                            Febi CSB
                            3.45 Open Diff - Mobil 1 75W90
                            Powerflex purple diff bushing
                            Meyle trans mounts
                            Rebuilt stock axles
                            Febi rear wheel bearings

                            Bosch front blanks
                            Pagid Pads
                            Rebuilt Girling calipers
                            Meyle hoses
                            BeckArnley master cylinder
                            Zimmerman drums
                            Febi drum pads
                            BMW rebuild spring kit
                            Meyle cylinder
                            ChaseBays front to rear hardline delete kit

                            Fuel System
                            Specta fuel tank w/ new xfer pipe
                            Bosch external pump
                            Spectra in tank pump
                            BMW OE hard and Gates Barricade soft hoses. All lines replaced
                            Rebuilt and flow tested stock injectors
                            BeckArnley FPR
                            Bosch Filter
                            NOS Purolator charcoal canister

                            Bilstein B12 cup kit
                            Lemforder bushings/control arms/tie rods/mounts all around
                            Rear reinforcement kit

                            BWA wooden wheel
                            BavRest Fully rebuilt cluster with black rings
                            Pioneer MVH-S512BS
                            Rockford Fosgate Punch 5.25 front/rear
                            BlauPunkt GBW10 subwoofer
                            BlauPunkt AMP1501 amp

                            OBD1 S52 E36 Compact
                            84 318i M10 Zender


                              This is awesome! Great trip!

                              Did they patch panel all the rust?

                              Is that a soft brake line from the firewall

                              Curious, what does ZK stand for?



                                Great stuff, love the "so tiny" pic! Also how the headers peek in the pic on the lift. Happy for you, now that you are enjoying your work of labor.
                                '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build