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325i touring malachite grun metallic

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    325i touring malachite grun metallic

    Hey guys,

    I think it's time for me to make a build thread about my e30 touring. I purchased this car back in 2017 but barely driven and when I did, things like this happens

    I assure you will will get there. But first pics from 2017..

    I was really excited when my friend sent me the craigslist ad. I was on the market for e91 328i tourings because I thought my e30 days are over (owned 3 e30s in the past but never though I would ever get another one again). Guy on left is the previous owner. The car runs and drives but everything you think can break, is broken. I didn't mind as the price is decent enough and the color really sold me.

    options are bare on this car. It's a 1989 325i touring 5 speed with sports package, 325i debadge and some special cassette tape player. No power windows, no sunroof, no a/c, no bullshit.

    Car was imported from Germany to the Vancouver Islands, previous owner bought the car 10 years ago (2007) to use as daily. After he sold me the car, we went and bought a e46 touring.

    In the two years I owned it, I have put in quite a few new pieces on the car, as i'll slowly update when I have time.

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    First hour after buying the car. Went to Ikea to pickup some furniture. My mini cooper didn't fit haha

    First thing i did when i took the car home:

    Car wash!

    Also cleaned the carpet a little bit..

    Nice and clean.

    bought sport seats for the car. Driver's is ripped so I guess i'll put in the passenger only for now.

    Quick detail. Not sure if this was even worth it as the car is beatup from rock chips probably from the autobahn.

    Not exactly mint

    Painted some trim pieces

    First order or many!

    ALL the shocks in the car are dead so i ordered new ones. The rear hatch strut was a little tougher to find but i found them on ebay Latvia.

    Steering tie rods need replacement asap. They were making all sorts of funny sounds

    fog lights cracked so got new covers
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      Went to SEMA for the first time.I won't bore you out with all the SEMA photos but this Catuned e30 was pretty nice. I'm sure all of you have seen it.

      and this! KW v3 inox for the e30 finally!

      So when I was back home I started making more orders for the car. First thing I found underneath the car is this:

      Guibo and other stuff ordered. That day I only refreshed the steering linkage. OEM everything except for some minor derlin pieces.

      seal replaced

      Went to walmart (5 mins away from me) for some quick shopping and this happened.

      Fuel pump failed so had to call a tow truck. And of course a new fuel pump was ordered.

      Black Friday was around the corner so i guess it's time to go big or go home haha. My beautiful exhaust cracked so I had to buy something soon.

      ECS was doing a sale on Supersprint so I went with that.

      Ordered some other goodies:

      and wait what's this?

      Saw it at SEMA and had to get it! I didn't want to go for BCracing as I had rides in it and it's pretty harsh (I'm getting old and I want something comfortable). It's a great coilover for the price but I was up for something fancier. I actually wanted to see if Ohlins wanted to build a set for e30 but when I talked to them they didn't seem to interested. They said it could be done if I order 250 sets.. okay nvm. I looked into MCS coilovers as well but this is a street car so it would only make sense if I buy something less race car.

      Ground Control was absolutely amazing with their customer support. Hands down one of the best vendors I've encountered.

      quickly put together. I'm not sure if I'm crazy but I ceramic coated my coilovers LOL

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        doing all the right things here. This is one of my absolute favorite colors too. Nice!
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          More, more...!


            the touring life at its best for us older gents


              Beautiful color. Cant wait to see what you do with this one.
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                What machine do you have for cleaning carpets?

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                  Originally posted by 968Reckless View Post
                  What machine do you have for cleaning carpets?
                  Nothing special. Just a household carpet cleaner. My friend have an industrial one so may be i'll clean it once more later down the road.

                  Originally posted by warshark View Post
                  the touring life at its best for us older gents
                  It sure is. I moved quite a few things with it including a 10 ft ladder.

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                    Now on to the front axle:

                    Since i'm going to do all this work, I end up ordering new parts for the front end. Wheel bearing got special treatment as I'll likely use this car for track work so I regreased it

                    Also went ahead and do all the basic maintenance on the car. I cleaned and painted some of the new parts while they're out.

                    new water pump, timing belt, seals, etc.

                    and yuck this needs some love

                    Also redid the full cooling system. It was a bit of a shock when i found out the european 325i touring gets a smaller radiator. It wasn't a big deal since i got new everything so all hoses fit perfectly. Had to order a new rad stay as well. Intake manifold restore will be later down the road.

                    Ordered oem front lip as well. I thought they came in black from BMW :\
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                      Wow this thing is amazing! Definitely going to follow this one.

                      Where'd you get the Fog light covers? Mine are cracked and i've been debating buying some new ones or just replacing the glass.


                        I believe there are two BMW part #s for the front lip. One is for the primed version, the other is for the black version. When I replaced mine, I opted for the primed version as I was painting mine to match. The primed version should be easy enough to paint black though.

                        Nice looking wagon!


                          Damn, what a nice car. So jealous. Looking forward to following this one.




                              Dig that color.

                              Your pics are a bit big. Most of them don't fit on my screen.
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