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Project Weißer Regen: 91 318iS Restomod

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    Any progress or update on the chassis, paint & motor? I loved this project.

    Sorry about that moronic teen totalling your previous F10. I've gone through a bad accident and battled insurance companies with a lawyer. I did 3 months of rehab in PT and was out of work for 10 weeks. Not fun - I hope you get every dollar you're asking for.
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      Originally posted by Jordan View Post
      I do plan to leave the front valance untextured. I bought a new one and it doesn't come with any rock guard on it. I've always thought the cars looked weird with a heavily textured valance and a glossly iS lip. Rocker panels and rear valance will keep their texture.

      Big milestone today in getting the car prepped for the undercoating. Any spots still needing attention were cleaned up. All studs wire wheeled to remove old undercoating. All exposed areas hit with green self etching primer, then everything masked off at was sensitive to surface build.

      Mixed up the custom tinted undercoating and sprayed it. 4000ml total was sprayed onto the car for complete coverage.

      All done with first coat, flipped to do second coat:

      Some closeups:

      Overall demasked:

      Inside the paint booth to dry

      What is the name of this undercoating? Maybe you mentioned the name and I missed it but I would like to know what undercoating was used. Is it 1) rubberized? 2) Can it be painted over?


        It is UPOL Raptor truck bed liner, custom tinted. I saved the tint formulation for replication as needed.

        It is not rubberized, its pretty damn hard but still malleable. Its also slick as snot so road grime should wipe off with ease.

        It needs to be sanded to paint over.

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          You'll get a lot of sound deadening from that too.
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            Hey look, updates to share....

            I decided this weekend I wanted to sweat my ass off in my 100 degree garage rebuilding the IHKS unit. The experience was exactly what I anticipated....

            At 27 years old the IHKS unit has seen some stuff, and some things. There are no cabin air filters for these cars with AC so anything and everything that finds its way through the cowl intake vents gets shot through the IHKS box and builds up over time.

            Not just the evapotator and heater cores but a thick layer of grime builds up on everything.

            First up, as removed from the parts car:

            mmm grime

            Splitting the IHKS case open, the top and bottom halves separated.

            Old decrepit foam on the heater core blend door.

            Blown completely apart:

            At this point I put all the plastic parts in a tub of soapy water out in the sun to soak and cook.

            I removed the inlet tank off the 27 year old heater core to get a better look at the sludge and random black foreign debris lodged in the tubes obstructing flow.

            New heater core has black end tanks instead of yellowed.

            Parts soaking were ready and thoroughly scrubbed down then set to dry in the sun, afterwards the top and bottom started to go back together.

            New foam on the heater core blend door, new blower motor, rewrapped harness.

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              What a mess & transformation. Wow.

              [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                I will PayPal you money to make a detailed write up on how to do what you did To your IHKS box. I took mine apart a month ago, and 100% forgot how to put all back together once I accumulated all the parts I needed to refresh it.


                  Very impressive!
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                    No joke. Pun intended.

                    My car came with a spare, I set it on the work bench and decided not to, since there isn't a comprehensive guide to follow.
                    Originally posted by Jokester View Post
                    I will PayPal you money to make a detailed write up on how to do what you did To your IHKS box. I took mine apart a month ago, and 100% forgot how to put all back together once I accumulated all the parts I needed to refresh it.
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                      its probably a good idea to do a write up but its not complicated or difficult to take apart or put together.

                      the replacement parts can get expensive though.
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                        Had I known there would be a significant interest in a write up I would have been glad to make one, but that would require a significant time investment taking things back apart including rivet'd parts and I'm not willing to do that.

                        If someone has any of the interior recycling flaps with the ball cup on them still (not broken off) I'd be willing to purchase. Both of mine as broken and I set them up last night with epoxy to dry overnight. The heat from the exothermic reaction caused them to warp badly and they are now junk :-(

                        A look inside the IHKS through the arpature that passes the evaporator in, heater core blend door CLOSED.

                        Same viewpoint, with blend door open passing air through heater core which loops around the front and then into yo face.

                        Evaporator installed with ample foam surrounding the sealing area to ensure 100% of the precious refrigerated air stays on its intended flight plan.

                        Shiney new evaporator as seen through the main air inlet, heater blower and resistor pack foreground,

                        New R134a expansion valve.

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                          Where are the recycle flaps located?

                          I have a spare unit, but It's in bad shape but, I'll take a look at it for you.
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                            IHKS -> interior heating and cooling system in German?
                            I’ve see IHKS and IHKA
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                              Integrated heating/air conditioning control (IHKS)

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                                can't see any pics :/

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