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    1987 325e 5spd
    H&R Sports
    Tokico Blues
    Magnaflow XL 3 Chamber 2 1/4" Catback
    Megan Racing Adjustable FPR
    Brembo X Drilled rotors
    iS Rear spoiler
    Factory clutch disk with Resprung pressure plate with increased clamping force
    Black Kidneys
    E36 In-Tank fuel pump
    VR6 Front lip
    MSD Blaster SS II Coil

    Last but not least Leaky rain tray and rust out the ass for that super badass weight redukkkshunnn!

    1985 325e 2.8 Turbo VEMS


      Will take a picture tomorrow.

      1988 325 Zinno/Black
      IE3s over Bilstein Sports
      Rubber driveshaft mod
      Door ding mods
      Bondo mod
      AKG CABs (75D)
      Hella H4/H1 headlight setup
      Moda Sports painted flat black with 225/50 gForce Sports

      Hopefully a five speed swap and new bushings and bearings throughout to come soon, as well as a 2.7i build. Got to get moved into the new digs first. :)

      "See, we're adding a little something to this month's sales contest. As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired."


        Model: 1990 325is
        Exterior color: Schwarz
        Interior color: Natur leather

        -is lip
        -ryan G splitter
        -euro grills
        -smoked euro elips

        Coming Soon:
        -euro trim
        -euro plate filler
        -Smoked turns
        -smoked tails
        -hail damage removal
        -tinted windows

        -bilstein sports
        -eibach springs
        -derlin CABs
        -new control arms
        -new tie rods
        -new end links
        -new wheel bearings
        -new ATE pads and rotors

        Stock 140k m20b25
        m50 coming soon

        Stock 3.73 LSD
        New clutch
        14'' MSW baskets

        Natur leather interior
        crack free dash
        heated sport seats
        13 button OBC
        Maplight mirror
        Power everything
        Stock premium sound with ipod adapter

        On the way:
        custom sub box from luke
        12'' sub
        component speakers
        2 amps
        New kenwood HU
        "We praise or find fault, depending on which of the two provides more opportunity for our powers of judgement to shine."


          1991 318is M52B28
          Alpine White II; black everything except carpet (blue)
          304,000 miles (chassis)


          Euro smiley smoked ellipsoids
          Prolumen H1 5000k HIDs
          Lamin-x on headlights
          2300k Fog light bulbs
          euro grilles
          euro bumper trim
          Euro plate filler
          MHW smoked front turn signals
          MHW smoked tail lights
          IS lip
          M-Tech1 rear trunklid spoiler


          Borbet Type A 16x7.5 16x9
          Toyo T1R 195/45 f. 205/45 r.


          Robert Warren custom leather shift boot
          Robert Warren custom leather ebrake boot
          Robert Warren custom leather ebrake handle
          ///M shift knob
          M-Tech2 Steering wheel
          PA/CB radio
          repositioned sunroof switch (next to passenger window switch)
          check panel delete
          map light mirror
          black "318is" carpets


          Alpine CDA-9884 head unit
          Aux-in plug for iPod
          5.25" Diamond Hex S500a speakers (front; aluminum tweeters)
          5.25" Pioneer Premier speakers (rear)
          JL Audio 10w3v2 sub
          Rockford Fosgate 750w amp (sub) w/ bass control
          Rockford Fosgate Punch P5002 amp (front speakers)


          converted to OBD1
          S52 camshafts
          UUC underdrive pulleys
          Turner Motorsports S50 chip (+ HFM, flywheel)
          Bosch 24# Injectors
          Getrag 260 transmission
          late model M20 driveshaft
          JB Racing 7.5lbs flywheel (M20)
          e30 M3 clutch
          rebuilt 3.73 large case LSD
          M Roadster shift lever
          320i transmission mounts
          3.5" HFM w/ TMS HFM adapter
          K&N cone filter
          Lukas m42 heatshield made to fit


