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    This week I got the heater core, and valve out. No idea whats broken yet but I
    did run some water through the core and some nasty black stuff came out of it.
    But primary I got the carpet out and cleaned it thouroughly as a coolant leak
    made it really damn unappealing.
    Next up is the seats as now, relative to the carpet, they look real dirty.
    Took this oppurtunity to make it as nice as I could, and learn a few things.
    A bit over exposed but looks great especially compared to the driver's side.
    And here it is reinstalled. Should have let it dry and brushed it a bit more,
    but I got very lucky with the weather and didn't want to risk forgetting it
    outside. Friday (when I cleaned it) no clouds. Saturday from 9am to maybe
    11pm nonstop snow. Chicago sure is fun.

    Also sidenote : Have been getting really into photogrammetry so I'll try to
    have a nice 3D model of the touring up for anyone interested in that sort of
    stuff :)


      3d-printed cargo cover hook is a major save for me, mine's been broken for some time now and have not been able to source - im assuming i take this file to any 3d printing shop? never been in one.

      also, what was your process for cleaning the carpet i just took mine out as well. yours looks great.

      nice job.
      '89 E30 Touring, '85 911 3.2 Coupe, '89 GB500, '96 XR400


        Thank you!
        Well for the 3D print, I just used our school's 3D printer. Although there are services like shapeways where you can just send a stl and have them print it and ship it to you.

        The carpet I cleaned with a pressure washer, some brush I found at home, and laundry detergent. I laid out 2 horse saws and but long beams between them so it hangs between them (notice the "comparison" picture). This lets water flow down, and lets you position the carpet much easier. I worked on each passengers sections separately, pouring detergent onto it, scrubing, letting it sit a bit, then hitting it from the top down with a pressure washer. Do that a couple of times and its clean. Most important thing is that you do it on a sunny day. I got lucky and it was cloudless the whole day, so it dried completely (with some persuasion in the form of squeezing out water from the foam) and was put back in the car in a day.
        It takes a while, but is defintely worth the effort. Good luck!
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          This week I was able to get a dssr and replace all the bushings myself. Now the most technical and challenging job I have ever done.
          I bought a delrin bushing set, shift selector joint, and DSSR from Garagistic. All standard besides the DSSR which as it turns out, my setup uses a 232mm rod from a M3 and Garagistic just don't sell them online.

          I also found a set of NOS rear oem mudflaps. I really dig the look, and the picture I have doesn't do it justice so hopefully soon I'll have some better pictures.

          If anything its looking MUCH closer to a render I whipped up a while ago. All thats really left is wheels, tires, tint and paint. Paint is in the distant future, whilst the others not so much :)
          [IMG][/url]tour goal e4[/IMG]

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            Can you provide a link for the cargo hook cover STL?

            EDIT: FOund it
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              Love the red e30TouringšŸ˜. Sweet project.
              Some day I will find me one.
              Projects Hartge,Alpina & AC Schnitzer Builds.

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