          AA replica headers
          IE catback
          one-in, dual-out cat


          Ground Control 375F/475R coilovers
          Treehouse Racing offset control arm bushings
          Ireland Engineering urethane subframe bushings
          Bilstein re-valved shocks
          Racing Dynamics front and rear sway bars
          Racing Dynamics sway bar mounts
          Ground Control rear shock mounts
          Motor Force adjustable camber/caster plates
          Sparco strut bar


          Hawk Performance Pads
          TMS Cross Drilled Rotors
          Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
          320i brake booster
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          '16 Focus 2.0L - '99 Protegé DX 1.6L POS (Sold) - '87 4runner 22R-E (Sold) - '86 Schwarz S50 (Sold) - '02 WRX Wagon (sold) - '07 Impreza 2.5i (sold) - '91 Alpine M52 (Sold) - '89 Alpine 325is (Sold)

          Originally posted by 87e30
          I just want to dance with some beezies


            some coils
            some lights
            some mayo
            thick adapters
            small tires
            shaved shit


              Originally posted by E30trash View Post
              some coils
              some lights
              some mayo
              thick adapters
              small tires
              shaved shit
              '16 Focus 2.0L - '99 Protegé DX 1.6L POS (Sold) - '87 4runner 22R-E (Sold) - '86 Schwarz S50 (Sold) - '02 WRX Wagon (sold) - '07 Impreza 2.5i (sold) - '91 Alpine M52 (Sold) - '89 Alpine 325is (Sold)

              Originally posted by 87e30
              I just want to dance with some beezies


                Euro Bumpers Painted Body Color
                Euro Lights
                M5 Tail Lights
                Euro M5 Front Spoiler
                Staggered Throwing Stars
                Ground Control Coilovers
                Koni Single Adjustables
                Dinan Front Sway Bar
                M5 Rear Sway Bar
                Adjustable Front Links
                Front and Rear Ireland Engineering Strut Braces
                Short Shifter
                M-Tech Steering Wheel
                Ireland Engineering SS Exhaust

                I'm sure I forgot something...
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                Austin Driggers
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                Stäncé Primo


                  Long list

                  (Keep in mind I've owned this car for 15 years)


                  Jim Conforti performance chip
                  173 ECU from '89 325i (used)
                  K/N drop-in air filter
                  Ansa free-flow exhaust
                  Dinan VDO gauge package (oil temp., oil pres., volt meter)
                  "T" fitting for oil pressure sender (maintains dashboard warning light)

                  Dinan Stage Two suspension
                  Sway-bar links reinforcements welded onto rear trailing arms
                  E30 M3 offset control arm bushings (replaced July 2007)
                  Front and rear Racing Dynamics stress bars

                  Slotted brake rotors (cut from BMW factory blanks)
                  Repco brake pads
                  Stainless steel brake lines (6)
                  German Super Blue brake fluid

                  Factory 15x7" ET24 BBS cross-spoke wheels
                  205-55ZR-15 Bridgestone S-03s (overdue for replacement

                  European chrome bumpers front and rear
                  M-Technic 1 front spoiler integrated with Euro bumper
                  Factory brake ducts for above
                  M3 fog lights for above
                  M-Technic 1 rear apron integrated with Euro bumper (pending)
                  BBS side skirts (style similar to M-Technic 1 side skirts)
                  BMW factory glass moonroof with custom sliding interior shade panel
                  Hella H4/H1 headlamps

                  Custom European front plate to match Hawaii plate number
                  Acid-absorbing mat in trunk battery tray

                  New E30 M3-style leather front seat skins (Natur)
                  Two-passenger E30 M3 leather rear seat (Natur)
                  Factory rear headrest kit
                  New leather skins on all four headrests (Natur)
                  Four "M" logo seat plates
                  Interior trim panels with cloth inserts (Natur)
                  Custom headliner (matching Natur vinyl)
                  Front and rear dash covers
                  Later-style rear parcel shelf w/o third seatbelt clip
                  Later-style third brake light
                  Rearview mirror with map lights
                  M-Tech II leather wheel
                  "M" style one-piece black leather shift knob/boot
                  "M" stripe shift pattern insert in gearshift knob
                  Leather emergency brake grip (E36 part)
                  Leather emergency brake boot
                  "Trac-Top" center armrest w/twin cup holders
                  Six-cassette storage drawer assembly in rear center console
                  Blaupunkt Reno AM/FM/cassette from ‘80s Porsche 911 (pending)
                  Four Pioneer 5 ¼” co-axial speakers
                  Bavarian Autosport coco mats (multi tan/brown)

                  Optional/extra equipment
                  BMW "Tool Kit Large" in trunk, (complete; identical to E-24 6 Series tool kit)
                  Tool kit foam carrier for extra bulbs and fuses
                  BMW 6-liter auxiliary gas can mounted under stock 14” basket-weave spare
                  BMW logo clean-up towels in tool box
                  BMW storage bin mounted on battery tray
                  BMW large first aid kit (from E38 7 Series)
                  Aftermarket keyless entry system

                  Indian Wells, CA


                  1991 325i 2dr. 5sp, delphin, w/freshly re-skinned IS sport seats/15" Ronal cross-spokes

                  1976 Triumph Spitfire w/1.8-liter Miata engine/transmission, koa dash with TR6 oil/volt gauges, lowered suspension, 14" Minilite replicas and more

                  2004 Kawasaki ZZR600




                    "BMW Style 32 Poster-Child"
                    **(My Guide to E36 M3/Z3 1.9L 5-lug Swap)


                      Originally posted by m3austin View Post
                      Euro Bumpers Painted Body Color
                      Euro Lights
                      M5 Tail Lights
                      Euro M5 Front Spoiler
                      Staggered Throwing Stars
                      Ground Control Coilovers
                      Koni Single Adjustables
                      Dinan Front Sway Bar
                      M5 Rear Sway Bar
                      Adjustable Front Links
                      Front and Rear Ireland Engineering Strut Braces
                      Short Shifter
                      M-Tech Steering Wheel
                      Ireland Engineering SS Exhaust

                      I'm sure I forgot something...
                      That thing is sick - it even has the pose down ;)
                      89 M3 2.5 - 91 318iS - 91 325iX - 06 X5 4.8iS - 03 525i Touring - Some 91 850s, and a few parts cars...



                        • m30b35

                        • m20 wiring harness
                        • Port matched intake manifold

                        • Dianin performance chip
                        • Cold air intake
                        • K&N cone filter
                        • 2.5” free flow exhaust (no cat)

                        Drive train:
                        • 5-speed manual Getrag 260 large casing
                        • Light weight flywheel
                        • Custom shift linkage
                        • 3.0 Z4 shift lever
                        • 3.73 LSD rear differential

                        • H&R cup kit front springs, H&R sport rear springs
                        • Suspension Techniques sway bars 22mm front, 19mm rear adjustable

                        • 97 E36 M3 steering rack 3.25 lock to lock
                        • 5-lug swap
                        o E36 M3 front knuckle assembly
                        o E36 M3 Bilstein front struts
                        o Ground control E36 M3 front adjustable sway bar end links

                        o Custom CNC adjustable camber/caster plates

                        o 97 E36 M3 control arms
                        o E30 M3 polyurethane offset control arm bushings
                        o E36 318ti rear trailing arms and hubs

                        • E30 Bilstein rear shocks
                        • IE Polyurethane trailing arm bushings

                        • AKG Polyurethane sub frame mounts

                        • BMPD Polyurethane rear shock mounts
                        • Slotted rear sub frame - Adjustable rear camber and toe

                        • BMW style 71 wheels 2-pice 17X8 ET28
                        • Toyo Proxies T1-S 245/35/17 all four corners

                        • E36 M3 front calipers
                        • E36 M3 Brembo front rotors
                        • E36 M3 Hawk HPS front pads
                        • E36 325i rear calipers
                        • Custom rear caliper bracket
                        • E36 318ti Zimmerman rear rotors
                        • E36 325i Hawk HPS rear pads
                        • UUC steel braded brake lines
                        • 750iL 25mm brake master cylinder
                        • Ate Super Blue DOT4 brake fluid

                        • Custom flared fenders

                        • Glass sunroof
                        • M-Technic II front bumper
                        • M-Technic II side skirts

                        • Kami rear bumper
                        • Hella black ellipsoid Euro smiley headlights ;
                        • iS rear spoiler
                        • Blackout window trim
                        • Blackout kidney grill
                        • Modified taillights – duel brake light, red corners, smoked
                        • Smoked side markers

                        • M3 Recaro front seats
                        • M-Technic II steering wheel
                        • Map light rearview mirror
                        • Leather shift knob and boot
                        • Leather E-brake handle and boot
                        • AC Schnitzer aluminum peddles
                        • Late model, post 88 black interior trim

                        • Clarion DXZ645 CD/MP3 player – amber backlight matches factory gages
                        • I pod hard connection
                        • Infinity Reference 5 ¼” separates with passive crossover
                        • Alpine 4 x 50W amp
                        • 16’ Stinger platinum 4-way RCA cables run to trunk
                        • 16 gauge stinger speaker wire run from trunk to front speakers

                        • Blinder M-20 Laser Jammer
                        • 325ix windshield washer reservoir
                        • Custom motor mounts
                        • Custom cooling fan
                        • Red line gear oil in transmission & rear differential
                        • Post 88 doors/ window motors
                        • E21 320is large tool kit
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                          ^I was behind the M3 that was behind you for "The Tour" at the picnic.

                          that car sounds beefy as hell.


                            How is that 3.73 LSD on the Eta? Lookin for a new LSD.



                              '90 325i

                              '98 s52
                              Full OBD1 conversion
                              24# injectors
                              3.5" 540 HFM
                              Home-made intake+heatshield
                              Complete A/C delete

                              Exhaust: (Soon to be reworked with ebay headers, and 2.5" piping)
                              Ebay e36 turbo manifold (POS)
                              3" piping from the header back
                              3" Vibrant high flow steel core cat
                              26" Accelerator Truck series muffler
                              3" Vibrant Street Power Turbo Muffler

                              e36 M3 ZF tranny
                              3.25 LSD (want a 3.46/3.64)
                              z3 2.8/3.0 short shift lever

                              Eibach Pro Kit (upgrading to H&R race next)
                              Bilstein Sport shocks/struts
                              IE 22/19 swaybars
                              Polyurethane trailing arm and subframe bushings (waiting to be installed)
                              (z3 steering rack coming soon)

                              Ate power slot rotors
                              Ate oem pads (suck ass)
                              Valvoline Synpower brake fluid
                              (Soon to be rx-7/corrado front brakes)

                              Eurostop Racing Hart knock-off wheels: 17X7; et38+15mm spacers
                              215/45/17 BFG Gforce KDW2

                              DDM Tuning 55W 6000k HIDs
                              Smoked U.S ellipsoid low beams
                              High beams deleted
                              IS Front lip
                              Black kidney grill
                              Black brake ducts
                              Euro plate filler
                              Professionally smoked ebay tails
                              Black side view mirrors
                              (All trim and black pieces to be repainted with a fresh coat of satin black+satin clear, as well as rims)

                              Uber mint black comfort interior

                              Alpine CDA-9886 headunit
                              Alpine Type S 6.5" components in custom fiberclass door pods
                              Alpine Type S 6.5" rear (run off the HU)
                              2x10" Dual Audio subs in bandpass box
                              Clif Designs CD40.4 LX 1400x4 Channel amplifier (running components and subs)
                              JL Audio wiring kit with 0g powere wire, and 150 amp fuse
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                                blacked out grill
                                euro grills

                                E85 shift knob
                                houndstooth shift boot
                                M3 parking brake boot
                                OEM casstte console
                                M-Technic I steering wheel
                                OEM roller sun blind

                                Alpine cd reciever
                                Pioneer 5-1/4" speakers

                                removed trunk tar
                                deleted power steering, a/c, c.c, and washer fluid
                                black/white checkered valve cover and fuse box
                                Attached Files